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Beautiful green grass landscape in spring or summer days. Vector.


Multiple species of birds – both resident and migratory – have been seen around the area. These include Scaly Ground Thrushes, Eyebrowed Thrushes, Arctic Warblers, and Pechora Pipits – making a welcoming sight and offering visitors something extra to look forward to when visiting our cities. Residents will benefit significantly from such diversity within the city’s confines; tourists will certainly enjoy being entertained!

The park provides an ideal breeding ground for numerous reptile species, such as Marsh Mongoose, Palm Civet, and Small Indian Civet – in addition to mammals like Water Monitor Lizards and Yellow Mongooses – and mammals such as Yellow Mongooses.

Pakhibitan Bird Sanctuary, situated within a section of the park, has recently been declared open to visitors for bird-watching tours by experienced birders as well as novice birders alike. Guided tours for novice birders have also been planned; all this should attract many tourists from far and wide.

Urbanization has caused several species of birds to abandon their natural habitat in Kolkata, leading many to migrate and seek roosting grounds elsewhere – the park could serve as an ideal location. Bird populations in the area are steadily increasing, with some migrating species arriving during winter migration; waterfowl, storks, and herons inhabiting this park are just a few examples.

Vokatta, organised by Benchmark New Town Kolkata International Kite Festival Trust and WBHIDCO, attracts kite fliers from all over the world and this year features “Fancy Kites”. Activities available to children range from kite flying workshops and hot air balloon rides through music performances at the January 5-8 festival. In addition, food stalls provide additional attractions for families visiting.