What / things You Know About Pharmaceuticals?


Sometimes I ask people, “what do you know about pharmaceuticals”? The standard answer is that they only find out about what they take, or these people only know what their physician tells them. Either way, anyone looks at it; the information generally comes from a medical doctor.

So then you must ask yourself, wherever does the doctor get the info?

It’s appalling that physicians are not required to have extra or continuing education on pharmaceutical medication. What they get, they get in medical school, after which it’s up to them to maintain.

This is amazing whenever you think of all the different drugs that have come on the market in the past two decades, some of which are deadly.

Where do these cards get their information on these brand-new drugs? Unfortunately, many times, this comes from a representative from the pharmaceutical company.

I hope many people out there that question the eye and conflict of it within this situation.

Let me spell it out if this hasn’t raised a question for you yet. The pharmaceutical consultant is there to SELL the doctor their drug, so he will recommend it so the pharmaceutical company can make money, the representative will get their cut, and the company goes on, right?

I would request a question here; instead, allow me to stick my neck away and make a statement, When this happens, You might be their business, and they need you to fill that script. The actual representative needs to sell your physician so that your doctor will sell A PERSON.

So many individuals believe that when I discuss pharmaceuticals, I am only speaking about prescription drugs. There is plenty of over-the-counter pharmaceutical medications and they can be dangerous too because people are taking medicine that they don’t need or do not help.

When you study the body, you realize that everything is interrelated, one thing impacts the other, and there just isn’t anything you can do about it. What pharmaceutical medication do is take care of signs and symptoms and make your organs APPEAR to be working every day, when in reality just a “cover-up” for the TRUE issues underneath your body’s experience, which often contributes to illness and disease.

Does one see how dangerous the “big cover-up” is?

How get we allow this wish? There are so many avenues into the prescription way of thinking.

Feeling there is no substitute

Just being given some sort of prescription

Instant Gratification


Lack of Education

Lack of Sympathy

We have also to consider that mother nature resonates with nature. Mother nature has intelligence; it stocks that intelligence with us. The most significant part of this statement is the fact that we are, us Humans, of character.

As Nature, we can soak up and use it to benefit nature. Natural things that aren’t processed, not “mixed up” in a laboratory, not “messed with”.

Let me give you a good example. So many individuals are convinced that they need to get statins to lower their cholesterol and stop heart attacks. That is precisely what our doctors tell us; we all feel that they are professionals and should know.

This is what they are explained to by their friendly pharmaceutical rep. This is why they just forget what they have learned in school.

Initial, I want to paint a picture involving Cholesterol for you that is so simple to understand that you will feel that you just learned something.

We need cholesterol to live; it has a function. Throughout nature, there are no “leftover parts”. Everything looking for in our bodies, we sometimes need right now, or in past times we needed it, we have evolved. Cholesterol derives from your liver, is used in food digestion and is absorbed into the body through the small intestine; consider it a triangle-shaped thing.

We have three types of cholesterol, HDL, LDL, and VDL. (many people haven’t heard of another type. It is the absolute worst type of type)

In the good cholesterol HDL, all three points of the triangle have circles to make them smooth so that they flow right through your body, not sticking to anything.

Typically the LDL cholesterol has a pair of “hooks” on two of 3 corners of the triangle.

Typically the VDL cholesterol has a few “hooks” on three corners of the triangle.

Imagine the cholesterol absorbed into the blood through your veins; if the many corners are smooth, it subsequently flows.

We all know how you are affected if that cholesterol carries a “hook” on it. If you have not guessed already, it will connect to things and contact clogged arteries and other problems in your body.

The big question is, “how do you lower your poor cholesterol levels naturally”?

We have one word, and that is Dietary fibre.

Fibre is fantastic since it creates a binding effect on the actual hooks on the corner from the cholesterol so that they are sleek and can’t hook up within your veins.

Why should you go to the problems of changing your diet and such as exercise when you could simply take a statin?

Once again, the statin is just covering the issue and is lowering All your cholesterol, even the good stuff. Keep in mind all of us need cholesterol to reside.

Many doctors don’t tell you the side effects; they need you to read the material, so they don’t have to broach the subject.

Exactly how effective are the statins? These people only reduce the POSSIBILITY of a heart attack by 25% to 30%. Everyone needs to perform an informed evaluation on the side impact versus the benefits.

If you might learn to eat right and find a kind of exercise that you love, could you do it instead of dealing with the medical side effects of the drugs b on?

I am NOT recommending that you discontinue any medicine at all. I recommend you investigate the possibility of accomplishing things differently, more effortlessly, with herbs, nutrition, training and mindset.

You can improve your nutrition without verifying with your doctor first; consider starting there.

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