Lupa Osteria – Roman-Inspired Italian Cuisine


Lupa Osteria is a small, intimate Italian eatery that offers a variety of Roman-inspired fare. It is also home to an all-Italian wine list. The menu offers many Italian classics. Porchetta, Fresh pasta, and Wood-fired pizza are among the dishes on the menu.


Porchetta, a famous Roman dish, is the centrepiece of the menu at Lupa Osteria. This small Italian eatery also features an all-Italian wine list. Porchetta is served with fresh vegetables and roasted garlic. The restaurant also has a cozy ambience.

The Lupa Osteria offers a variety of Italian dishes, including a special Wednesday menu. It also has a wine pairing that allows you to bring a bottle of wine in and share it with a friend or loved one. Pizza is another popular menu item at Lupa Osteria. The menu changes regularly, so you can often find something special on your next visit.

Lupa specializes in simple, seasonally inspired Italian fare. It also has a large selection of wines, including Amaro, a delicious Italian liqueur. In addition, the restaurant has a bar that features over 400 bottles of wine. The bar also offers a list of grappas, dessert wines, and liqueurs. The Lupa restaurant opened 18 years ago, but it is still a vibrant downtown trattoria that offers excellent food at a reasonable price. Lupa’s weekly prix fixe lunch provides delicious, authentic Italian cuisine for $25.

Fresh pasta

Lupa Osteria is one of the finest Italian restaurants in South Africa. It takes its name from the ancient Roman wolf goddess Lupa. Her silver-like eyes and aggressive nature earned her a place in mythology, as she saved the twins Remus and Romulus from their evil uncle Amulius. The restaurant’s menu also features fresh fish and veal and is well known for its house wine.

The Lupa Osteria menu is wide-ranging and offers many specials and daily specials. For example, you’ll find daily cocktails for just R75 and a lunch menu for under R100. The restaurant is popular with office workers in the Foreshore and takes reservations.

The pasta menu at Lupa is an excellent option for authentic Italian cuisine. The restaurant also offers a variety of house-cured meats like coppa and speck. Another option on the Lupa osteria menu is the Lupa Napoli sauce, a combination of aubergine, mozzarella, and parmesan. This delicious dish is ideal for a warm summer day.

Wood-fired pizza

Lupa osteria is a small Italian eatery that serves authentic Roman fare. It has a long list of Italian wines, too. The menu is simple, but its wood-fired pizza is a standout item. It is an excellent place for a family dinner.

The atmosphere is comfortable and inviting. The menu is made with authentic Italian ingredients and offers a kid’s menu. The food is delicious, and the prices are affordable. You can enjoy wood-fired pizza and fresh seafood. You can even get a craft beer at the bar tables.

The Lupa osteria menu features a range of specials, and you can also order a wood-fired pizza to go. The pizzas at Lupa are made with a light dough and topped with traditional Italian ingredients. While they will not fit in a takeaway box, they are so good that you will never want to. The Italian flour used for the dough makes the dough incredibly light and airy. In addition, you can choose classic toppings such as potato, creamed leeks, or garlic.

Aside from pizza, Lupa Osteria also serves pasta and lasagna, which are prepared daily. The wood-fired oven gives the pizzas a unique flavour. The menu also features a Popeye and olive pizza, topped with salami, olives, and stringy cheese. Another special pizza is the Amy pizza, filled with rocket, caramelized onions, and feta cheese.

Italian classics

The Lupa osteria menu includes classic Italian dishes. Lupa’s menu features house-cured meats like coppa and speck, as well as pasta and seafood. The menu also includes a selection of wines to pair your meal with the right one. If you are a wine connoisseur, the best way is to try the tasting menu.

For vegetarians, there’s the Lupa Napoli sauce, which layers mozzarella and parmesan over the aubergine. This dish is a favourite for hot summer days. The Lupa menu also includes special menu items like pizza and Birra. These special menu items are available from 3 pm on Sundays until 9 pm on Mondays. For R105, you can order any pizza you like – except seafood pizza – and get a glass of house wine or an Italian soda.

The Lupa osteria menu offers a wide variety of dishes. Luca is sure to please any palette, from classic Italian classics to creative new twists. The osteria’s signature bar and food menu reflect the heritage of Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli, who founded it. While the menu features classic Italian dishes, the dishes are inventive, fresh, and often infused with unusual ingredients.