Adidas Montane Extreme Jacket Review


The Montane Extreme is a no-nonsense Pertex and pile base layer, mid layer, and outer coat explicitly designed for cold-weather outdoor adventures. It provides warm protection while venting well to help wick away sweat.

A classic jacket used by mountain rescue, British Antarctic Survey, and climbing instructors on a budget. Some consider this style more stylish than the Buffalo Smock, but this could depend on individual taste!


The Montane Extreme softshell jacket is an ultra-tough fleece lined softshell designed for winter conditions d designed to be worn next to the skin (or over a thin base layer). It provides warmth even in wet conditions while venting allows airflow for ventilation and is super comfortable when worn next to skin or over thin base layers. Incredibly hardwearing yet comfortable for hill climbing, hut hopping, ice climbing, and mountain rescue operations!

The hood is large enough for a helmet, the zip pulls are reversed to help when opening with gloves, and there are two cinches to tighten up the waist. There are three exterior pockets – a front pocket and two lower pockets; plus a main central pocket used to quickly vent heat when climbing steep terrain. Finally, its extra comprehensive Velcro/elastic combination ensures proper adjustment and a snug fit at all times.


The Montane Extreme Jacket is a practical fleece-lined softshell jacket designed to be worn next to the skin or over thin baselayers for winter conditions. Although not waterproof, its windproof properties provide warmth without restricting breathability for technical mountain hiking, alpine climbing, or ski mountaineering expeditions.

Pertex Microlight Rip-stop outer fabric and pile inner liner offers an impressive hydrostatic head rating and are highly breathable, allowing moisture created during activity to escape rather than be trapped within like membranes would. Unfortunately, there was no underarm pit venting which we found irksome; however, we don’t believe such ventilation could have been accomplished with their design.

The hood is well-designed and adjusts easily; its size also makes it suitable for helmet wearers. Furthermore, pockets feature reversed zipper pullers so you can open them with gloves on – something often lost when shopping for jackets.


A simple single layer mountain jacket designed for cold, dry conditions. Popular among mountain rescue teams, British Antarctic Survey crews, and elite winter climbers for years now.

It packs plenty of warmth into this jacket, so for optimal warmth it should be worn over a fleece with a thin base layer underneath. Thanks to Pertex flexing as you move, this design feels much less bulky. Additionally, the adjustable hood works wonderfully with wearing a helmet.

These pockets are perfect for cold days; set high on the chest and featuring mesh backing, they’re easy to open even while wearing gloves. The lower two offer great chasms of warmth to keep hands warm during movement or breaks in activities, whilst elastic and velcro cuffs make operating them while wearing gloves easier; though the central zip may prove tricky at first but is meant to quickly vent off excess heat when climbing steep terrain.


This impressively warm yet lightweight waterproof jacket from Adidas was specifically created for hill hiking and walking in winter conditions, providing optimal warmth while staying dry. Featuring its own PU-based waterproof/breathable membrane bonded to plain polyester weave face fabric bonded to polyester taffeta and mesh inner drop liner fabric layers bonded together – its two-layer design provides impressive hydrostatic head ratings of 28,000g/m2/24hr while remaining light enough for backpacking trips. It even comes equipped with its emergency pack stowage system if something happens out in the wild!

Fjallraven’s Eco-Shell tech is designed for rugged mountain adventures, boasting features such as helmet-compatible hoods and water-resistant zippers that protect you in extreme conditions. In addition, there are sleek velcro cuffs that can be tightened around gloves or mitts to secure you on these excursions further.