Eco Park Timings in Kolkata


Eco Park features many exciting activities, such as a toy train, ice skating, and archery. There is also a gaming zone offering different games for 30 minutes at 100 rupees each time.

This park features incredible replicas of the seven wonders of the world, providing you with a fantastic family experience as well as pictures to upload onto social media.

Opening and Closing Time

Eco parks play an essential role in conserving natural habitats, protecting endangered species, and increasing biodiversity. At the same time, eco-parks allow visitors to experience nature firsthand. Activities they offer range from hiking and camping to kayaking, birdwatching, and wildlife viewing – not to mention miniature replicas of some of the Seven Wonders of the World and promenades that circle its main body of water!

Eco parks can be found across the country, offering an ideal way to spend your day. Many eco-parks are designed as autonomous units, using minimal resources or energy from outside sources – helping reduce carbon emissions as people live more sustainably and become part of an eco-park community. Eco parks are especially great places for families, giving everyone an opportunity to reconnect with nature while having fun at the same time!

Kolkata Eco Park is an expansive outdoor space offering various activities and attractions suitable for people of all ages, with visitors coming from nearby and far. A favorite among locals, it becomes exceptionally bustling on weekends; though weekday visits tend to be quieter, it still offers plenty of activities and attractions.

Visitors to the park can enjoy boating, zorbing, cycling, and archery. There are also several restaurants and cafes where they can find food and drinks while visiting. Furthermore, souvenir shops sell various gifts.

Accessing the park is convenient as several public buses run directly there from the city center, and it takes approximately 30 minutes for their journey. Taxis also run directly there and will cost roughly 200 rupees per person to reach its entrance.

Eco Park features two entrances with parking facilities – one near the Eco Children’s Park and another by its southern gate. Furthermore, multiple Eco Carts can help transport visitors around the park.

Entry Fees

Eco parks do not charge an entry fee, though. Instead, their ticket prices vary based on which activities visitors wish to do in them; it’s wise to view a list of activities before visiting an eco-park – for instance, riding a toy train at children’s parks costs Rs 100 per person.

Also available is renting an Eco-cart for your trip – these smaller cars accommodate two people comfortably and make for easy sightseeing around the park! Other activities in the park include bird-watching zones, cycling tours, zorbing sessions, and shooting ranges – with more coming soon!

Bird lovers will enjoy visiting the Bird-Watching Area, where you can see many exotic and beautiful species in their natural environment for just Rs 10. Additionally, there is also an Archery Range at which visitors can test their skill at shooting at various targets at just Rs 70 for ten arrows.

One of the park’s most exciting features is its light and sound show in the sculpture garden, which offers a novel take on this concept and makes for an engaging viewing experience. Traditional light shows are more passive, so this version provides much more immersive entertainment.

There is also a gaming zone within the park where people can come and spend time playing video games such as FIFA, racing, and Call of Duty – providing teenagers a place where they can have some fun.

The large water body in the park offers boating enthusiasts plenty of boating opportunities. Prices depend on which ride is chosen; estimates range anywhere from Rs 50 to Rs 300 for most rides. In addition to boat rides, kayak or paddle boat rental can provide you with even greater freedom in exploring its waters on your own.

Park also features an ice skating rink of 1,600 sq. meters that can accommodate up to 45 skaters simultaneously; rentals start from Rs 150 for one-hour sessions.

Getting There

If you are planning a visit to Eco Park in Kolkata, it is a wise idea to establish your schedule and budget well in advance. Eco Park is one of the city’s premier tourist spots, boasting numerous activities ranging from rowing and cycling to bird watching and paddling – there’s sure to be something enjoyable at Eco Park for everyone!

As it’s located within Action Area II of New Town along Major Arterial Road, Eco Park is only 10km away from Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport and easily accessible by public transit services like Ola and Uber taxis or bus lines from either Salt Lake City Airport or Salt Lake City to reach this park. Furthermore, visitors may rent cottages and conference halls from Eco Park for personal or professional purposes.

For those in search of quick refreshments, the park offers a tea garden and several restaurants offering a wide range of cuisine. Additionally, Rabi Aranya (a shady lake with benches for guests to relax on) and several fountains and green areas allow visitors to stroll through or sit back and take in the scenery.

Mother’s Wax Museum can also be found near Eco Park, featuring wax models of famous Indian cricketers and freedom fighters as well as wax models displaying life stories of Bengali independence activist Jagannath Chattopadhyay. Furthermore, admission fees to the park are very affordable, making this an excellent weekend outing spot.

Other Attractions

The park boasts numerous attractions to keep families and kids occupied for an entertaining picnic experience during weekends. There’s a musical fountain, Baul Gram, where one can view indigenous folk music and dance forms of Bengal, and Food Park is among its major draws. Rose Gardens are also very popular, boasting hundreds of species from around the globe in one large rose garden!

Adventure enthusiasts will enjoy exploring this park through rowing, kayaking, speed boat rides, and paddle boats – as well as other sports such as zorbing, cycling, gun shooting, roller skating, and paintball! Children can also take part in toy trains, ice skating, and archery sessions!

A paved promenade winds its way around the main water body in this park, bordered by tall coconut trees. This makes an excellent spot to take a leisurely walk or rent a bike and explore your surroundings.

Food kiosks and restaurants can be found throughout the park for visitors looking for quick bites at reasonable prices. Those wanting a break from urban noise might enjoy spending some time at the Meditation Zone, where soothing music will ease away stress and allow their minds to calm.

The Eco Park offers many beautiful gardens for visitors to enjoy, including Rose Gardens, Chinese Gardens, Bonsai Gardens, Cactus Walks, Butterfly Gardens, Formal Gardens, and Bamboo Gardens. All these unique spaces can help visitors find something they find appealing – you might find what you’re looking for here!

Eco Park offers visitors a host of activities to enjoy. Visitors can rent boats for Rs 50 each ride on its large waterbody, taking in scenic views from any one of the bridges that crisscross it, or visiting one of its seven Wonders such as Taj Mahal replicas, Great Wall of China replicas, Gaza Pyramid replicas, and others.