Best Coffee Places Near Bhiwandi


There are many places in Bhiwandi where you can enjoy a good cup of coffee. Firefly Coffee House is one of them. Other coffee shops worth trying include Dark Matter Coffee’s Mothership, Star Lounge, and Kitchen 91. These places offer great coffee and good service.

Firefly Coffee House

This cozy hangout serves up coffee, pastries, and light fare. It also hosts art exhibits and a gift shop. There’s also an outdoor patio with a beautiful view of the city. The staff is amiable, and the coffee is excellent value.

This cafe is one of the best coffee places near Bhiwandi. It serves an all-day breakfast and freshly roasted coffee. The staff is friendly and energetic. The interiors are attractive, and the smell of coffee lingers throughout the place. Service is also top-notch.

This place is near the city center but is not overly busy. The atmosphere is casual, which is why it’s popular with locals. You can even enjoy a quiet afternoon with a cup of coffee. The staff serves various drinks, including espresso, tea, and various other beverages.

Dark Matter Coffee’s Mothership

If you’re in Bhiwandi and looking for a unique coffee shop, you might want to try Dark Matter Coffee’s Mothership in Bhawani. It’s the brand’s flagship coffee shop, specializing in creative, innovative coffee. Decorated with weird art and pictures of unicorns, the Mothership is the epitome of creativity and experimentation. It has even aged its coffee beans in rum and cognac barrels.

Founded by Charlie Benante, the Mothership serves a variety of blends. In addition to espressos, the shop offers a traditional house blend and two-holiday roasts. One is even dog-friendly. There’s even a patio for dogs! And when you’re ready to relax after a hard day’s work, you can order one of the creative drinks available on the menu.

The Mothership is a unique, high-end coffee roastery with an alchemical vibe. Its decor has high ceilings and a gilded clock. The roaster is covered in burnished gold and has an alchemical look. Its staff is friendly and willing to talk about the coffee and shop philosophy. So if you’re looking for a unique coffee shop in Bhiwandi, look no further.

Star Lounge

Lounge bars have gained much popularity in Bhiwandi, Mumbai, for their hip and vibrant atmosphere. A quick search on Justdial will yield a long list of lounges in your area. Use the filters provided to narrow down your results further. You can also read customer reviews to determine if a lounge is worth your time. Some lounges require reservations, while others are open for walk-ins.

One of the most popular cafes in Bhiwandi, MH, is Kitchen 91. This cafe offers all-day breakfast and a range of freshly roasted coffees. The staff is friendly and enthusiastic, creating an inviting atmosphere. The décor is attractive, and the scent of coffee is intoxicating. If you’re in the mood for some work, you’ll be glad to know that this place also has a computer-friendly area.

Star Lounge serves coffee, espresso, and tea in a warm and inviting atmosphere. The staff is friendly, and the food is delicious. Besides coffee, you can also get egg salad sandwiches and chocolate caramel pecan cookies.

Kitchen 91

Kitchen 91 is one of the most popular cafes in Bhiwandi, MH. It offers an all-day breakfast and freshly roasted coffee. Its friendly staff and attractive interiors create an inviting atmosphere. It also has top-notch service.