Daisy Magazine Clothing Reviews


Daisy’s mother surprises her by giving her an overhaul, replacing her tomboy work shirts with more feminine blouses to show how much she respects and appreciates Daisy’s talents. This act displays their admiration for their daughter.

Riley Keough’s wardrobe in Daisy Jones & the Six captures her character’s 70s aesthetic perfectly. Emulate Riley by opting for a fringed vest and button-front skirt.


Daisy’s Sayeti shirt features hand-drawn daisies printed digitally for reduced dye usage and energy costs associated with traditional screen-printing methods. Crafted ethically in Kenya using recycled sewing thread and interlining materials.

Daisy Woodward, 13, an aspiring entomologist and disco enthusiast, is constantly on point when it comes to following in the footsteps of her best friend’s disco style or teasing her high school bully – but when her teacher assigns a project that will change the world and an oral report – Daisy is overwhelmed with anxiety.

As she struggles with anxiety and fear of public speaking, Daisy finds relief in Sorrel (her older brother with Down syndrome) and his hopes for becoming a fashion YouTube celebrity. Surprisingly, Daisy discovers that everyone at school comes together behind their project – helping Daisy overcome both fears of public speaking and parental trust issues to complete it successfully.


Daisy Jones and the Six’s Fleetwood Mac-inspired music and Sunset Strip shooting locations help establish its ’70s-style atmosphere, while peasant dresses, crochet tops, and fringed vests worn by its female leads help communicate this era’s time and place more effectively than just hair, makeup and costumes do.

As Daisy prepares to perform for The Six for the first time, she wears an elegant flowy kimono-inspired wrap over a crochet tank. She pairs this look with western-influenced silver belting and hooped earrings to reflect her bold first impression outfit.

Daisy wears an iconic hook-front top featuring a front fringe when attending a disco party with Simone; you can find something similar in Free People’s Daisy Jones-inspired capsule collection.


Daisy Woodward is 13-year-old Daisy who enjoys insects, running track, and spending time with her older brother Sorrel who has Down syndrome and loves men’s fashion. However, when her social studies teacher assigns each student an assignment designed to improve society with an oral report as part of an assignment called Project Change for Good, she fears one of her classmates, who calls herself Woodworm, might make fun of her lisp and make fun of their project proposal.

Daisy (played by Riley Keough) has an affinity for vintage style, which inspired Free People to release a unique collection inspired by it for Daisy to wear on the show. You can also find plenty of retro fashion on its Amazon storefront which showcases clothing and accessories inspired by vintage design.

At an essential scene in the first episode, Daisy sports a crochet crop top under a fluttery lace shirt and wears it with high-waisted blue jeans featuring prominent seams. For only $38, you can get this lookalike top from Free People Love Letter Cami!


Daisy Woodward, 13, loves bugs, running track, and spending time with her older brother Sorrel who has Down syndrome and loves men’s fashion. When her social studies teacher assigns each student a project that could improve the world, Daisy becomes concerned that a class bully might mock her lisp and thus helps Sorrel achieve his dream of becoming a YouTube fashion blogger.

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