A Polo Ralph Lauren Hoodie Is A Must Have For Any Fashion Enthusiast


A Polo Bear hoodie is a classic pullover sweatshirt with a polo ralph Lauren bear logo. This piece is perfect for anyone looking for a hoodie that will stand out from the crowd and look great on any occasion. It is made of soft cotton that will keep you warm and comfortable in any weather.

Pullover sweatshirt by Polo Ralph Lauren with a bear logo

What’s not to like about a Polo Ralph Lauren hoodie? They’re also a no-brainer when it comes to a budget-friendly wardrobe upgrade. Not to mention they’re comfy enough to wear all day long. Unlike many of their contemporaries, they make clothes that fit and function. No dreaded bra straps in sight here. So go for it and get that coveted office cred. And while you’re at it, score a few mates. If the office poop notwithstanding, gets the fam a move on the cheap. Of course, the best part is that they’ll be able to descend simultaneously. And with the slingshots in tow, you’ll be the envy of the office crowd, not to mention your boss. Just a matter of getting the hang of it. After all, they’ll be asking. Aside from the requisite workout, a trip to the dry cleaner, and a good haircut, you’re all set.

Reflects Polo Ralph Lauren’s timeless East Coast aesthetic

Ralph Lauren is a legendary fashion designer credited with creating a quintessential American lifestyle. His original clothing and accessories line reflects his passion for classic, upscale style. This iconic brand continues to represent an exclusive, refined American lifestyle.

After launching his first menswear collection in the 1970s, Ralph Lauren expanded its business into the home and accessories arena. He developed his unique tie line under the name “Polo.”

Ralph Lauren’s signature design is the Polo style icon. The symbol originated as a stuffed bear that Lauren received as a gift. Later, the Polo style icon became embroidered onto clothing and accessories. Today, it’s a playful hallmark of Polo’s style.

In 2014, Ralph Lauren expanded its Polo Sport line to include high-performance activewear. The collection is targeted toward athletes and fitness enthusiasts. It features cutting-edge silver fibers and real-time biometric data.

Ralph Lauren expanded its collaborations by partnering with Spelman College and Morehouse College. The Polo Ralph Lauren Exclusively for Morehouse and Spelman Colleges Collection represents the first time the brand has partnered with an institute of higher learning.

Even though Ralph Lauren has become one of the most recognizable fashion designers in the world, his business is still a family affair. His father, Jerry Lauren, was the company’s head of the menswear division.