Arive Homes Reviews


Buying a new home in Utah County is a great decision because the area offers a huge selection of new homes. You will be able to choose from floor plans that are perfect for your needs. A Utah County home-building team will work with you to make sure that you are happy with your new Spanish Fork home.

Poor customer service

Having poor customer service can be bad news for any brand. Many people expect a certain level of service, and if a company does not meet their expectations, they are quick to vent their frustrations online. Poor customer service can even be a bad indicator of a brand’s legitimacy.

Aside from the automated system that repeats information, the best indicator of poor customer service is having to repeat information several times. Long wait times and an automated system that does not tell you exactly what you want to hear are other indicators of poor customer service. In addition, if a company does not respond to your questions or address your concerns, it may be a good idea to look for a new builder.

Arrive Homes is located in the Provo area, and they offer a wide variety of floor plans. The company claims that it can provide “locked in” pricing, but the prices are not locked in. In addition, they do not have a provision for increasing prices if they are unable to sell your house at the agreed price.

Not a good builder

Using Home Builders of America to build your new home is not a good idea. This company is not trustworthy, and will not honor their contract. In addition, they will raise their price constantly, and will not take responsibility for their mistakes. They will also charge a ridiculous change order fee.

Another problem is that Arive Homes, LLC does not own the lots they advertise. They market the lots as if they do, but it is not true. You should contact the lot owner directly. They should be able to tell you more about the lot. This builder has missed ten appointments to fix problems, and will not apologize. In addition, they do not have a provision in their contract that allows them to increase prices. You may want to use another builder if you are interested in Arrive Homes.

Arrive Homes has not built a quality home. Their finishes are poor, and they have missed a lot of appointments to address the issues. If you are interested in a new home, you should use another builder.