Majesco Software, Inc.


Majesco provides software solutions for core insurance functions, including Policy Administration, Underwriting, New Business Processing, Billing Claims Processing, and Product Modeling. They also offer insurance-specific IT services like testing, data conversion, data warehousing/BI, and enterprise integration.

An industry platform designed to accelerate digital acceleration and innovation within P&C and L&A Group businesses. Meeting tomorrow’s business requirements now.

Morristown, New Jersey

Majesco provides digital transformation solutions for insurance businesses from concept to action. Their software, analytics, and digital solutions support property, casualty, life/annuity/health insurance segments. Furthermore, they offer distribution management solutions and cloud platforms in addition to core software services.

Majesco offers an array of consulting and insurance-specific IT services, such as testing, data conversion, business intelligence (BI), mobility and mobility testing to banks, credit unions and other financial institutions, government agencies, and regulated industries like transportation & logistics, healthcare & education. It has over 150 clients, including banks & credit unions.

InsPro Enterprise is an individual life and group annuity policy administration and marketing system built to streamline administrative processes while improving customer experiences. The platform supports agent, direct market, worksite, and website-generated business. As a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, it automates administrative procedures while elevating customer experiences.

Majesco provides software solutions that enable insurers to meet both present and anticipated future requirements, with products for Policy Administration, Underwriting, New Business Processing, Billing Claims Product Modeling Incentive Compensation. Furthermore, Majesco products enable insurance companies to manage producer networks and offer additional services from its offices throughout North America, Europe Asia.

San Francisco Bay Area

Majesco offers insurance technology solutions designed to assist companies to modernize and innovate for the future of their business. Their industry platforms deliver tomorrow’s experience today – quickly and at scale. Over 200 insurers use Majesco platforms for P&C, L&A, and Group Benefits to drive digital transformation and provide their customers with hyper-relevant. These compelling experiences lead to customer engagement that drives digital transformation and increases revenue growth.

The company provides software for core insurance functions, including policy administration, underwriting, new business processing, billing claims management, and product modeling. Furthermore, consulting and insurance-specific IT services like testing data conversion data warehousing/BI mobility enterprise integration BPM are also provided by this provider.

Policy Administration System, Underwriting Management System, Billing System, Claims Management System, Product Modeling System, and Producer Lifecycle Management System are among the products used by insurers to manage operations efficiently and produce reports for analysis, decision-making, and reporting purposes.

Majesco creates games for multiple console systems, including Nintendo’s GameCube and Game Boy Advance, Microsoft Xbox, and Sony PlayStation 2. The company strongly emphasizes development, producing several popular titles such as BloodRayne 2. Critics have often praised Majesco for the quality of its visuals and gameplay; its employees enjoy a great working atmosphere with generous benefits packages available.


Majesco provides cloud insurance software solutions for property, casualty, and life and annuity markets, including distribution management, digital platforms, and data and analytics capabilities. In addition, Majesco also provides claims management as well as underwriting capabilities.

Majesco’s cloud platform, CloudInsurer, allows carriers to manage all aspects of their business with an integrated solution, including policy management, billing, claims administration, distribution channels, and bureau content creation. The platform includes pre-loaded templates for ready-to-use content and powerful configuration tools. Furthermore, advanced Machine Learning-based data analytics provide additional capabilities and access to an ecosystem marketplace of established and InsurTech partners.

Majesco P&C Suite is its flagship product, helping insurers deliver exceptional customer experiences. This suite boasts multiple capabilities that support all phases of the policy lifecycle – from initial policy setup and processing through underwriting, catastrophe risk, and fraud assessment – on-premise or on-demand deployment options are available.

Majesco and One Inc ClaimsPay have joined forces to offer a full-service digital payments solution, allowing claims payments via direct deposit, check, prepaid debit card, and PayPal. This feature integrates seamlessly with Majesco P&C Suite, so insurers can easily offer electronic payment options to their customers, while reinsurers also use it to make payments directly.


Majesco offers a cloud insurance platform to serve property and casualty, life, and annuity markets. Their technology solution features a policy management, claims management, and billing functions to automate processes across the insurance value chain and comply with policies and regulations. In addition, Majesco provides distribution management, digital data solutions, and consulting services.

Raffles Health Insurance of Singapore has selected Majesco’s Health Core solution. This software will enable Raffles to manage individual and group health products on one platform while increasing efficiency, speeding time to market with new offerings, and streamlining time-to-market. The vendor claims this will also improve efficiency and speed up time to market with new services or products.

NTUC Income, a Singapore-based insurance company and cooperative, has selected Majesco Distribution Management and Digital Solutions software for their sales channel management and financial planner performance improvement strategy. According to Majesco’s announcement, their software will optimize the management of sales channels and boost performance among financial planners.

Anycover provides warranty programs for online purchases through its application programming interface (API) with eCommerce platforms, giving customers access to extended warranties. Founded in 2021 and based in Singapore.