Learning to make Silver Jewelry


Carving/Sculpting Necklaces 1 . 0

This article is the initial in a series of articles that can outline how to make silver necklaces from their inception to how they’re cast through the lost wax casting process. In this segment of the series, I’ll summarize my method of sculpting jewelry items in wax and my thoughts on the sculpting/carving process, materials, tools, and how to get started if you’re new to this.

This series is in no way the last word on the subject and is only meant to provide those interested a glimpse into my work process. There is also a chance it may spare anyone thinking about getting into sculpting jewelry the headaches, time, and expense of learning by trial and error. Certain steps in the processes described herein cannot be fully covered in this article, so links to detailed information will be provided throughout. Note: The materials discussed herein can be used safely in your home so long as the proper precautions are taken.

Why Sculpture/Jewelry?

Sculpting Jewelry allows you the artist the ability to create an artwork with your hands that can subsequently be seen, touched, and donned by others. Thereby letting a more intimate experience while using the final work for the musician as well as the viewer. The benefits of just about any form of artistic creation include reducing stress, improved concentration, a connection using your chosen subject, and a public platform to gain new romances, and community affiliations… the list should go on & on.


The Creation of artwork usually begins with a belief. You as the artist should take your time in choosing a design/subject you are passionate about or discover very interesting. If you don’t start with this particular important step your danger of losing interest in your work and perhaps the whole process. Once you choose your subject/design you must right now plan by deciding what material you’re going to use and just how or if you will be making a mold.

Plan Ahead

When you acquired an idea of what you want to cause you should ask yourself can an impression be created when I am just done? if so how? It is assuming you want to reproduce typically the mold. You should not put limits on your work but never forget the more intricate your work the harder difficult it will be to be modeled in a mold.

Next time it’s your first project stay simple. Briefly, the shape-making process consists of coating your finished work with liquid silicone to create an imprint within your work. Once the mold is usually opened and your original is usually removed you will be left which has a shell with an imprint within your work on the inside. Wax will then be injected or poured inside the mold to replicate your subject in wax.

My spouse and I don’t recommend attempting to make an impression yourself unless you have familiarized yourself with the process sometimes in a classroom setting, as being an apprentice to an experienced performer, or at the very least by completely reading about it. Discussing the procedure with others and viewing videos on the subject will spare you a lot of wasted time.

Polish carving

Now that you have a style in mind and you know you may make a mold to reproduce this. You must select a material to start carving with. There are many different waxes out there but I found this easiest to work with Foundry Mix Microcrystalline wax. Foundry mix wax is a blend of polish I like not, only are you considering being able to create great fine detail in your work but it’s simple to manipulate when building up as well as subtracting from it.

And while it’s not recommended you forged your finished piece without delay without making a mold. This can be done so long as you’re successful in illuminating it. Challenges – tart must be heated to make the item do what you want this is usually produced by heating your tools my partner and i. e with a candle if working the wax in shape. This also means you’ll wipe the wax off your applications a lot so you’ll need a worthless to keep them clean.

Polish carving tools

The main resources which you will be relying on the majority are your hands which you will use to shape the basic structure generally by building up small items. Here is a list of tools I use when carving: Wire resources – which consist of the loop made of wire attached to a handle. Used to form & create detail, particularly around the eyes, and fingers.

Stainless steel carving tools – obtainable in sets or individually. e. mini spatulas, recommendations, etc. Great for wax when they can be heated with a wax light to form the required shape in wax quickly. External Brake calipers – used to measure program plans and make sure work is balanced and balanced. Adjustable Standup – if you prefer to do the job standing up. Sitting over extended periods can become uncomfortable, here a stand can help.

A new candle – is used to heat metal tools when making wax. An essential tool is carving wax. Do not get away from unattended. Wax pen — a pen-like device with metal interchangeable suggestions. The temperature of the suggestions can be adjusted to varying temps to easily carve wax. Once again do not leave it unattended. Individually I usually depend on 4 or 5 resources maximum to bring a piece order to completion so keep this in mind before buying every tool in sight. For instance, when working in wax We normally stick with a cable tool, a metal spatula tool, a metal needle device, candle.

So know a few get started – State of Mind

Such as I said it helps those who have some kind of affinity to your matter before beginning. This connection in your way on the path to the subject will translate itself into your work. If it’s a time using the material you need use to work it with your hand to get a feel to get its consistency Set yourself up at a desk and ensure you have something you can improve to avoid getting material everywhere over the surface of the desk this would help when it’s time to clean.

Depending on the material you harvested select the appropriate tools as explained earlier. Line the know-how up flat in your office and make sure you do not have to move extremely far to reach them or perhaps see them. You should also take some time and keep in mind most Muslims are created over time this could be several hours weeks or months. Theirs no time limit to complete this issue you can finish it down in 10 minutes an hour weekly for a month or a year.

If you are content during the time you decide to make the piece the key is to generate work you love and you will think that love when it’s finished people on this one. Once you have everyone else out of the equation as well as artwork to interpret one thing or someone you have a very poor you’ll be on your way. This is unmistakable pay off In the next article Factors. discuss mold making along with the burnout process in detail.

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