Choosing the Best Alkaline Water Brands


No matter the reason behind your quest, whether that be for improved hydration during exercise, relieving acid reflux symptoms, or simply reaping its purported health benefits (such as lower risk of disease and improved bone health), there are countless alkaline water brands on the market – here are a few of our favorites.

Flow bottles are constructed from paper and sustainable materials that are 68% renewable and 100% recyclable, offering a selection of flavors like citrus and cucumber mint.

Bai Alkaline Water

Staying hydrated is paramount to health and well-being as we head outdoors or unwind by the poolside. Not only should you drink enough water – different varieties on the market offer other health benefits, too – such as alkaline water, which may reduce acidity levels in your body while increasing hydration. With many alkaline water brands available today, finding one suitable for you should not be difficult!

Bai is one of the top alkaline water brands, offering products with a pH level of 9+, including spring water, infused waters, and sparkling waters – with many flavor choices available. In addition, this brand proudly supports emerging artists by featuring rotating designs on its bottles.

Essentia water, created through a three-step ionization process, offers another popular choice among sports people for its hydration benefits. Furthermore, Essentia funds studies to back its claims, while its BPA-free bottles make Essentia an eco-friendly purchase choice.

Life is another option, providing alkaline water products in its signature blue bottles through a multi-step filtration process with added electrolytes to boost flavor. They’re dedicated to sustainability by giving back some of their profits towards environmental projects – it even comes recommended by celebrities like Kobe Bryant and Carrie Underwood!


Alkaline water can help maintain optimal health and improve your mood by neutralizing acidity in the body and providing essential minerals that aid digestion, detoxification, and muscle support. To get the best experience with alkaline water, look for brands with high pH levels and great tastes – plenty are available!

BodyArmour alkaline water stands out as one of the top choices, as its pH levels of 9+ make it highly alkaline and have earned it broad support among athletes and celebrities like Kobe Bryant. Filtered through reverse osmosis before being blended with electrolytes, Himalayan sea salt, and essential minerals – creating highly alkaline waters that have become favorites among both.

Jackson Springs boasts a TDS count of 238 mg/L and offers an inimitable mineral-rich taste, available exclusively at Walmart’s shatterproof 1-liter bottles with eco-friendly plastic caps. However, their lack of transparency regarding pH levels may pose a potential concern.

Heart Water does not disclose its pH levels but supports charitable organizations serving children. Furthermore, Heart Water founders donate 23% of profits from each bottle sold directly to charities – an ideal choice for anyone wanting to support charitable causes while reaping the benefits of alkaline water. They even provide larger bottles for easy hydration on the go!

CORE Hydration

Many people are turning to alkaline water for its health benefits, including helping prevent diseases, losing weight, and increasing energy. However, it’s important to remember that drinking alkaline water will only have limited effectiveness without eating foods rich in alkalinity.

CORE Hydration stands out as an exceptional company because it cares deeply about the environment and the people using its product. Their product uses 100 percent recycled plastic bottles, with further details provided on their website for anyone curious. Furthermore, there’s a variety of sizes to suit different lifestyles and budgets so everyone can find their ideal hydration system!

Canadian Rocky Mountains provide naturally alkaline water that’s packed with essential minerals. BPA-free glass bottles make this beverage even safer; aluminum bottles provide another alternative if reducing plastic usage is your goal.

CORE claims its water is still healthy due to the addition of electrolytes – specifically magnesium, potassium, and calcium which all support your body’s natural 7.4 pH balance. Filtered and with minimal additives added, its mineral water contains magnesium, potassium, and calcium – all proven to aid health benefits for the body.

This brand is supported by many celebrities and athletes, making it an appealing option for active lifestylers. You can purchase its products online or in stores; according to its website, alkaline bottled water may help boost energy, lose weight, and improve digestion; it is also helpful in keeping hydrated during physical activities, particularly outdoors in hotter temperatures.


Alkaline water proponents believe its higher pH levels are beneficial to health. According to these proponents, regular drinking water with lower pH levels has acidic properties, which cause acidity in blood and cells – leading to osteoporosis or even cancer.

According to some, eating more fruits and vegetables while cutting back on meats, grains, sugar, and alcohol is the best way to combat acidity; however, no scientific evidence supports these claims.

Alkaline liquids must possess a pH level higher than 7, and often, companies that produce bottled alkaline water add nutrients to increase it to 8 or 9. They then bottle these waters with low negative oxidation-reduction potential (ORP).

Alkaline88 claims its bottled water contains only two ingredients – purified ionized water and Pink Himalayan rock salt. Alkaline88 sources water from different sources across the country before filtering it using reverse osmosis to USP standards to remove contaminants and unwanted substances that might otherwise contaminate it.

Water enhanced with Himalayan rock salt to improve taste and mineral content is called mineral water, providing clean drinking water with a deliciously smooth taste – ideal for elite hydration after hard workouts!

H2U Watercare

There’s no universally ideal alkaline water solution – whether for sports hydration purposes, acid reflux relief, or simply cutting down plastic waste, finding an alkaline water product to suit your needs and preferences can be complex. When making informed decisions on alkaline water brands, consider their pH level, source of water used, and packaging options used – you can find single-use bottles, home systems, or refillable pitchers, all of which offer their own distinct set of advantages and disadvantages.

Flow alkaline spring water is an excellent choice for anyone concerned about their health and the environment. Their bottled water goes through an intensive seven-stage distillation process to remove germs, chemicals, and unpleasant odors before reaching consumers – you can purchase 12 1-liter bottles online for approximately $30.

Find this famous alkaline water brand in most stores’ natural food sections. Sourced from an artesian aquifer in the US, its pH level exceeds 9.5, making it one of the highest-pH waters on the market today. Additionally, its company donates to charitable and environmental initiatives, making its purchase feel good!

Many people opt for this brand of alkaline water because it comes from an underground spring in the Pacific Northwest and boasts an energizing, crisp taste. This option comes in various sizes and flavors for convenience – although this brand may not be the most cost-effective on our list!