Paramo Clothing Reviews – The Andina Waterproof Jacket


Nikwax Analogy waterproof fabric used as the jacket’s lining offers unique directional technology that keeps liquid water away from your body while remaining waterproof, keeping you dry in heavy rain with heavy packs.

Paramo ensures their production is done ethically – working with Miquelina Foundation in Colombia, which provides vulnerable women with jobs at fair wages while helping to care for their children. Regular washing with Nikwax Techwash will keep your jacket in top condition.

Paramo’s Sustainability

Paramo stands out among outdoor brands by emphasizing sustainability and ethical practices, using eco-friendly fabrics and manufacturing techniques from its inception, and never using harmful PFCs chemicals that may pose a risk to human health.

The Analogy waterproof fabric system stands out as one of the brand’s stand-out offerings, purporting to move water vapor and liquid away from the body compared to conventional membrane waterproof jackets that only shift vapor.

This company greatly emphasizes workers’ rights, manufacturing its products in Colombia under equitable working conditions. Furthermore, it partners with Miquelina Foundation, which assists women who have experienced sexual violence or forced prostitution to rebuild their lives by offering training, housing assistance, counselling services, and care for their children.

Paramo’s Design

Paramo jackets like this one from Andina are versatile yet warm and waterproof – as well as breathable. Furthermore, unlike some membrane waterproof jackets on the market, their design – which directionalises vapor and liquid water away from your body – prevents it from building up, which may otherwise lead to discomfort during heavy loads.

Nikwax Analogy fabric waterproofs also handle British conditions better than standard membrane waterproofs, which often struggle in damp and cool climates. Nikwax Analogy waterproofs have the added ability to shift liquid water after you have worked up a sweat, providing far greater effectiveness than membranes which only move it as vapor.

Paramo’s manufacturing practices are both ethical and environmentally sound – they collaborate with Colombia’s Miquelina foundation, offering training and employment for vulnerable women, producing durable clothing and bags made of sustainable material that will withstand regular washing with simple care while avoiding perfluorocarbons (PFCs) which are harmful to both people and wildlife.

Paramo’s Fabrics

Paramo fabrics are built to last and are easily renewed. Their waterproof garments use Nikwax’s Analogy technology which not only prevents you from getting wet but actively works to manage moisture by diverting sweat and water vapor away from its wearer.

Analogy’s waterproof jacket stands out from others due to its unique directional technology, which not only keeps out rain but also shifts water vapor away from your body. Analogy also uses this directional tech to transport liquid moisture away from your body.

Inner layers feature a pump liner designed to mimic animal fur regarding moisture-wicking properties, keeping you both warm and dry when working up a sweat.

Paramo jackets are produced ethically; they use PFC-free waterproofing and partner with Miquelina Foundation in Colombia which provides training and employment to women rescued from forced prostitution. Furthermore, all production factories guarantee Fair Trade certification.

Paramo’s Manufacturing

Paramo products, including its jackets, are manufactured ethically. Through its partnership with Miquelina Foundation in Colombia, Paramo provides jobs, counseling services, housing assistance and childcare to displaced women at risk of drug use or prostitution.

Nikwax layers found in Paramo’s Analogy garments from Nikwax go beyond keeping you dry – they feature what’s known as a Pump Liner that actively pushes moisture away from your body, such as sweat. This ensures you remain dry even during physical activity.

Many hill walkers and mountaineers in the UK swear by Paramo waterproofs for wetter weather as they breathe better than membrane shells and waterproof overtrousers. When compared with membrane shells and overtrousers, their lighter weight becomes immediately evident; plus, their ability to be washed at home and waterproofed again makes them highly economical as they last so long – we’ve even seen walkers wearing Paramo jackets over ten years old that still perform admirably!