Candle Care Kit


Bring elegance and care to candle care with this elegant all-in-one set. Featuring wick-trimming scissors and a hinged candle snuffer to eliminate smoke when extinguishing, plus an effective wick trimmer that helps extend its life by cutting back flame before each use, this chic tabletop accessory comes packaged in an elegant hand-lettered bag for convenient storage.

Wick Trimmer

Properly trimming a candle’s wick is one of the best ways to extend its life, ensure a healthy flame height, and ensure an even burn. Our Gold Wick Trimmer should be on every candle lover’s must-have list! Explicitly designed to handle this task with its foot designed specifically to catch trimmings (something regular scissors cannot do!), our long scissor-like tool offers precision with every trim!

To use your wick trimmer effectively, pull down on its handles to cut the wick at an angle to the left position. This will reduce the risk of it igniting too quickly or falling into wax pools where it could relight again; also, using one is much simpler than reaching inside a candle container with scissors or fingers (Note: do not attempt to trim while burning!)

Cordelia Smith, founder and creative director at Formulary 55, believes trimmed wicks promote clean burns while prolonging candle lifespan. To do this, she advises cutting each candle’s wick to a 1/4″ length before each use to prevent tunneling – where an overly lengthy wick heats up above its wax pool, creating soot or smoke emissions from above it.

The foot of a wick trimmer can also help extinguish burning candles quickly and safely. Push the wick into the melted wax to eliminate smokiness, then allow the candle to fully cool before eradicating it. Doing this helps avoid mushrooming effects – whereby wicks become unruly as they absorb all the wax around them, ruining their aesthetic appearance.

This chic matte black stainless steel kit includes a wick trimmer and dipper to complement its modern aesthetic, creating an eye-catching centerpiece on any counter! Perfect as a present or for yourself. Please be mindful when using candle wick cutters; their sharp blades should always be kept out of reach of children and pets for safe usage; these tools do not replace proper candle safety practices.

Wick Snuffer

Wick snuffers are indispensable tools in a candle care kit. These metal, bell-shaped devices are used to quickly extinguish candles when dropped onto their flame and closed or for trimming and eliminating debris on their surface.

A candle snuffer is easy and safe; anyone can operate one. A snuffer can help reduce wax splatter on tables and walls and excess soot from blowing out candles, plus help preserve their aroma as blowing can disturb molecules that contribute to its scent.

Snuffers come in various styles and materials, from metal designs to elegant glass or porcelain ones. Snuffers make an eye-catching addition to your table and would make an excellent present for candle enthusiasts.

Christopher Pinchbeck invented the original candle snuffer in 1776 in England, becoming an accomplished inventor known for creating numerous innovative devices such as spring-loaded improved candles and automatic clocks. Pinchbeck’s original snuffers resembled scissors with raised bowls at either end to cut wicks before being stored inside an attached box beneath. Modern candle snuffers come in different forms, such as traditional scissor-like designs and cone or cylindrical styles, which can be lowered over taper candle wicks.

Modern candle snuffers can be easily cleaned by submerging them in boiling water, using hot, soapy water, or wiping them down with a damp cloth. Please remember that candle snuffers should only be used by adults due to their sharp blades that could potentially injure someone and stored away from children and pets. For an optimal candle care kit, purchase two matte black stainless steel candle care tools, including a snuffer and wick trimmer, as these will ensure smoke-free candles every time!

Wick Dipper

Our Wick Dipper is the ideal tool to help maximize the benefits of your jar candle. This tool was designed to assist with trimming wicks before each burn to reduce mushrooming, reduce smoke production, and extend candle life. Furthermore, this handy device can also be used to extinguish without smoke production, move wicks that have shifted, and remove debris from wax pools without risk of leakage – an indispensable addition for anyone using jar candles! This must-have accessory makes jar candles truly enjoyable experiences!

This kit includes two matte black stainless steel wick trimmers and a dipper, perfect for you or someone special! Please keep our wick trimmers away from children and pets to avoid injuries to themselves or others. Please support our scissors with sharp blades out of reach, especially children and animals who could come into contact with them!

Each kit is packaged in a hand-lettered bag to keep it safe, and we suggest using our wick trimmer and snuffer with any brand of container candle jar we offer – though this tool will do an outstanding job regardless of who manufactures them!

Our wick trimmers and snuffers are constructed of top-quality materials to provide long-term use. Not only that, they’re beautiful pieces to add beauty and style to your home decor – making the ideal present or treat yourself! Each of these tools also comes with an attractive tray for storage purposes and an attractive place for displaying candles when unused!


Our five-piece gold-plated candle care kit is the ideal way to keep your candles looking their best and burning smoothly. Including a tray to safely rest votives or 4-inch highball candles on, wick trimmers, snuffers, wax pickers, and lighters*, our kit makes an elegant decorative addition to your home or the ideal present for anyone who enjoys using candles!

The Wick Trimmer features a beveled inside edge designed to easily and quickly trim candle wicks to the recommended 1/4-inch size, helping ensure clean burning, prolonging its lifespan, and avoiding carbon deposits on its walls. A Snuffer can also help prevent the smoke produced when blowing out flames while being used to extinguish candles, while the Wax Pick can remove any dripping wax from around its sides, extending its life further.

This candle care kit is a must for any candle enthusiast! Conveniently stored or given as an unforgettable present, our kit features three tools made of black stainless steel with luxurious matte black finishes, including our wick trimmer, snuffer, and dipper; please keep these out of reach of children or animals due to sharp blades; use only by adults!