Chetpet Eco Park in Chennai


Chetpet Eco Park stands as a landmark nature park located within the city of Chennai itself. Offering various recreational activities that make for an unforgettable picnic spot experience for the whole family.

The park hosts various events to highlight the relationship between nature and culture and educate visitors about conservation and sustainability practices.


Are you in Chennai looking for an exciting boat ride experience with your family? Look no further than Chetpet Eco Park! Home to various plant and bird species, as well as boating and fishing activities for visitors of all ages, Chetpet Eco Park provides the ideal place to bring nature lovers. Additionally, recently opened within its walls is a food court to satisfy appetites while exploring.

Chetpet Lake in Chennai is an iconic tourist attraction that was transformed into an ecological park by late Chief Minister Jayalalitha, making it easily accessible from any point within the city. Offering numerous facilities like walking tracks and jogging paths as well as boating and angling options – Chetpet Lake Park is open daily between 5 am and 7 pm for your enjoyment!

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The park is committed to sustainability and has adopted various practices designed to encourage conservation efforts, including solar panel generation for energy production, rainwater harvesting, biodegradable material usage by visitors, events/programs to raise awareness about conservation efforts, and community outreach opportunities through volunteer opportunities for residents.


Chetpet Eco Park is one of the top fishing spots in Chennai and is popular among both tourists and locals. Offering a beautiful lake, this quiet retreat can help visitors unwind or experience nature at its best. Chetpet also hosts various bird-watching programs as well as gardening workshops.

The lake once used as a rubbish dump, was transformed into an ecological park by late Chief Minister Jayalalitha in 2013. It now features its sewage treatment plant and recycled water from other bodies in February 2016. This lake also marks its inaugural public opening.

Chetpet Eco Park features more than just an enjoyable walking trail – it also has three angling decks with fishing equipment available to visitors, calm waters, a play area for children, a multi-level parking lot, and conducts regular inspections of its natural environment through routine inspections and reforestation initiatives. In addition to offering recreational activities, Chetpet Eco Park strives to protect it by conducting routine inspections and initiating reforestation initiatives.

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Attractions at this park include its large angling lake, which hosts multiple freshwater fish species. A popular destination for walkers, it remains open until 8:30 pm every night except Tuesdays; furthermore, it features various plants and birds for nature enthusiasts to admire.

Children’s play area

Chetpet EcoPark, located in Chennai’s bustling metropolis of India, is a 16-acre park dedicated to environmental awareness and conservation. This stunningly beautiful space includes a man-made lake, aquarium, and children’s play area for its visitors – as well as numerous outdoor activities like boating and fishing!

Even with its immense popularity, some visitors to Eco Park feel it requires some improvements. Children’s playground equipment could use some TLC, and its aquarium requires better upkeep; nevertheless, the park remains an enjoyable place for families to spend quality time together and take pleasure from its refreshing environment.

The park boasts an abundance of both plants and wildlife, making it an excellent location for hikers and bird watchers alike. Furthermore, educational events and nature walks give visitors an opportunity to gain more insight into its ecosystems and wildlife. Furthermore, an extensive reforestation program and water conservation efforts help safeguard its ecosystem.

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Chetpet Eco Park now features a new food zone that draws in visitors who come for boating and fishing, providing Kongu and North Indian cuisine alongside sweets that are popular throughout the region. Open from 6 am until midnight daily, the eatery offers visitors a chance to relax between activities – perfect for morning walkers!

This luxurious locality offers excellent schools, hospitals, and malls within proximity. Surrounded by lush trees and wide roads, the area is an ideal location for families, boasting easy connectivity with significant points in Chennai.

Tenders have been issued for the management of a sports fishing eco-park at Chetpet Lake. Bidding will remain open for two years. Currently, the fisheries department is finishing touches to the 15-acre lake before construction completion by March. Afterward, recreational facilities, including jogging tracks and a children’s play area, are planned at this park.

The food court at the park is an enjoyable addition. Multiple restaurants are offering an assortment of dishes at prices suitable for every budget; although service may be a little slow at times, the food more than makes up for any shortcomings. I ordered a chicken meal complete with steamed rice, chicken gravy, boiled egg, potato masala rasam, and curd. The restaurant is clean and comfortable.


Chetpet Eco Park provides plenty of parking options; its location near Chetpet local train station and 15 15-minute’ walk from Pachaiyappa College Metro station make this park easily accessible. I found parking spaces at both entrances as well as just in front of its children’s play area during my recent visit on a fantastic, cloudy Sunday evening.

Former Chief Minister J Jayalalitha renovated this lake into an Ecopark at a cost of Rs 42 crore and opened it to the public on February 27, 2016. Facilities offered at the Ecopark include boating, angling, and sports fishing along with a three-dimensional amphitheater seating capacity of up to 10,000 seats, virtual reality show space, as well as children’s playground equipment, and home to geese and ducks that reside there as well.

Beautiful spot for family fun! The well-maintained kids’ play area has two sets of swings, climbing frames, sea-saw, and sliding boards to keep kids occupied, while there is also a cafe offering essential snacks and beverages.

This park provides the ideal spot for picnics and birthday party rentals at an affordable cost. There are also some good restaurants nearby where you can eat lunch or dinner if desired; alternatively, there are food trucks that provide delicious dishes at reasonable rates.

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