Cuvva Review – Is Cuvva Really Worth the Commission?


Cuvva is a short-term car insurance policy that provides comprehensive coverage. It has received a ‘Good’ rating from customers, but it does charge a commission of 20% of the premium. We’ve reviewed four customer reviews to determine what customers think of Cuvva. We’ve also examined whether the company’s commission is worth the cost.

Cuvva is a short-term car insurance policy.

A Cuvva short-term car insurance policy is excellent for people who need to temporarily drive someone else’s vehicle. The policy is in your name and is separate from any other policies on the vehicle. This makes it easy for people to share driving duties. In addition, you can easily apply for a policy online or by phone.

You can choose between hourly, monthly, or always-on policies. You can also add named drivers, build a no-claims bonus, or add more people to the policy. Cuvva also offers an app that allows you to manage your policy. It also offers customer support that is available around the clock. The average response time is one minute.

It offers a fully comprehensive cover.

Full comprehensive cover is one of the most comprehensive types of car insurance you can get. It covers damage to other people’s property and your car in case of an accident or vandalism. In addition, Cuvva’s premium policies have additional benefits, such as the ability to add more people to your policy and split the cost. You can also add named drivers and build a no-claims bonus.

You can also get temporary cover for a few weeks with Cuvva, and it is possible to extend your policy. You don’t need to declare your car as SORN, but it’s essential to get it insured before driving it. You won’t be able to drive your SORN car for MOT if you don’t have insurance.

It is rated ‘Excellent’ by customers.

Cuvva offers award-winning, hassle-free car insurance. The company is designed for the future, so it uses technology and an app to make your insurance experience as simple as possible. As a result, Cuvva’s customer reviews are exceptional, with a high ” Excellent ” score on Trustpilot. Leading investors also back it.

Cuvva’s app makes managing your car insurance policy easy, with real-time chat with customer support available. It also helps you protect your no-claims bonus. Plus, its service is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Cuvva also offers a variety of flexible cover options, including short-term cover and temporary cover.

It charges a commission of 20% of the premium.

The premium that a customer pays to obtain car insurance is called the premium. The premium is divided into two parts – the commission (a percentage of the premium) and the administrative fee (an additional charge). The commission is paid to the underwriter, and the administration fee goes to Cuvva. Both payment parts run the company and make the customer experience remarkable.

Cuvva policies are underwritten by two Gibraltar-based insurers, with reinsurance backing from Swiss Re. The insurance company claims a commission of 20% of the premium paid to them, and the underwriter receives 80%. The company’s founders, a former CEO and CTO, spent two years building relationships with the insurance companies and developing their technology and connected smartphone applications.

It is not double insurance.

It is important to note that paying for two car insurance policies does not mean you will receive a double payout. This would mean that you would get more back than you paid. Also, insurers can detect multiple policies on a single car. This is why it is essential to check the details of any insurance policy before purchasing it.

Cuvva is a good option for people who do not want to take on double insurance. Its flexible policies range from a one-hour subscription to a monthly subscription. Unlike traditional car insurance, there are no credit checks or deposit requirements. And, as a bonus, you will keep your no-claims bonus.