Best Acoustic Guitar Under 1000


Acoustic guitars have undergone dramatic design, production, and quality advancements over recent years. Now offering massive tone at competitive prices with unique designs.

Finding an acoustic guitar under 1000 can be daunting with all the various options on the market. Knowing precisely what you want out of an instrument is vital.

Takamine NEX

Takamine has earned itself an esteemed reputation as a maker of premium acoustic guitars. Their trademark NEX body shape provides an impressively powerful sound from such a small guitar body size – particularly evident with their GN51CE featuring a solid spruce top and mahogany body.

The NEX design is smaller than traditional dreadnought guitars, making it much easier to hold and play for extended periods. Its contemporary sound supports vocalists or solo singer-songwriters, while its fingerstyle playing capabilities can even accommodate strumming without tiring out players. It is well suited for fingerstyle playing, mainly while strumming, and can even be performed without straining the player. It makes an ideal accompaniment.

This guitar boasts a pinless bridge and split saddle, allowing easy string replacement and perfect intonation across all strings. Plus, its stylish, glossy finish looks fantastic! Made of mahogany with traditional dovetail joints joining to the body. Nut width measures 1.6775″, and all 21 frets on the ebony fretboard can easily be reached with fingertips.

This acoustic-electric guitar is an excellent value. At well below 1000 dollars, its price point and sound quality compare favorably with guitars twice its cost. The GN51CE’s sound is clear and complete with plenty of lows and highs; bass notes don’t dominate either; it sounds full yet rich; beginner-friendly as its acoustic sound can easily match its electric plug-in capabilities, perfect for anyone just beginning their musical journey!

The GN51CE guitar is an exquisite instrument suitable for multiple musical genres. It features a comfortable NEX body, a 3-piece back construction, and a fantastic pickup system – it’s versatile tonal quality and innovative form factor make it perfect for bluegrass, country, acoustic rock, and fingerstyle music!

Seagull Maritime SWS

The Seagull Maritime SWS is one of their higher-end models with solid wood construction. This guitar utilizes warm-sounding mahogany and pressure-tested solid spruce soundboard to produce an exceptionally well-balanced tone, as well as Fishman Sonitone electronics for natural-sounding discrete preamp/diode functionality – an excellent choice for working musicians looking for an affordable yet high-quality acoustic instrument.

The SWS Maritime is a large-bodied acoustic guitar built from solid pressure-tested spruce top, mahogany back and sides, and Richlite fretboard, creating a well-balanced sound with distinct and clear tones. Its solid pressure-tested top also provides exceptional resonance and projecting abilities, making this versatile instrument suitable for fingerpicking, strumming, and recording.

A solid mahogany body and an acoustic rosette create an elegant aesthetic, creating a great-looking guitar with easy playing characteristics and sounding even better with use. Available in multiple colors to fit any genre or environment, its natural semi-gloss finish makes maintenance simple.

Seagull’s innovative design and construction have made this acoustic guitar one of the finest under $1,000. Its compound curved top was specially developed to improve stability, resonance, projection, weight reduction, and affordability – plus, its Fishman Sonitone preamp/tuner makes it a fantastic option for use on stage!

Though Seagull guitars may be hard to come by in stores like Guitar Center, their store locator makes finding one easier. You can feel them in your hands, try them on your lap, and, most importantly, hear how they sound before deciding which acoustic guitar to purchase.

Taylor Academy Series 10E

The Taylor Academy Series 10E guitar is ideal for beginning guitarists looking for an affordable entry-level model. This instrument boasts a solid Sitka spruce top with layered sapele back and sides (similar to Taylor GS Baby 100 200 models) featuring an ebony fingerboard and Micarta saddle, as well as an ES-B pickup/preamp and onboard chromatic tuner for enhanced playing pleasure and lightweight playability, making this ideal for young players or adults with smaller hands alike!

This Taylor Academy Series 10E Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar boasts a short 24-7/8″ scale and light gauge strings for an incredible tone profile, mainly when playing fingerstyle. The midrange presence stands out, especially during fingerstyle playing, and its high-frequency response provides plenty of projection when strumming light touch chords. Overall, this versatile instrument can accommodate various playing styles.

Many beginners to acoustic guitar soon outgrow their beginner models and switch to more advanced instruments; however, the Taylor Academy Series 10E provides an excellent sound and experience that many users find satisfactory for them – this is due to its premium features and premium woods, which provide impressive power in such an affordable instrument.

Taylor luthiers designed their Academy Series guitars with beginner buyers in mind, creating an acoustic instrument that sounds much more expensive than other affordable guitars in this price range. This is particularly evident when compared with flat-picking techniques often employed on other cheap tools – the Academy Series 10E sounds more refined than many affordable models and makes an ideal platform for fingerstyle and bluegrass picking techniques.

The Taylor Academy Series 10E features a slightly flatter fingerboard than that found on Gibson guitars, providing greater comfort for single notes and bendings. This makes it ideal for beginners looking to build up their skills on an instrument they will own for many years – plus, it comes with its lightweight gig bag!

Yamaha APXT2EW

This guitar was explicitly created for children and adults with small hands, featuring a slim, compact body made from exotic tonewoods and equipped with a gig bag and an in-built tuner. Additionally, there are various colors to choose from, such as Tobacco Sunburst and Dark Red Burst for you to select from.

This affordable guitar is the 3/4 version of Yamaha’s world-renowned acoustic-electric APX500III model and features its Yamaha original contact pickup as well as an elegant exotic wood top with beautiful grain patterns. Boasting both a luxurious appearance and sound quality, its size suits students.

The APXT2EW’s spruce top is an outstanding feature at this price range, boasting a high-quality finish that produces clear mids and lush highs with exceptional clarity and projection. Furthermore, its non-scalloped X-type bracing allows it to resonate with extraordinary clarity and projection – perfect for young players! Additionally, this lightweight guitar offers comfortable playability, making it a fantastic option.

It features a narrower neck than traditional acoustic guitars, making it easier for younger players to handle and play. Furthermore, those with smaller hands may find this model more straightforward to reach higher frets more efficiently. Made of standard rosewood with dot inlays and 21 frets on its fretboard; 1 11/16-inches wide at its nut width; scale length 25.6 inches long.

This acoustic-electric guitar is an ideal starting point for beginners looking to start playing. Its warm acoustic-only tone has a balanced sound loud enough for loud environments without overshadowing its listeners – making this model suitable for learning chords and advanced players practicing their technique.

This solid-body electric guitar features a natural finish. It produces a full and warm acoustic sound with solid resonance, producing a vibrant tone. Featuring a rosewood fingerboard design and Tobacco Sunburst or Natural color finishes with three options of Tobacco Sunburst or Dark Red Burst finishes available; it comes complete with a case, clip-on tuner, strap, and strings – a must-have!