A Professional SEO Company’s Quality SEO Checklist


Numerous high-quality Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Marketing services are available nowadays. However, have you ever wondered what it takes to put a website through its SEO maintenance checklist? The following is an example of typical work performed by the professional SEO Company 360innovate. Best way to find the ai seo company.


To begin, when a customer contacts 360 to have SEO work done on their site, the first step is to analyze the site and determine what keywords they already target (if any) and also what on-site work has to be done on the website (this is referred to as on-page optimization). Next, we go through the nuts and bolts of your site, including the text, images, layout, navigation, structure, and usability features, to ensure that it has been built to a standard that allows your site to rank at its best in the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask).

We review and inspect at least 200 different areas, a critical initial step in getting you started. Fortunately, many customers have hired skilled designers who ensure the initial work is completed, and the first stages indicated above are minimal.


Keyword research is critical in determining what consumers enter into search engines to find your product or service.

For example, most of our customers reach us by searching for “SEO Company,” “SEO Company UK,” or simply “SEO.” Still, we also get traffic from “Search Engine Optimisation Company Scotland,” “Internet Marketing Company,” and various other terms.

Another element to consider is the conversion rate from a specific keyword search. Conversion rates are defined by the number of times a unique visitor to your site purchases anything or makes an inquiry. There could be various reasons why your site needs to be converted, such as not targeting exemplary visitors, poor design or navigation, or a combination of negatives that just put users off ordering/enquiring due to a lack of confidence.


We look at their site every day, not just once, and monitor changes, track them, figure out why they’re getting such excellent results, and adopt a strategy to improve them.


We agree on the number of keywords you want us to focus on after conducting extensive research into the keywords and phrases utilized in your business.

This will vary depending on the customer; some will want us to focus on a few keywords for their SEO campaign, while others will want us to focus on thousands. This is also how we define how much time we spend on your site initially and on an ongoing basis, as well as how much it will cost.


Every month, we create articles and online news releases about your company related to the keywords we use in your campaign and include links to your website inside the content. We then release/publish these papers on reliable online sites that search engines like to visit and read regularly. This links back to your site and offers better search engine listing results because search engines see you updating your content regularly.


We will link your site to as many other trustworthy sites in your field as possible. For example, if you are a shop, we will link your site to the National Retail Federation, and if you are a restaurant, we will link your site to a trustworthy restaurant review site.

Link building is an essential component of any SEO strategy. Search engines track the links that point to your website. Gathering reliable links to your domain is a natural evolution. Any website that suddenly gains hundreds or thousands of links quickly will be reported for unethical practices and maybe reviewed, with a search engine ban being the preferred conclusion. This is a poor business plan.


The time it takes to attain strong page-one results varies depending on how competitive your business is, and anyone or firm which assures you the top ten results in a short time frame should be avoided when hiring them to do SEO work for you.

However, if you have an uncompetitive keyword or phrase, you can usually see results in 6-12 weeks; if you are in a fiercely competitive business, it might take 4-12 months.


Everything mentioned here is something we do regularly rather than on a one-time basis. It’s preferable to think of SEO or Internet Marketing as a proactive strategy. The rules are constantly changing. What works well today may work better tomorrow. Other tactics not covered in this article include viral marketing, blogging, email marketing, podcasts, video marketing, and social media marketing. The web is a moving target; your competition will pass you by if you remain motionless.

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