AR Book Finder


Pupils can select books that meet their reading levels and interests using AR quizzes to search books by ATOS book level, Lexile measure, age of interest, age title, author fiction, non-fiction subject area, etc.

Teachers, parents, and pupils can search for books with inclusive content – such as titles that cover various life experiences while discussing sensitively and respectfully topics like racism – that will offer them reading pleasure.

What is AR Book Finder?

AR Book Finder is an invaluable tool for parents using reading programs with their children at home. This website helps parents find books compatible with the Accelerated Reader program’s points system to encourage fluency and confidence while reading, leading to rewards at school, such as trophies or certificates for reading proficiency. Parents unsure whether a book contains an AR quiz can use the website to assess it themselves quickly.

Kids using AR can select their books instead of having an assigned one, making the program much more engaging for children. At the end of each reading session, a short quiz on the computer checks to see if students comprehended what was read; teachers then receive feedback on students’ comprehension levels through this assessment tool.

Families can use the website to determine whether a book contains an AR quiz quickly and, if so, how many points it is worth. Parents can search by title, author, or ISBN to learn the Book Level (BL) and point value or enter their child’s reading level to see which books may be suitable.

Some books feature different point values depending on how complex their vocabulary and text length are; The Berenstain Bears have one point, while Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows are rated 34 points.

Parents must understand that reading level does not correlate to interest or maturity level in books; for instance, seventh graders could probably read The Picture of Dorian Gray but may lack the experience or emotional maturity needed to appreciate its message fully.

Searching for Books with AR Quizzes

Parents and students can search for books using Renaissance Learning’s AR Bookfinder online tool. Users type in any book title to determine its AR level and points value; additionally, they can browse a list of books with upcoming quizzes.

Students can use this site to check the status of their AR quizzes and get answers to questions about their reading progress. Teachers can use it when assessing a student’s progress, while parents use it when tracking their children’s reading levels.

The AR Program is a computer-based reading comprehension program. Students use it to read books and take short quizzes online before earning points based on their performance. While not meant as a replacement for traditional teaching materials, students can utilize this program at school and home to build and practice reading skills.

Each book in the AR program is assigned a reading level based on its vocabulary rather than on the reader’s age or maturity; sometimes, book levels can also reflect how long it takes for an average reader to finish it – for instance, Three Little Pigs has been classified as level 5, while The Cow Jumped Over the Moon ranks 10 for example.

Some parents worry that AR’s point-based system could cause their children to lose motivation to read. Children could become disenchanted with reading when judged based on numbers on quizzes they don’t perform well on.

Teachers often assign goals for every student in a class by the end of a year or semester. Students should feel free to explore outside their AR reading levels as long as the book they select fits with their reading levels; to make this easier for parents and students alike, AR Bookfinder makes searching easy: choose by title, author, genre, ATOS book level range, interest level classification or subject matter.