Eco Park Ticket Price


Eco Park offers many enjoyable activities. Their mini zoo, Hiranalya, provides something fun for visitors of all ages to do and see.

Water activities available include the Water Zorb which costs 150 rupees and can be enjoyed by two people simultaneously, as well as sub-junior cycling which provides children with fun activity options.

7 Wonders of the World

The Seven Wonders of the World is an extraordinary collection of sites around the globe that represent amazing achievements. They include Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza, Jordan’s Petra, Mexico’s Chichen Itza, Christ the Redeemer in Brazil, Peru’s Machu Picchu and India’s Taj Mahal – with Philo of Byzantium compiling this initial list in 250 B.C. Of all seven Ancient Wonders only one (Giza’s Great Pyramid) still remains standing today whereas many others have either disintegrated or been reduced into ruin over time – this one remains today while most have either dispersed into memory over time; only Giza remains standing among all seven ancient Wonders that once existed – only one other than Giza still stands today, while all others either vanished or become inaccessible due to globalisation or invasion by other countries/countries/countries over time; most have disappeared altogether or become unimportant or fallen out of importance over time-zone wartime- compiled by Philo of Byzantium 250 B.C; only one (Great Pyramid) still stands today among seven ancient Wonders made famous today while all other have disappeared/become into disrepute due to deteriorativisation or collapsed from ancient list. Philo made his original list which still exists today while rest have disappeared/were either destroyed/in ruins from India– but only one (Great Pyramid still standing), although Philo had listed seven Wonders than originally existed back then or are in ruins e. Philo of Byzantium around 250 B.C; out of Byzantion still exist among his original list still stands: Great Pyramid still standing; Philo of Byzanium-compiled his original list 250 BC) has survived with other disappeared/ in ruined. Philo of Byzanium had originally list! One existed by Philo of Byzanium list is currently! Philo of Byzanin 250 BC- one remains, compiled his original list still exists now-Great Pyramid Giza remains standing out! Philo Byzanium! Philo made up until now since All else! Philo by Byzanium used later. Philo In 250 BC’s list! In 250 B C. However compiled his original List but none! of Byzanium in 250 B C! C compiled Philo Byzanium that used his List used his original list! * still remains to either missing/ Byzantium). However. C’s 250 BC but only one out! One from Byzanium as byz compiled his original List! B C; only remaining and Gizan in By Zantium! Although his list. Still exist!! *only still remains present although only One remains today among Byz compiled this. C for By Zantium still existed by B. C, but only 1s C list! 250 BC list still does *BY………………………………..but is known!; Philo by later; other 6! was compil (?) which. C!……………………… which currently exists today still stands!. But only Giza exists nowadays………………. b, although only One still stands as it. But Philo In..C! **…………………… but only 1s. **……… untill (still…)…!* still existed/c and only ever!….C…. but….. All!) has collected and composed, B.

Attaining each wonder will cost a considerable sum, depending on where and how you travel to it. Costs will differ depending on where and how you stay, with an estimate between $20,000-$50k required to see all. There may be ways of cutting costs though; sharing travel arrangements could save on accommodation and airfare by renting shared jets through an online charter company.

Eco Park Kolkata’s 7 Wonders Park is an iconic attraction that gives visitors the opportunity to see replicas of some of the world’s most revered landmarks, making this an easy and affordable way to experience all 7 Wonders without leaving Kolkata! Tickets for individual attractions can be purchased either at ticket counters within the park or online.

The park is beautifully laid out, its layout and design superb, and the scenery simply stunning. Perfect for families to spend quality time together while unwinding in its peaceful environs; restaurants and bars nearby also allow for delicious meals or refreshments while visiting.

Though some reviews for this attraction have voiced their displeasure about overcrowding and limited seating options, most reviews for this attraction were favorable. Furthermore, the staff of this park is exceptionally friendly and helpful; they will do all that they can to make your visit enjoyable. It is open Tuesday to Saturday between 12:00 PM and 8:30 PM while remaining closed on Sundays and holidays.

