Mental Honesty: What Is Emotional Reliability?


Emotions are part of staying human, which means that many people play a vital role in our lives. This could inform one of what is happening in their immediate setting or doing with an issue triggered by their recent, for example.

However, no matter their reasons for appearing, they are trying to communicate something. Nevertheless, this form of communication isn’t always going to occur.

When this happens, they are often repressed and ignored. When repressed;, this can lead to a myriad of problems. And if they are not overpowered or oppressed, they can be acted available; in the form of reactive and spontaneous behaviour.

Emotional Honesty

Being emotionally honest means concurring with and admitting to people’s emotions. For one to accomplish this, there has to be an emotional understanding in the first place. Because without a focus on them, it will only be practical for them to be available or acted in.

In addition, there will be times when it is ideal for expressing one’s emotions and when it is not appropriate. The most important thing is that one can admit to helping oneself with what emotions they are experiencing.

The Observer

United is the observer of their thoughts and not the emotions themselves; it means one can know about each emotion. And after this, one has the choice of acting on the particular emotion or whether to be able to acknowledge the emotion.

While one does not have this capacity available, there will be the tendency to get at the whim of one’s thoughts.


Each emotion you have is neutral; it is neither right nor wrong nor very good or bad. It just will be and what makes a feeling into either of these items is the value judgement you label them with.

The self-confident mind will categorise thoughts in this way, and this is due to the particular mind’s way of seeing almost everything in polarities. There is no midsection ground to the ego brain; only extremes exist.


From here, the ego brain can come to identify with particular emotions. And through this technique, each emotion will be considered good or bad and right or wrong. Some emotions will probably be acceptable, and others won’t be.

The particular emotions labelled as acceptable will end up being related to what is safe. After this, one will begin to decide just what emotions they can express and what emotions they can’t.


When one’s ego mind provides comes to associate a feeling as bad or hazardous, it is likely that this emotion is going to be repressed. As this happens, anybody can become enslaved to the emotion, which is a natural result of an emotion building up.

Reactive behaviour will then occur and should be about a two around the emotional reaction scale can end up being an eight or even a nine, for instance.

One’s emotional balance and emotional health are likewise severely affected. By reflecting on specific emotions and staying denied, it will also mean that your whole emotional spectrum will likely be potentially numbed and confined.


Although one may be caught up in the repression connected with certain emotions, one can also end up going the other means. And this means that they genuinely feel as though they have no management over their emotions. On account of this, one may end up consistently reacting and expressing several emotions.

The Emotional Mistake

To repress an experience or to react to an experience without awareness is to be captive to the emotion. The experience needs to be heard and depicted from a place of awareness.

Often the more extended the emotion is repressed or acted with, the longer it will take management. And one will have no choice aside from continually deceive not simply others about what is going on and also oneself.

Emotional Disconnection

For someone to either repress or do something with their emotions without consciousness shows that one doesn’t always have a good connection or connection with their emotions. And using this emotional disharmony, all kinds of clashes and dysfunction are created.

This kind of leads one, if she is unable, to be honest about their emotional baggage. If they were, all these emotional difficulties wouldn’t occur in the first place.

The Emotional Connection

The relationship one has used of their emotions is usually created at the beginning of one’s life. During this occasion, one’s ego head will come to associate precisely what emotions are safe to have and exactly are not.

How one’s caregivers respond to one’s emotions goes a long way in defining no matter if one is comfortable with their emotional baggage or whether they feel uneasy by having them. And all versions, caregivers can offer the same understanding they have using their emotions.

If they are alienated from their emotions, then they will most likely trigger their child to form the same romantic relationship with their emotions.

Early Encounters

This may have resulted from the caregivers passing on the same type of repression that they experienced. And emotions that their ego mind had connected as unsafe become exactly what one now sees because unsafe. The same would use with emotions that were shown as safe and suitable.

And what could have been used to manage the Child’s emotional appearance would have been the drawback of love, and therefore one’s success would have been at risk. This may have been through rejection, desertion, punishment or isolation.

Psychological Acceptance

One might find that their relationship with their feelings is nothing more than a reflection of their caregivers’ relationship with their emotions. As well as being in the same atmosphere, one ended up seeing all of them in the same way.

The very act associated with judging them as good or even evil and repressing all of them or getting caught up inside them ultimately causes the actual identification and attachment for them. And with this, one manages to lose the ability to observe their feelings and decide whether to behave on them, express them to someone else or generally acknowledge their presence.

Emotional Expression

As you come to express your feelings, either to yourself or even with the help of a therapist or maybe a healer, you will begin to get a better emotional understanding. In this, one’s emotions will quickly settle and lessen their intensity. Through this process, dominance and reactive behaviour will quickly diminish.

And most importantly, a single will be able, to be honest with himself about what is going on on an emotional level.

My name is Oliver J R Cooper u have been on a journey involving self-awareness for over seven years, and for many years before that, we had a natural curiosity.

For more than two years, I have been writing articles. All these cover psychology and interaction. This has also led to poems.

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