Electric Smart Film For Windows


Add luxury and an impressive touch to your home or office with switchable film. Unlike curtains or blinds, brilliant film allows natural light to pass through while blocking heat and glare. Find the best window film singapore.

PDLC brilliant window film is easy to install and requires no special tools or equipment for installation. Furthermore, its electricity use per square meter is reduced by approximately 3-6 Watts, making it an energy-saving alternative.


Smart Glass or film can be installed onto existing windows and doors instead of traditional window treatments, reducing costs while giving more privacy control when needed. Prices depend on window size, type, and installation company; generally, the least costly is bright tint at $25 to $50 per square foot when powered off and opaque when powered back on again. For something more advanced, consider polymer-dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) glass or self-adhesive brilliant film, which allows you to control privacy on demand without replacing current glass surfaces – they allow more control without replacing existing windows/doors!

PDLC technology in brilliant Glass operates via electromagnetism and microcapsules containing liquid crystals that change from clear to frosted when an electric current passes through them. They’re organized in regimented patterns along parallel axes so an electrical signal can easily control them for transparent or opaque surface variations that can be switched on or off with an electric switch, remote control, smartphone app, or smartphone app, making installation on irregularly shaped windows simple.

PriWatt’s brilliant film and Glass reduce glare and maximize natural lighting in spaces while helping lower energy bills by mitigating the effects of extreme outdoor temperatures on indoor air temperature and artificial lighting usage. They can even allow sunlight into rooms when it’s cloudy – saving both money and artificial lighting costs! These products are easy to maintain as no special care or upkeep is required.

Smart glass and film window treatments offer more than a simple window covering solution; they’re versatile tools with multiple uses far beyond window dressings. Smart Glass is a fantastic solution that can transform any space, from projector screens to whiteboards. Used as projector screens and whiteboards, among many other tasks, its minimalist appearance will be updated, saving both money and hassle. Furthermore, cleaning them doesn’t require special agents or solutions, so innovative Glass makes a fantastic investment that will transform any space!

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the many advantages electric brilliant film provides for windows. This is due to how it allows natural light into a room while simultaneously reducing sunlight’s heating effect and blocking harmful UV rays that cause cancer and other health problems, as well as helping block harmful UV rays that cause cancer and other issues that affect human health. These features make this technology suitable for use both commercially and residentially; additionally, its reduced energy usage lowers summer air conditioning bills and artificial lighting usage – saving both money and energy consumption costs overall!

Electric brilliant film for windows is an innovative solution providing privacy and energy efficiency. Leveraging electrochromic technology, this solution uses electrochromic switching to change from transparent to opaque in a straightforward switch flip. Perfect for residential or commercial projects alike, the electric brilliant film for windows can easily be laminated onto existing glass surfaces or sandwiched between two pieces during manufacturing processes – plus, it is simple and quick to install!

Smart Glass offers another benefit in protecting furniture and other objects from UV rays that could otherwise cause irreparable damage. When activated, its opaque surface blocks up to 99 percent of UV radiation, making this feature particularly helpful in places such as hospitals or museums with high exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

Smart Glass not only offers privacy and energy efficiency benefits, but it can also significantly bolster security. When the film is turned off, it becomes opaque to block sunlight and make break-ins difficult; furthermore, this makes it hard for intruders to view valuables inside a home or business and blocks out sound pollution.

Before selecting this type of window, however, you must keep a few things in mind before making your selection. First and foremost is choosing an installer experienced with this film type and sealing its edges to save water and other contaminants from the frame; unsealed edges may stress out the film and reduce its lifespan significantly.


If you want to give your home or office a modern flair, Brilliant Film is an innovative technology that provides privacy when needed at the flick of a switch or dimmer switch. What’s even better? An array of styles and colors is available so that brilliant film can perfectly fit any decor! Its easy installation makes this technology ideal for difficult-to-reach windows or irregular-shaped glass surfaces.

Switchable PDLC window film is powered by electricity and easily transitions from opaque to transparent with the flick of a remote or wall-mounted dimmer switch. You can customize its use according to your individual needs based on the time of day or temperature in the room; plus, it blocks 99% of UV rays while decreasing solar heat transfer through existing windows by over 80%!

An expert, competent film installation company should be sought out. A good installer can install sturdy wiring on its dedicated circuit and hide it behind the film to give it an attractive appearance. A great installer should also trim excess film at the frame to prevent its edges from being exposed – something unsealed advantages could do to strain electronic components within intelligent cinema.

CoolVu differs from other window films in that its installation does not require special tools or chemicals – making it safe and convenient. Furthermore, its durability extends up to 15 years, making it a popular choice among schools, offices, and military facilities seeking protection against intruders.

Smart Glass not only protects people and assets but can also save energy costs while providing privacy to employees and customers. Plus, its easy installation makes it a cost-effective window treatment alternative and affordable compared to traditional window treatments! Besides providing security benefits, Smart Glass also makes for cost savings on heating/cooling bills while offering privacy to staff members and customers. It makes an ideal solution for businesses that wish to save money while providing privacy for staff members and customers.


Brilliant window film can help make any home, office, or commercial building more functional and attractive – whether at home, work, or both! Its versatility allows instant switching between private and open spaces by simply turning a switch. And unlike shades or drapes, which require frequent adjustments over time, intelligent window film permanently becomes part of your Glass.

PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) technology forms the core of switchable glass films. It uses liquid crystal droplets dispersed throughout a polymer matrix, activated or deactivated using electric current, that align with light passing through and become transparent or opaque depending on which current is applied; upon activation, they align to allow light passage, while when deactivated they unaligned obscuring visibility ultimately; all this occurs instantaneously and can be controlled through simple switches, remote controls or even smart home systems for automated control purposes – making switching easy or complex tasks simple yet automated for automatic control systems!

Professional installers are the key to prolonging the longevity of PDLC privacy glass installations. Aim for one with experience across various settings – residential homes, offices, projection screens – and an understanding of electrical connections and safety requirements associated with intelligent window film installations.

There may be videos online depicting Smart Tint installation in mere minutes, but more is needed to portray its installation process accurately. Installation takes skill and patience – for instance, measuring Glass carefully before cleaning thoroughly to avoid fingerprints on the film surface.

Thickness should also be an essential consideration when selecting an intelligent film. Thinner films can peel away and fail to adhere correctly with glass surfaces, while thicker versions tend to be more durable and easier to install; additionally, they often offer superior optical clarity without as much of an increase in haze as thinner options.

An intelligent window film of high quality should provide privacy on demand and maximum performance when powered on, yet is easy to maintain using only a lint-free cloth and water; choose from reputable brands as they will adhere easily to Glass without tears or peels.

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