Bird Watching

Birding (bird watching) offers many benefits for people of all ages. It helps people connect with nature, increase mindfulness, and promote healthier lifestyles. While more experienced birders may keep an eye out for specific species they hope to see, even casual observers can appreciate just watching birds for enjoyment and beauty – it doesn’t need to take place exclusively outdoors! You can practice bird-watching anywhere from your own yard or home, to walking to work or school, sitting in a park.

Early morning is often the ideal time for bird-watching, as that’s when birds are most active and easily visible. Additionally, morning hours offer great chances to spot migrating birds en route to and from their breeding grounds; migration season typically runs from March through June and August through November.

Eco Park lies on the east bank of Hogla river and provides home for an assortment of birds and plants that draw bird enthusiasts from near and far. At present, renovation work is taking place, including construction of a bird sanctuary that will feature walkways lined with long Hogla leaves planted specifically to attract migrating birds.

Eco Park is not only an ideal spot for bird-watching; it’s also an ideal destination for family visits with young children. There are various activities for them to enjoy such as playground equipment and miniature trains; there’s even an archery range, open to visitors for use – costing Rs 50 for 10 shots on its archery range!

The Eco Park provides an idyllic respite from city life. Situated close to Alipore Zoo – with its array of animals and birds from across the globe – Mother’s Wax Museum features wax idols of famous Indian cricketers, freedom fighters and Bollywood celebrities that can be found nearby.

Eco Island

Nature meets Art at this park located in Kolkata. Boasting an assortment of plants and animals as well as sculptures, this attraction should not be missed when in the city. Furthermore, it offers numerous family-friendly restaurants and cafes which make this an essential stop.

The park provides an oasis of peace from city life, offering activities for adults and children of all ages such as boating, cycling, gaming, zorbing and birding. There is also an Archery Range; 10 shots at Rs 50 can be shot here! It is open from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM daily.

One of the Eco Park’s most beloved attractions is its Rose Garden, with hundreds of varieties of roses to relax in after a long day. Additionally, there are museums, cafes and even an expansive playground available at this park.

There is also a zorbing ball facility at the park. This fun activity provides an enjoyable way to travel through and take in all of its stunning beauty, with both land and water options available at an additional cost (200 rupees for land zorbing and 150 for water zorbing respectively).

Sabuj Deep Island is another highlight at the park and is situated within its eco park, providing an ideal picnic location surrounded by 22 luxurious double-bedded cottages and home to CAFE EKANTE which provides delectable food and beverages.

The South Sea Pearl Eco-island at the park serves as a destination prototype for international cruise-based ecotourism along the revived maritime Silk Route. Its architecture incorporates local and regional cultural references. UNStudio’s masterplan proposal for this island aims to foster hyper-personalised leisure and learning in an ecological setting.

Kolkata Park is easily accessible by road, as well as being serviced by various bus and train routes within the city. Visitors can take taxis or three-wheelers from Sealdah Railway Station; or they may fly directly into Netaji Subhas Chandra International Airport in Dum Dum and hire taxis or buses from Kolkata’s center for travel to this park.

Family Fun

Eco Park is an idyllic destination to visit with family and friends. Offering plenty of activities ranging from elephant rides, camel rides, jungle games and food to boot, this free park makes a wonderful day trip!

The park offers various activities and themes for visitors. It is divided into several themed parts, such as formal garden, mother’s wax museum, adda zone, fruits garden, graffiti walls, meadow garden musical fountain mask garden play area tropical tea sculpture garden seven wonders sangraha plus large lake and Japanese park.

Visitors to the park can take a boat ride on 42 acres of water in the park; fees will depend on what kind of trip is booked. Other activities available to them are land and water zorbing, mountain biking (cycle), roller skating and ice-skating – these activities can be booked through ticket counters or online.

The park is open daily except Mondays; its hours may change during a pandemic; for your own safety, make sure to visit their website or call ahead before you visit to make sure of up-to-date information before planning a visit.

Eco Park is easily accessible from both road and rail routes in Mumbai. To reach it, either drive yourself, rent a taxi, auto-rickshaw, or take public transport (bus). A few bus services do run to Eco Park but if possible book in advance to ensure a ride.

Make your visit to Eco Park even more enjoyable by packing some snacks and beverages for the journey, sunscreen and comfortable shoes, plus booking tickets online through Adotrip to save both time and money! Plus you’ll get access to great offers and discounts!