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Established urgent care and primary care practice located east of Dallas, serving an established patient population while boasting high revenue per visit.

Gas Station & Convenience Store

Gas stations have long been an indispensable business model. Not only do these stores provide essential services for the general public, they also generate significant revenues for their owners. Some of the items sold at gas stations include snacks, drinks, cigarettes, and lottery tickets – along with various convenience items sold at higher prices than they would at regular stores – helping generate extra income and yield more significant profit margins for owners.

When selecting a location for a gas station, it’s essential to consider traffic volume and congestion in the surrounding area. More people will likely stop at your store due to increased visibility, and be mindful of any zoning regulations that might impede its location, such as height limits or separation distance rules that can ensure compatibility.

Gas stations must meet special insurance and licensing requirements due to unique risks such as fires and explosions not typically covered by standard commercial policies. Furthermore, they must obtain a permit before opening; this process can be time-consuming and expensive, so it is wise to consult an attorney before beginning this application process.

Though Florida offers numerous gas stations for sale, not all are alike. Some have been around for decades, while others may be more recent startups. To select an appropriate gas station business to purchase, look for established brands with positive customer reviews.

Another alternative is purchasing a franchise. While this will likely be more expensive than opening an independent gas station, its risk of failure will likely be reduced significantly. Franchises tend to boast well-known names that give them an edge against the competition. Furthermore, most franchisors offer training and support, so it should be easy for you to launch your new venture.

Family Medicine Practice

Family medicine is a branch of medicine dedicated to providing comprehensive health care for an entire family, differing from other specializations that specialize in specific patient populations, diseases, or organ systems. Family medicine’s philosophy emphasizes good communication with patients while building and nurturing doctor-patient relationships and offering continuity over time.

Family physicians specialize in caring for all family members, from infants to elderly adults. They diagnose and treat common illnesses or injuries as well as provide routine physicals, tests, and immunizations; in addition, family physicians are experts at managing chronic disease as well as helping maintain a healthy lifestyle.

An established or emerging doctor can start their family medicine practice as an excellent way of making an impactful difference in the community, serving a diverse patient pool while creating a steady revenue stream. You could even consider selling your business after retirement, or you want a change.

This pulmonary practice, located in an upscale area and operating successfully for over 35 years, is now ready for retirement and looking forward to working with its new buyer to assist with transition and training. With an excellent reputation and prequalification for an SBA loan, this practice stands to become the perfect opportunity.

Truforte Business Group can make buying or selling a Florida medical business an excellent investment. Their experienced representatives specialize in facilitating acquisition and divestiture transactions of medical practices, doctor’s offices, medical centers, and physician practices for sale – so contact them now for more information!

Nail Salon & Spa

As our hands and feet are constantly used for so many activities – from carrying groceries or holding babies to walking to work or running after children in a park – they need special care from time to time, especially since chemicals, dust, and dirt accumulate over time. What better way than visiting a nail salon to take care of yourself than treating yourself to manicures, pedicures, and facial treatments that leave you relaxed while looking fantastic?

An even better manicure experience comes when combined with a relaxing massage. Luckily, numerous excellent nail salons in the city specialize in just that service – some even feature private rooms for an immersive experience that rivals any conventional salon! Indulge yourself with reclining chairs and even fireplaces that make you feel like you are deep within the desert!

Some nail salons also provide an impressive selection of products for sale that can help maintain your nails in between visits, from fingernail polish and acrylics to file, cuticle cream, and remover – as well as nail care tools such as nail clippers and manicure sticks.

Nail salons also provide waxing as a popular service, which removes unwanted hair from the face, hands, armpits, and legs in a quick and painless process. Waxing is ideal for anyone wanting a hair-free summer or doesn’t have enough time in their schedules to deal with unwanted follicles regularly.

At many nail salons, walk-in services are offered so that no appointments need to be scheduled in advance. Furthermore, for an additional cost, they provide exceptional services like gel manicures or foot massages while you wait.

Medical Office

Medical Office Buildings, or MOBs, are a popular option among investors looking to diversify their portfolio and generate solid cash flow. MOBs tend to maintain their value even during economic downturns due to everyone requiring access to healthcare services; furthermore, due to an ever-increasing need for medical care, they tend to gain weight over time as demand rises for these assets.

Modern doctors and health care practices tend to lease space that reflects their branding and services, such as warm, well-lit interiors with nonclinical design elements. Patients are drawn to medical offices that offer amenities such as comfortable waiting areas, kid’s play areas, and snack offerings, as they prefer these offices for optimal patient experience.

This Medicare Certified Home Healthcare Agency, with solid referrals and an established patient base, offers an exciting business opportunity.