Pembridge Insurance Reviews


Pembridge is a specialty insurance provider that offers various types of insurance coverage. The company prides itself in offering outstanding customer service. Their claim staff is available around the clock to answer any questions. They also extend repair and contracting services to their customers. The company’s reviews show that it provides exceptional coverage.


Before enrolling in My_BRIDGE, you should be familiar with the program. It is a free application that monitors your driving habits over six months. It provides detailed information and feedback to help you improve your driving habits and stay safe on the road. In addition, My_BRIDGE helps you stay on top of your driving record and save money on insurance.

My_BRIDGE is a car insurance program offered by Pembridge Insurance. It offers rewards for safe driving habits, and you can get up to 30% off your premium by demonstrating your safe driving habits with the app. My_BRIDGE is free for all Pembridge customers, and you don’t pay any sign-up or usage fees. It also won’t raise your premium in any way.

Waiver of Depreciation

Pembridge Insurance offers several auto insurance plans in Ontario, including a waiver of depreciation for new vehicles. It also offers accident benefits, including medical costs and loss of income. Other features include All Perils coverage, a combination of collision, and comprehensive insurance. It also covers non-owned vehicles, such as rental cars. In addition, you can save money by bundling your policy.

Pembridge Insurance reviews have revealed that many of its policies are affordable for mature drivers. In addition to car insurance, Pembridge offers other insurance policies, including homeowner’s insurance, vacation trailer insurance, and home business insurance. It also offers claims-free discounts. Other types of coverage include liability, personal injury, and uninsured motorist insurance. This type of insurance protects you from financial ruin if you cause damage to someone else or property.


Pembridge Insurance offers an array of policies to meet the needs of its customers, including tenant insurance, which covers legal responsibility and personal property. They also offer condominium policies that cover personal property and unit contingency and seasonal and rental home coverage. Pembridge also offers a Residential Fire policy, which covers both the physical structure of the home and the contents inside.

Pembridge Insurance also offers optional auto insurance that protects the car against theft and vandalism. Its collision coverage will cover the cost of repairing your car when you’re involved in a crash. Other options include named peril coverage, which covers specific risks affecting your car. Purchasing an all-peril policy will cover many risks and offer a high level of protection.

Bonus features

Pembridge Insurance is an insurance company specializing in classic car insurance. These policies come with unique features and conditions. As the name suggests, classic cars have a higher value than most other cars, so they need special coverage. Although Pembridge’s policies are not much different from those of other insurance companies, some extra bonuses and features make all the difference.

Bonus features at Pembridge Insurance Reviews include discounts and bundled policies. Discounts are also available for good driving habits and insurance in lump sums. These factors can save you significant money on your insurance premiums.


Pembridge Insurance is an insurer that provides home and car insurance and tenant and condo insurance. They also offer specialty product insurance. The company is also known for its excellent customer service. Their claim representatives are available around the clock to help policyholders in the event of an accident or damage.

The company offers several insurance options, including Direct Compensation Coverage and Named Perils. Named Perils protects you against specific risks, such as theft and fire. These aren’t covered by standard coverage. Named Perils also protect you against intensive repairs. Those benefits are great news if you’re in the market for insurance.

Pembridge also offers discounts for customers who bundle their policies. Depending on the policy, you can save anywhere from five to ten percent. Moreover, you can also save money by paying your insurance in a lump sum. However, Pembridge has been accused of charging higher insurance rates than other insurers. This led to an investigation by the province of New Brunswick in 2011.