How to Use the Amazon Mobile App


The Amazon mobile app has long been a hot mess, so it’s not surprising to see the company overhaul the icon and navigation. However, while Amazon did change the icon and navigation this month, the app itself didn’t change much. Its home screen still has a rotating carousel of featured products in the middle, but it’s now a much cleaner experience. If you’re still not convinced, don’t worry: Amazon has a new redesign coming next week!


If you want a more personalized experience for your users, consider integrating Amazon mobile app personalization into your application. Personalize is a fully managed AWS service. It will handle the lifecycle of creating, maintaining, and hosting models. This makes it much easier to create and integrate these experiences into your applications. You can also use Amazon Personalize to boost cross-selling and up-sell by providing personalized recommendations.

Using machine learning, Amazon has a trained model that lets it personalize your shopping experience. For example, based on your previous purchases, the app can recommend similar products based on your interests. It will also recommend additional products relevant to your current browsing behavior. Adding these features to your application can improve the user experience and drive more sales. In addition, Amazon personalization can enhance customer experience by providing relevant notifications and custom search functions.

To personalize the app, you should understand your users and their needs. For example, if you create an app for women, you might want to ask your users their preferred style and color and display a list of similar items. This way, you can create content that is relevant to your audience. In addition, using user-behavior data in your app, such as gender and age, is also a good idea to personalize your content.

Having the right team is key to ensuring success. The leadership team must lead by example and ensure the right mix of data scientists and marketing-technology experts are involved. If you are unsure whether your team is equipped for personalization, try a free trial of VWO Personalize. It is free to use, and you can try it for 14 days for a full refund if you aren’t happy with the results.

The Amazon mobile app personalization feature will be available to everyone soon. It will update globally on iOS, Android, and Fire OS devices. The update is scheduled to be available to users in late August. It is a significant update that will add a new level of personalization to the app. It will give users a more personalized experience and ultimately increase sales. This is important because it will encourage repeat buying. However, be prepared for some glitches while using the updated version.

Search function

There are several ways to use the Search function in Amazon’s mobile app. The most basic method is the ability to type in keywords or terms. You can also refine your search by adding filters. For example, Amazon allows you to filter the results by price, category, and seller. More filters mean more specific results. Finally, you can also use Advanced Search if you want a specific book or product. This function is especially useful for books.

To test the search function, type a character in the search box. If you can’t find a specific product, it will offer an alternative. In a mobile app, a search box will appear with suggestions. On smaller devices, a drop-down menu will appear. Users can also click on an item to see more information about that product. Using the search bar will help you quickly narrow down your results.

The Search function is also useful if comparing prices between Amazon and other stores. However, there are two important considerations when using the Search function. First, while it’s easy to find a product on Amazon, the price differences are often so great that you might be unable to justify the extra costs. However, if you’re looking for a specific movie or product, you can refine your search and get more accurate results.

To make the search function more convenient, you can also allow the user to copy and paste the text into the search box. It should also be possible to see the results on different devices. This feature makes it easier to use Amazon’s mobile app for your smartphone. First, however, it’s important to know how to use this feature. The search bar should be large and easy to use and display the search results accurately. You can also use the search function in multiple tabs.

A good search function is a powerful tool for retaining users. It can keep users engaged and help prevent them from deleting your app if they’re not finding what they’re looking for. Try to use categories to limit the search results to the categories you wish users to see. This way, they’ll remember what the app can do for them and won’t be distracted by irrelevant results. Then, if your user has a specific product in mind, you can easily find it with the search function.

Subscribe & Save feature

To use the Subscribe & Save feature on the Amazon mobile app, you must sign up as an FBA seller. First, you need to choose an eligible category. Next, you need to remove any blocked offers. You can then edit your subscription settings to enable the feature. Make sure you have at least three months of experience selling in FBA. You can then use the subscription feature to save money on your FBA products.

The Subscribe & Save feature is available in the app’s main menu. The store offers millions of items and can subscribe to receive them at set intervals. You can set the frequency of delivery and choose the method of payment. You can also save money when you subscribe to five or more items. Each subscription comes with a discount based on how often you want to receive the product. The subscription feature is free and easy to use, but you must be registered to use it.

The Subscribe & Save feature on the Amazon mobile app is an excellent way to build repeat customers and maintain customer loyalty. It makes reordering products easy and convenient for customers. Moreover, it also allows sellers to increase sales by as much as 10% and 30%. Subscribe & Save is a good way to improve your profits while enhancing customer loyalty. There are several benefits that a subscription program brings to the table.

The subscription program automatically enrolls eligible products in the Subscribe & Save program. This program offers shoppers a 0% introductory discount, free shipping, and convenience. And with subscriptions, you can choose the frequency of deliveries, from once a week to six months. Once you’ve signed up, you can start saving money by ordering more frequently. In addition to the discounts, the Subscribe & Save feature also offers a variety of benefits, including rewards for buying products more frequently.

Besides being able to set your delivery schedules, you can also manage your existing subscriptions. You can save as much as 15% on thousands of products by setting up recurring orders. The Subscribe & Save feature on Amazon mobile app is convenient and easy to use. The subscription offers a free $30 gift card to new subscribers. You also receive access to all the available coupons. And most importantly, you’re not required to sign up for a whole year.

Photo Search

You can use the Amazon mobile app to perform a photo search. Just tap on the search bar, and you will see a camera. Tap this camera, and Amazon will attempt to recognize the outlines of whatever you take a photo of. There is also a fashion-specific search option called StyleSnap, which lets you upload pictures from your camera roll and select recent screenshots. This is an incredible tool for discovering products you may have never known you needed.

Another useful feature is the ability to sort photos by location, year, and people. By selecting the relevant category, you can easily locate specific photos. You can also add albums to save your favorite pictures. Another great feature of Amazon Photos is its ability to store family and friends’ photos. You can do so through the app if you want to share your family photos and videos. You can even share your photos with others, and they can view them too.

Unlike Google Photos, Amazon Photos does not automatically recognize people in your photos. The only disadvantage is that it does not automatically identify people in your photos. Therefore, it is important to choose the right option for your needs. This feature also lets you upload your photos to various cloud storage services. While Google Photos is great for your family photos, Amazon Photos is a much better choice for storing and organizing your digital files. You can even edit photos directly on Amazon Photos with several filters. However, the interface is noticeably clunkier. Amazon Photos also has text options, letting you customize the font size, foreground color, and background color.

To begin searching for images in your Amazon Photos library, you must first sign in with your Amazon account. Then you can select individual images or albums. To find specific photos, you can even download them to your PC. You can also select specific albums and folders and choose a layout. Of course, if you’re unsure which layout to choose, you can always use the four grid icons on the left side of the screen. A few more features of the Amazon mobile app photo search include: