Buying a Business For Sale in Columbus, Georgia


Whether starting up or purchasing an existing business, you must understand all the implications. Morgan & Westfield can assist by conducting thorough research so that you make an informed decision and select the optimal option.

Assisted Living Portfolio for sale, featuring three locations with 78 beds, each operating through Medicaid vouchers.

Commercial Real Estate in Columbus

Columbus, Georgia, offers many opportunities for purchasing commercial real estate at reasonable rates for any business owner looking for office space, retail locations, or industrial warehouses for sale. Plus, Columbus’ proximity to Atlanta makes investing here an attractive strategy.

Current Columbus commercial real estate listings cover 33,792,304 square feet. This area includes 29 offices, 192,283 square feet of retail, and five industrial warehouses – you can quickly narrow your search using this page’s intuitive tools and filters to find one that best fits your needs.

Additionally, Columbus offers residential properties for sale. From single-family units to multi-family dwellings, you can find homes to fit every style, from single-family and multi-family units – ideal for families and individuals looking to take advantage of all Columbus has to offer! Plus, there’s land available in Columbus that can be developed into any form of development!

NAI G2 Commercial Real Estate is delighted to present this Assisted Living Portfolio for sale in Columbus. Featuring three facilities with 78 beds that currently accept Medicaid vouchers for operation, the facility features upscale executive offices, multiple terraces, high-tech data room facilities, and multiple conference rooms in its centrally-located facility.

Due to its diverse economy, Columbus boasts a dynamic real estate market ideal for investing in commercial real estate. Home to major corporations such as Fort Benning and Aflac as well as numerous small businesses – this makes Columbus an excellent location for new ventures looking to establish themselves in their markets. The growth of the financial services industry also helps make Columbus a superb place.

Low Cost of Living

Columbus is a state capital, offering all the amenities of a large city at a more cost-effective level than expected. Although housing costs tend to exceed national norms slightly, grocery prices and transportation expenses tend to be significantly less costly here – making Columbus an attractive option for families or individuals looking for more cost-efficient locations to reside.

Columbus offers homebuyers many advantages compared to other parts of the country due to a real estate market with low foreclosure rates and plenty of affordable properties. Furthermore, property tax rates in Columbus are lower than the national average, and unemployment is low.

If you are uncertain if Columbus home ownership is proper for you, use the EPI Family Budget Calculator to assess if your current budget allows it. With this calculator’s assistance, you can determine how much income is necessary to cover rent and utilities in Columbus comfortably; additionally, it helps assess what earnings should be generated to cover other essentials such as child care or healthcare services.

One way of assessing how affordable a particular city is is by reviewing its Consumer Price Index (CPI). This program, managed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, offers information about average monthly expenditures on goods and services in any area. Remember, though, that CPI data can fluctuate, thus prompting caution in its interpretation.

Finding an accommodation that balances affordability and convenience isn’t hard in Columbus; many popular neighborhoods provide various options at every price point. For example, those near Downtown can live near Short North, where one-bedroom rental prices start around $1,500, while Victorian Village boasts poetry readings and art galleries for poetry enthusiasts.

A Variety of Housing Options

Columbus offers a range of housing options, from single-family homes to high-rise condos and apartment communities – with Sugar Mill providing resort-style living right in the center of Columbus near restaurants, shops, and entertainment and offering one and two-bedroom floor plans.

Columbus boasts several low-income apartment complexes that provide affordable living arrangements, often built through LIHTC programs, which grant tax credits to builders and homeowners who develop apartments for low-income families. Unlike HCV vouchers, which are limited in number, these apartments are openly available regardless of family size – those interested should reach out to HACG as soon as possible for more information.

Columbus offers many affordable housing solutions, including LIHTC and Section 8 Housing Voucher programs. However, please be aware that these programs may have waiting lists, so it is recommended to contact HACG as soon as possible for information regarding wait times.

Columbus offers a diverse economy with a growing population and many opportunities for business owners. Due to its central location and easy access to major highways, it provides ideal conditions for both local businesses and corporate headquarters alike. Furthermore, due to the low cost of living and ample recreational and educational activities on offer here – which also makes Columbus an attractive location for relocating or expanding operations; its economy has seen steady growth since 2010, making investing in real estate in Columbus an intelligent decision for business owners looking for expansion or relocation strategies.

A Diverse Economy

Columbus boasts a diverse economy encompassing manufacturing, service, and white-collar jobs. Furthermore, the city hosts multiple universities and colleges, along with major corporations like Aflac and Synovus, who call Columbus home.

The city has long been recognized for supporting local businesses, offering them an ideal environment in which to thrive and start up a venture. Thanks to low crime rates and its affordable cost of living, this makes a perfect environment in which to start or establish one.

His rich history can be seen reflected in its architecture, which boasts many beautifully preserved historic districts and neighborhoods. The downtown area offers shopping and dining, along with an arts and entertainment scene, including theatres, art galleries, concerts, and festivals. Furthermore, its central location makes it an excellent spot to start or relocate an existing business.

The Chattahoochee River runs through Columbus and provides residents and visitors alike with a picturesque setting for recreation and enjoyment. In 2003, Columbus appreciated this resource by creating the Chattahoochee Riverwalk, a 15-mile scenic trail that follows its path.

Columbus is a regional trade center and boasts a robust and growing economy. Home to manufacturing, health care industries, and an impressive service sector, Columbus boasts strong military ties as Fort Benning is its top employer with its $5 billion impactful economic implication that draws many military spouses to live here.

The city’s racial diversity can also be seen through its economy. According to the 2020 U.S. Census, most residents in the city are African American or Hispanic (Non-Hispanic); other significant groups include whites and two+ races.

Columbus boasts a diverse population and offers safe environments to raise families. Home to an expanding business community and an affordable cost of living, Columbus makes for an attractive location with its low crime rates and cost of living, making it suitable for families or business owners alike. Plus, its proximity to other Southeast cities makes commutes or day trips much more straightforward for employees!