Best Views Near Saharanpur


If you are looking for a place with a clear sky and a low AQI, Saharanpur is a great place to visit. The city also boasts of the Himalayas, which can be seen from a distance. Some social media users posted their photos of the Himalayas from Saharanpur. For example, Vivek Sir, a resident of Saharanpur, posted some great photos of the Himalayas on his social media account. The snow-capped mountains were a stunning sight.

Chopta offers views of Nanda Devi, Chaukhamba, and Trishul Peaks.

The lush meadows of Chopta are a great destination for those seeking solitude and views of the Himalayas. This enchanting town is surrounded by pine and deodar forests and is close to the Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary. Chopta is also famous for its Panch Kedar temples and views of the Nanda Devi, Chaukhamba, Trishul Peaks, and Chandranath Parvat.

The town of Chopta is located at an elevation of 2,680 meters and is surrounded by deodar, pine, and rhododendron forests. It is also home to rare species of birds. The area is called the “Mini Switzerland of India” due to its scenic beauty and pristine nature.

Visitors to Chopta should not miss a chance to see the 4000 m Chandrashila Peak. This peak offers 360-degree views of the Himalayas. The town is also an ideal location for camping under the star-filled sky.

Chopta also has numerous outdoor activities to entertain visitors. You can enjoy rock climbing, yoga, and other activities. For those who are into adventure activities, you can also go skiing and trekking. You can also indulge in bird watching and other outdoor games.

The surrounding forests in Chopta give visitors a sense of privacy and solitude. There is also a 3.5-km-long Shiva temple in the vicinity. The temple is more than 1,000 years old. If you love birds and wildlife, you can visit the Chukhumba Peak sanctuary, which is home to deer.

This picturesque hill station is popular year-round. Temperatures are generally moderate. In the summer, temperatures may range from 15 to 25 degrees Celsius. However, it can get very cold in the winter, and snow-covered roads can cause delays in your trip.

A trek to Deoria Tal is one of the most scenic and popular things in Chopta. Surrounded by huge pine trees, Deoria Tal is a scenic spot for families with kids. In addition, you will have breathtaking views of the Chaukhamba Peaks from this place.

Among the five Kedars, Tungnath is the most notable and the oldest and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It sits at an elevation of 3680 meters on Chandranath mountain. The temple is believed to be over 1000 years old and was discovered by Adi Shankaracharya. Its serene surroundings make this a perfect spot to meditate.

Gandhi Park

Gandhi Park is one of the best parks in Saharanpur. It has beautiful gardens and sports facilities for children. It also has picnic shelters and covered play areas. It is an excellent place to spend your day with family and friends. You can also take a jog or a walk in the park.

If you have the time, you should visit the Balaji Temple, which is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. This temple is a holy place for Hindus, as it is dedicated to Lord Hanuman, one of their most important gods. Therefore, it is believed that people who visit the temple will receive their wishes. Alternatively, you can visit the Chhachhrauli Fort. This fort is situated in the Yamuna Nagar district in Haryana, about 48 km from Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh.

Gandhi Park is also a popular place for picnics. It is also an important venue for traditional and political programs. During the Holi festival, there is a Holi party here. During Ramnavmi, you can also witness the Ram Leela ceremony here. There are many other festivals held in the park every year.

There are many attractions near Gandhi Park, including the Supplement Gallery, Ashok Book Center, and Guru Nanak Machinery Store. The park is also home to Namdev Sweets and Punjab Agricultural Implements (P) Ltd. Ali Refrigeration, and SLC Marketing Pvt Ltd are also located nearby.

Saharanpur is also home to several important shrines. For example, the Ghuggha Veer Shrine is a popular religious site revered by both Hindus and Muslims. Visitors from various parts of the shrine come to worship the saint and its miraculous powers.


The best views near Saharanpur at Joshimth are those in which you can see the Himalayas in the distance. This town has many attractions, including a temple dedicated to Lord Narasimha. It is also home to the Shankracharya Cave and Narsimha Temple, one of the 108 Vishnu temples. You can also visit the Tapovan Temple, dedicated to the Hindu deity.

Joshimath, also known as Jyotirmath, is located in the holy mountains of Uttarakhand. This hill town is the starting point for the Valley of Flowers Trek and the Hemkund trek. You can also visit Auli, which is a popular ski resort. The valley is also home to Chenab Lake, a small crystalline lake.

Auli is an important tourist destination near Joshimath and Badrinath. It is located at an altitude of 3,056 meters above sea level and is covered with conifers. You can reach Auli by road or take a ropeway from Joshimath. While in Auli, you can also visit the Chattarkund, a beautiful lake known for its crystal-clear water.

Another important place to visit near Saharanpur is Daat Kali Temple, dedicated to the Hindu goddess Kali. It is located on the Dehradun-Saharanpur road and takes around 15 minutes to reach the city. Local buses and taxis are available to reach this place, but many people prefer to take their vehicles.


If you’re interested in exploring the natural beauty of Saharanpur, Kausani is a great destination. There are a variety of sightseeing options and a variety of things to do while visiting the region. For instance, if you’re a fan of stargazing, you’ll enjoy visiting the Kausani Planetarium. The planetarium is run by a stargazing enthusiast and is an excellent way to experience the night sky.

Kausani is a picturesque town on a ridge above the Someshwar and Garur valleys. The town was once nicknamed “the Switzerland of India” by Mahatma Gandhi, and is known for its scenic splendor. Its location amid dense pine forests provides stunning views of the Himalayas.

The climate in Kausani is moderate throughout the year. Temperatures vary between nine and twenty-six degrees Celsius. Visitors will find it a wonderful place to escape the city’s heat and feel like they’re in the Himalayas. The town is home to many natural attractions, including the Nanda Devi Hills, the Rudradhari caves, and the endless slopes of tea estates.

Besides the waterfalls, Kausani is also home to a Hindu temple complex named Rudradhari Mahadev. It’s an easy hike only a few kilometers from the city bus stop. The temple is surrounded by lush meadows and is the perfect destination for a peaceful retreat.

While in the area, you can take a direct cab from Kausani to Dehradun. The journey takes about 10h27m. Alternatively, you can hire a car from Saharanpur and travel northward. The scenic drive will be worth it.

You can also rent a cab from Saharanpur to Nainital to explore the area. This type of taxi is available year-round and can take you to the major sites on your list. Depending on your preferences, you can select between 4 and six seaters.