Different Types of Home Decor Fabric


When it comes to home decor fabric, there are a lot of options to choose from. Patterns, for example, can be either bold or subtle. Subtle patterns won’t be noticed even if they get stained, while bold patterns add a unique style to any room. The texture of the fabric also matters. Some fabrics are smooth, velvety, or silky. Also, make sure to consider how durable the fabric will be.


Cretonne is a decorative fabric with large floral patterns. Its name comes from a village in Normandy, France. The Cretan people produced a coarse woven cloth made of hemp warp and linen weft. They used this fabric to make curtains and chair covers.

Today, Cretonne is made from cotton with a smooth weave and unglazed design. It was originally produced in Normandy, France from linen and hemp warp. It is very durable and easy to maintain. However, it should be treated with care. Avoid washing it in hot water, as this may cause the fabric to shrink.

Cretonne fabric is easy to sew. It can be sewn by hand or on a sewing machine. The canvas weave makes cutting and sewing straight lines easier. It is also light, making it perfect for hand sewing. To sew it, you should use a standard needle and polyester thread. Sew the fabric with a straight stitch, and overlock the seams to prevent fraying.


Damask fabric is an elegant textile, traditionally used by royalty, nobility, and the rich. The intricate floral pattern creates a classic look and is often made of silk, cotton, or wool. AGF Studio has designed a collection of low-volume fabrics made with damask patterns that are perfect for home decor accents and quilting.

Damask home decor fabric is available in a variety of colors, including multicolored and tone-on-tone options. Fabric Mill also offers a variety of damask patterns. Using the damask technique, fabric designers can create beautiful home decor with the help of a loom.

Damask fabric is available in plentiful quantities and is inexpensive to produce. Thanks to petrochemical fibers, damask weaving has become incredibly affordable. The computerized Jacquard loom has further lowered the cost and increased the accessibility of damask textiles. The intricate patterns in damask fabric date back thousands of years and many cultures. It is likely that humans will continue to use damask home decor fabric for many years to come.


Gingham is a classic home decor fabric that has a long history in textiles. This lightweight cotton fabric has a distinctive checkered pattern in two contrasting colors and is available in a variety of sizes. It is commonly used in dresses and skirts and is also used for tablecloths.

Gingham home decor fabric is often used for clothing, but it is also a beautiful choice for home decor. This versatile design is easy to work with because it uses three or four different shades of a single color. It can be used for tablecloths, curtains, and even bedding. It is also a great choice for pillows and cushions.


Grosgrain home decor fabric is a classic fabric that has a unique look. It has ribs running down its width and is reminiscent of ribbon. It is very durable and comes in a variety of colors. This fabric is easy to clean and stains can be removed by rubbing alcohol. After cleaning, allow the fabric to air dry.

Grosgrain home decor fabric is a versatile choice for decorating a room. The texture and appearance of the material make it ideal for a variety of decorating projects. It’s perfect for table settings and gift wrapping.


Satin is a popular home decor fabric that is used to create a luxurious and elegant decor. This luxurious fabric is made from silk and has a smooth, glossy finish. The process of weaving satin fabric is unique from other types of woven fabrics. While satin is most commonly made from silk, cotton, and wool, it is also possible to find satin fabric made from synthetic fibers.

The satin fabric has a history of being reserved for royalty and nobility, but today it is available for everyone in fabric stores. Its luster and high shine make it an excellent choice for drapes and pillows, and it can even be used for quilting and lining.