2048 Online Puzzle Game


The 2048 online puzzle game has become a worldwide sensation since its release in 2014. This Flash-based video game combines the classic 1 Player mode with multiplayer play. If you enjoy solving math puzzles, 2048 will prove to be an ideal choice. To get started, download the free trial version and start playing in minutes.

Neon 2048

When you want to play an addictive online puzzle game, you should try Neon 2048. This game will have you juggling between a field full of squares and cells and trying to solve it as quickly as possible. It has different stages that you can win and you can try your hand at hints to help you solve the game.

This HTML5 game will work on most browsers and is compatible with mobile devices including Android and iPhone. It also doesn’t require any downloads or registration, and you don’t need flash or plugins to play it.

Gleb Bahmutov’s 5 x 5 fast-paced version

If you love solving math puzzles, 2048 5×5 is for you! This fast-paced version of the classic game allows you to do just that. Matching tiles can be moved and joined by swiping them together. If two tiles have the same number on them, they will merge to make one tile with that total. It’s the ultimate game of maths!

Gleb Bahmutov’s 4 x 4 grid

2048 is a math number puzzle game that uses a 4 x 4 grid to double a tile’s value. The numbered tiles are moved to their corresponding edges in the playing field, and when they touch two other tiles, the values are doubled. Using the arrow keys or a stopwatch, you move and combine tiles until you reach the number 2048.

The game is played on a 4 x 4 tiled field, but it is also available in five x 5 grids. There are several variants, such as the auto move and the Fibonacci mode, and each includes new content.

Transposition tables to avoid duplication

Transposition tables are hash tables with positions previously analyzed. When a new position is entered in the transposition table, the program will check the table for previous positions analyzed. If the position is found, it can be used directly, otherwise, it must calculate its value and enter it into the table.

However, transposition tables are limited in size, due to the memory limits of the computer system. Thus, they might overflow at any given time. Moreover, the number of positions cached at any given time may be a very small fraction of the whole game tree. This is because most nodes in the tree are not transposition nodes. Transposition tables are very memory-intensive and may use up most of the available system memory. As such, they are the main memory footprint of game-playing programs.