Eco Park Gate 1


The park is a fantastic way to spend an enjoyable afternoon with family and friends, offering various activities such as zorbing, cycling, rowing, and paddle boating.

Replicas of some of the world’s most revered wonders, such as the Taj Mahal and the Pyramids of Gaza, can also be found at this park, offering visitors an ideal place for photography or relaxation. It makes an excellent place for visitors to take photographs or unwind and relax.

1. Adda Zone

Adda Zone is located next to Artists Cottage and offers creative-minded people the perfect place to spend some time painting or just relaxing while admiring its picturesque flower lake and musical fountain. Furthermore, Adda Zone makes for an excellent spot for light refreshments; its view overlooks both the lakeside and nightly musical fountain show!

Visitors can enjoy an abundance of activities here, such as boating on the calming water body, playing in green meadows with children, riding bicycles or taking advantage of one of several zorb balls to traverse across the lake, riding bikes or using one to ride along its surface, riding a bicycle and even using it to cross its surface! Plus, there are various cafes and food stalls dotted all around it where guests can grab lunch!

This garden features an assortment of flora and fauna, such as bamboo and grasses, that combine to form an idyllic setting. There is even an entire section dedicated to Bengal’s most delectable treat: fruits. Here, visitors can gain more information about different kinds of fruit trees and their medicinal uses.

At the park, there are also various recreational activities to engage in, such as biking, roller skating, rifle shooting, archery, and high-speed boat rides – however, these incur a fee and must be purchased from ticket booths within the park.

Eco Park Gate 1 offers an ideal start to your day if you prefer less crowded and serene environments, allowing you to visit various spots without feeling overwhelmed by crowds or queues; also, free entry is offered for morning walkers!

2. Lake Front Promenade

The Lake Front Promenade is a paved, coconut tree-lined pathway that forms the backbone of Eco Park. It allows visitors to appreciate its 112-acre water body while experiencing various exciting activities like zorbing, cycling, rowing activities, kayaking, and boating – not forgetting bird-spotting opportunities in its vicinity!

Lake Front Promenade is an ideal spot for picnics and family outings, as well as hosting corporate and official programs. Artfully conceived, its stage-greenroom complex appears ‘floating’ on the water. Plus, brick-twisted pillars add to its stunning charm!

The Park also houses the Formal Garden 2, an extended stretch of the walk where roses, colorful fountains, and sculptures abound. There are benches to provide ample restful spots.

3. Bamboo Garden

The Bamboo Garden is a specialized garden dedicated to showcasing multiple varieties of bamboo. The park includes groves of bamboo, as well as water-themed art installations and an area devoted to Bengal’s beloved fruit delicacies that feature fruit-bearing trees and other greenery.

The Japanese Forest, adjacent to the central lake, follows Shinto principles that emphasize reverence for nature and reverence for living things. This themed area invites visitors to experience nature through an environment of harmony and balance – the wisteria arbor, with its magical effect, serves as an inviting entrance, while Moon Gate gives an atmosphere of seclusion; coins may also be tossed into its wishing fountain to get closer. A semicircular bridge leads directly towards it.

Other features of the park include a Formal Garden that explores vertical gardening techniques in a flat landscape, located between the Visitor Centre and Eco Children’s Park – featuring sculptures and elevated platforms connected by causeways – with sculptures by Jogen Chowdhury and Subhaprasanna as artists of note from India. There’s also a graffiti wall along the south parking lot featuring paintings by two of India’s acclaimed painters – creating an aesthetically pleasing environment in this public park space.

Mask Garden, another attraction at Bengal Hath, features an impressive collection of masks from Indian cartoonist Chhota Bheem to Disneyland Mickey Mouse, as well as traditional Korean and Chinese covers on display. In addition, there are handicraft items and souvenirs on sale, as well as two food courts and an eco cart available for visitors.

4. Gaming Zone

At Eco Park Gate 1, there is a Gaming Zone where gamers can enjoy various PC games for Rs 50 an hour, making this an attractive destination for game nerds and children to spend their leisure time together.

At the entrance to Eco Park near Gate 2 is a miniature zoo, home to animals such as world-spotted deer, bark deer, and many others. This area provides a serene place that’s often less busy than other parts of the park.

For those who would instead take it easy, an Eco-cart from Counter 1 can take them directly to the Children’s Park area; each ride costs Rs 100.

At nightfall, this Musical Fountain comes to life while laser shows create captivating laser light displays on the water screen.

Eco Park’s reconstructed tea garden gives visitors a taste of Darjeeling. The winding pathways are lined with ancient Japanese-themed plants for an immersive experience, perfect for photo opps and relaxing. Popular for weddings and other celebrations alike, Eco Park offers this new attraction close to their northern parking lot.

5. Parking Lot

Eco Park Gate 1 can be found in Rajarhat New Town and is close to Mother’s Wax Museum and Meadow Garden and approximately five kilometers away from both City Center and Mishti Hub. There are currently two parking lots within Eco Park for cars and bikes, making access a little tricky via public transport; however, taxi or auto rickshaw services make reaching it simple.

Entering the long-term lot requires using an EZPass Reader; to do so, insert your tag into an EZPass read prevention bag and place it within. Those without an EZPass may use the North Parking Garage exit lane and pay upon exiting for their parking.

Parking spaces are available throughout campus: Long Term lot, North Parking Garage, and floors 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the new South Parking Garage. Long-term parking costs $10 per day, while there may be limited EZPass Plus lanes that offer spaces – please check with EZPass Reader status for updates regarding how many spots may still be available in these lanes.

Shuttle services between terminals are provided 24/7 for passenger convenience, and those holding valid LSU parking permits can park for no additional charge in either Eco, EcoPark2, or Nicholson Gateway lots at no extra cost, thus avoiding regular lot fee charges.

If traveling from the south Kolkata area, an AC bus for Eco Park from Gariahat or Barasat Kazipara Bus stands is your fastest way to arrive there in approximately 35 minutes. Additionally, airport or Chinar Park passengers can follow this same route to reach there.