Eco Park Gate 2


As the core of EcoPark, this paved, coconut tree-lined path was intended for visitors to experience its 112-acre water body and take full advantage of it.

Food trucks operate near Mother’s Wax Museum after sunset, and coffee-snack shops can also be found here.

1. Lake Front Promenade

Lake Front Promenade, near Noapara Metro Station, is the centerpiece of Eco Park gate 2. It consists of an attractive waterfront pathway lined with lush green trees, beach volleyball courts, and a sandy beach where visitors can stroll, jog, take photos, or take in its stunning beauty. Open daily, dependent upon water quality levels results, and food trucks may operate from this location as well.

Visitors to the Park can also take in a musical fountain and laser show that takes place in the early evening on the northern banks of Lake Victoria. It’s a gorgeous sight that is visible throughout the Park, with music and laser shows that tell stories from various regions in Bengal, India, and around the world projected onto a water screen. There are food kiosks nearby and benches where visitors can sit back and take in this incredible show!

People seeking adventure may enjoy taking a rowboat, kayak, or speed boat ride across the lake in the Park’s lake. Not only is this an inexpensive way to experience its beauty, but there is also plenty of cycling, gaming, zorbing, and other activities to partake in at the Park!

Rose Garden and Flower Meadow are two spaces that will delight flower enthusiasts. Both areas feature long paths lined with different varieties of roses and gardens planted alongside fountains, sculptures, and elevated platforms where visitors can connect and play freely.

The Japanese Forest will amaze and impress you with its natural beauty. Following Shinto principles of reverence for nature, its flowers, plants, ponds, and arbors invite visitors to commune with spirit while tossing coins into a wishing bowl can bring luck!

2. Sabujsathi Island

At Eco Park’s heart lies Sabujsathi Island, accessible only by boat. On this 7-acre island is an extraordinary glass house offering panoramic views from all sides, boasting three open-air galleries and green lawns as well as three viewings. Galleries, this 2,800-square-foot structure is the ideal spot for hosting official, private, or corporate events.

Mask Garden, located right outside the glass house, boasts an incredible collection of masks from different parts of India and around the world. There’s also an onsite museum that exhibits artifacts used for decorating Durga Puja pandals.

Additionally, the park offers adventure activities like paddle boats and Shikara riding, as well as a water sports center with a jetty where water scooters and jet skis may be rented at an additional fee. Furthermore, children’s play areas offer fountains and sculptures designed to stimulate creative thought, while there’s also a formal Garden that explores vertical gardening on flat landscapes.

The new Visitor Centre will give visitors an opportunity to learn about the park’s sustainability initiatives and the significance of conserving nature, as well as participate in yoga classes, art workshops, and music concerts hosted by this center. You can purchase eco-friendly souvenirs like reusable bags and coffee mugs featuring its logo here as well. Eventually, this entry plaza will have its own dedicated car parking lot; until then, parking can be found either near Eco Children’s Park or along the Southern Gate.

3. Paddle Boats

Paddle boats with seating capacities for four are available at the jetty near gate 2, costing Rs 50/- for 30 minutes, and life jackets must be worn. Eco Carts provide passenger transport with seating for 5-9 passengers. In addition, snacks and water can be purchased throughout the park – particularly at Rabi Aranya and Wildflower Meadow; handmaid products may be found for sale from Bengal Hath stalls located near the entrance plaza.

4. Shikara Riding

Eco Park Gate 2 is an expansive recreational attraction offering various recreational activities and entertainment to all kinds of visitors, be they children, couples, or groups. Interests at Eco Park Gate 2 include musical fountains, rose gardens, sculpture gardens, and Japanese Gardens, as well as food courts where visitors can try a wide variety of cuisines from around the globe.

There’s also a gaming zone set up near the Bamboo Garden for all you gamers out there. Offering 12 gaming PCs that you can use to enjoy your favorite titles, this setup charges Rs 50 per hour per person to use them to play your favorite titles.

Shikara riding is another fun activity you can experience while visiting Eco Park Gate 2. While the initial experience may seem intimidating, experienced operators will guide you through it step-by-step while imparting invaluable knowledge and ensuring your safety.

Shikara rides are an exciting way to explore Srinagar’s iconic Dal Lake. On these tours, you will visit various points of interest like Nehru Park, Char Chinar, Taj Hotel, and Shalimar Bagh, as well as witness a magnificent sound and light show every night on its shores.

Shikara riding is an unforgettable way to experience Srinagar’s magnificent beauty, but you should remember a few basic precautions when embarking on this adventure. Always wear a life jacket, carry essential items such as sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses, plus enough drinking water, and ensure environmental respect by not disturbing any wildlife or polluting lakes with pollutants; additionally, have emergency contact numbers ready in case any issues arise during your Shikara ride.

5. Boating

If you want a relaxing boating tour around the park, tickets for it begin at Rs 4000 + GST, and group rates can also be made available at Eco Park Gate 2.

Food trucks are permitted to operate here as in other places, providing plenty of opportunities for an al fresco meal experience. The area in front of Mother’s Wax Museum has enough space to host several food trucks at one time.