How to Make Online Payments With Union Bank of India Mobile Banking


If you are an existing Union Bank of India customer, you may be wondering if you can make your online payments using their mobile banking app. This article will cover several topics, including U-Mobile, online payments, and Registering for mobile banking. Mobile banking has many benefits and can make this process easier and more convenient. So, read on to learn more! And, don’t forget to download the mobile banking app and get started!


You can now access your bank account using a mobile device if you are a Union Bank customer. To use mobile banking, you must register your debit card and meet KYC norms. After registering, you can choose from various services, such as checking account balances and making payments. You will need a smartphone or java-enabled handset to use the mobile banking service.

The Union Bank of India app is an excellent choice for online banking. Not only can you access your account information on the go, but you can also pay credit card bills and receive notifications about the latest charges. In addition, you can use the Union Bank of India app to buy new insurance policies or renew existing ones. You can also make IMPS transfers through the app. This app is completely free and designed to meet all of your banking needs.

Once you’ve registered, you can begin using the Union Bank of India app. You can use the app to open an account with a UBI branch. You can use the app to transfer funds between accounts and transfer money to merchants. You can transfer up to Rs. 2,00,000 daily using the UMobile app or up to Rs. 5000 via SMS Banking. You can also generate an MMID or an OTP to access your account anytime.

The Union Bank of India mobile banking app is easy to register for. All you need to do is download the app to your mobile phone and activate your account. It will activate your account instantly and allow you to perform most of the banking functions of a traditional branch. In addition, the mobile app allows you to do transfers and manage accounts from anywhere. It’s easy to use and will save you time and money. With this, you’ll never have to worry about leaving your wallet or losing a wallet or other important financial information.

Digi Purse wallet

If you’re an Indian citizen looking for a virtual card, you should check out the DigiPurse wallet by Union Bank of India. The free digital wallet allows you to spend money domestically and internationally. However, unlike most physical debit cards, it works only on websites that accept forced 3D codes or 2FA. In addition to the card itself, the Union Bank of India DigiPurse wallet has several other features that make it more appealing.

Users have downloaded the Union Bank of India DigiPurse application between 100,000 and 500 times. The app has received a 3.2 rating in the Google apps store. There are 2297 user reviews, with 935 users giving it a five-star rating. The app works on Android devices running version 3.0 and higher. To get started, download it from the app store. It will require your Google account information.

Making online payments

One of the easiest ways to make online payments with Union Bank of India mobile banking is through the credit card feature. You can limit the payment amount and schedule the transaction on a particular date. Once you have set up your limit, you can enter the details of your credit card and bank account to make the payment. You will be notified via email if the transaction amount exceeds the limit.

You can also use the credit card bill payment feature to make payments with the Union Bank of India credit card. You can pay your credit card bill with the Union Bank of India mobile app, UPI, or mobile wallet options. In addition, you can use the cheque facility if you prefer to make payments through your bank’s branch. To pay by cheque, you must write a check in the name of the beneficiary of the credit card and fill in the payment amount. Once you have done this, drop the cheque at the designated check deposit center.

The mobile banking service of Union Bank of India gives you the freedom to access your account and perform many banking functions on the move. Using the mobile banking app, you can manage your accounts, check balances, transfer funds, and perform other transactions. You can access mobile banking through SMS, GPRS, or an internet app. The mobile app is available for Android, iOS, and Windows-compatible devices. Using the mobile app is simple and fast.

In addition to paying your credit card bills with Union Bank of India mobile banking, you can also use CRED coins to claim deals. You can also use CRED coins to claim premium brands through the app. And you can also earn CRED coins by paying your credit card bills on time. This will improve your credit score and make obtaining loans and other financial products easier. And if you can pay off your credit cards on time, you can even claim a discount at some premium brands.

Registering for mobile banking

If you are one of the many Union Bank of India customers, you will want to register for the mobile banking service. You can do so by visiting the bank’s website or visiting a branch. You will be asked for your mobile banking number when registering for mobile banking. Ensure it is active and balanced enough to receive OTPs and send SMS. You’ll also be asked to input your transaction PIN and login PIN. Once you’ve filled out these details, you’ll be able to complete the mobile banking registration process.

Once you’ve registered for mobile banking with Union Bank of India, you’ll be able to use your mobile phone to access your account anytime, anywhere. The Union Bank maintains a list of all registered customers, which enables the bank to send important information to those customers who prefer text messaging. You might even be contacted by the bank about new products or for participation in market research surveys. The information you provide will be valuable to the bank and vice versa. Registering for Union Bank of India mobile banking is easy and one-time.

Once registered, you should download the Union Bank of India mobile banking app from your app store. Once you’ve registered, you should receive an SMS that will contain your 4-digit MPIN. You can then enter this number into the app to access the mobile banking services. Once you’ve verified your registration, you will receive a list of available services. If applicable, you’ll also get the option to sign up for BHIM UPI.

Fees for mobile banking

If you want to send money to a foreign country, you can do so with Union Bank of India mobile banking. The bank uses the SWIFT network to send and receive financial transactions. Union Bank of India also offers foreign currency remittance services, channeling eligible remittances into your account. However, you’ll have to pay the fee to use this service. Other financial institutions offer fee-free overseas money transfers.

If you’d like to use mobile services, you’ll need to register with your Union Bank debit card. You can do this by visiting any branch, online, or by phone. Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive a confirmation message from the bank. You’ll also need a mobile device that supports Java and has GPRS capabilities. Once registered, you’ll be able to use Union Bank’s mobile banking services.

The app’s mobile payment capabilities are also a great benefit, with services like ‘PayNow’ and ‘Teller’ made possible. You can also pay your credit card bills through digital banking services. Once you have the Union Bank of India mobile app, you can buy insurance, make payments on existing insurance policies, and renew your insurance policies. You can even donate money to charities. And because the app allows you to track your spending and make quick payments, it’s convenient for people who are always on the go.

Union Bank of India mobile banking fees vary from bank to bank. But the bank’s services are extremely convenient and secure. The bank offers 24-hour access to your accounts and is known for providing top-notch customer service. Many of its customers even use Union Bank’s mobile banking app to bank at home. In addition to mobile banking, customers can bank through UnionOnline anytime, anywhere. And the bank even offers secure access to funds through an ATM card.