Best Property Lawyers in Detroit


Real estate transactions often involve complex legal complexities. A reliable real estate attorney is an invaluable ally in helping you resolve these matters.

Working with a top property lawyer in Detroit can help you reduce the likelihood of financial losses and legal issues before they arise. They analyze contract language, review documents, and provide essential services that safeguard your rights.

Residential Real Estate Lawyer

Are you in the market for a new home or commercial property in Detroit, MI? A residential real estate lawyer can guide you through the process to ensure everything runs smoothly. A lawyer reduces the chance of complications by making sure each document signed reflects your interests and resolving any issues before they arise.

Michigan is a state with numerous laws and regulations that must be understood when purchasing or selling property. Failing to adhere to these guidelines could lead to legal problems as well as financial losses.

No matter if you are a real estate investor, property manager, landowner or condominium association, our team offers comprehensive representation in all areas of residential and commercial property law.

Our residential real estate attorneys protect your rights during purchases, sales, leases and mortgage closings throughout Wayne County, Macomb County and Oakland County. Additionally, they can assist with tax appeals, quiet title actions, zoning disputes and other matters pertaining to residential property ownership.

Commercial Real Estate Lawyer

Commercial real estate lawyers in Detroit can assist with all aspects of commercial real estate law, from sales and leasing to title insurance, zoning, tax and land use matters. A knowledgeable attorney will take time to understand your individual needs and objectives so as to offer practical legal solutions tailored specifically for you.

Property lawyers in Detroit provide legal services to property and building owners, real estate investors, land and commercial developers, property managers, lenders, lessors, buyers and sellers. Furthermore, these attorneys specialize in commercial real estate litigation as well as eminent domain.

Aidenbaum Schloff and Bloom PLLC provides comprehensive business and real estate services at cost-competitive rates. Their large practice spans across Michigan and their highly skilled attorneys assist clients with everything from the sale of a residential home to the construction of an office building. Furthermore, the firm’s in-house team of knowledgeable specialists are knowledgeable about all aspects of Michigan commercial and residential real estate law.

Landlord/Tenant Lawyer

If you are a landlord or tenant in Detroit, the best property lawyers are essential to safeguard your rights and financial interests. These attorneys can draft an effective lease, resolve conflicts with tenants, evict non-paying tenants, and prevent rent increases.

Landlords in Michigan must adhere to the proper eviction procedures if they want to legally evict tenants. They must serve all necessary notices and files in court for this process to take place.

When a tenant breaches the terms of their lease agreement, eviction becomes necessary. This typically occurs when they fail to pay rent or breach other conditions stipulated in the agreement.

Landlord/Tenant Lawyers can represent tenants when they have been injured due to the landlord’s negligence. Such cases may involve slip and falls, broken bones, torn knee ligaments or ACL tears, as well as many more.

Finding an experienced attorney to represent you in a landlord-tenant dispute can be daunting. Make sure they possess ample expertise for your case type, and are verified by LawInfo for verification.

Real Estate Litigation Lawyer

Real estate law is a highly complex field, with numerous disputes that can develop quickly from contractual disagreements to lawsuits and liens. Whether you are a residential or commercial property owner, investor, or developer, it is essential that you consult an experienced lawyer who has comprehensive knowledge of the laws governing this practice.

A competent Detroit real estate litigation attorney can handle a wide range of matters related to property ownership, development and management. These legal issues may extend from simple contract disputes to more complex problems that necessitate expertise in equitable and tort principles such as claims involving environmental contamination, land use regulation and cleanup.

Our Michigan property lawyers possess a wealth of expertise representing real estate sellers, buyers, developers, property managers and lessors. Additionally, they have assisted landlords and tenants with eviction cases, breach of lease disputes and other legal matters.