Tractive GPS Cat Tracker Review


Tractive GPS Tracker offers cat owners peace of mind. Designed with an ultra-slim and lightweight build that’s comfortable for cats to wear, this device also comes equipped with nightlight capabilities as well as public sharing options. The best guide to finding pet tracker.

Tractive was developed with much love by fellow cat lovers as a labor of their affection for their felines. This GPS pet tracker connects to cell networks to provide location data. Live tracking allows owners to check where their feline friends are every two or three seconds.


The Tractive GPS Cat Tracker boasts numerous features that make it the perfect solution for outdoor cats. Built with safety and durability in mind, its battery can last up to seven days per charge, and it supports iOS 11 for Apple users and Android 7.0 for Android users; additionally, it works with Amazon Alexa, so voice commands can help locate your pet!

This tracker uses AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile LTE connectivity to keep tabs on your pet at all times. Live tracking mode gives real-time updates every two to three seconds, while safe zones and no-go zones help ensure they remain within set boundaries so that alerts will notify you if they cross over into those zones or exit or enter those boundaries.

A feature of the Tractive GPS Cat Tracker that makes it particularly impressive is its waterproof capabilities. IPX7 certified, it can withstand rain or snow without any issues or concerns. Plus, the device was specifically designed to fit most collars, allowing you to attach it directly to your pet’s collar or harness!

Finally, this tracker comes equipped with an LED flashlight, which can help you locate your pet in low-light environments, such as after an extended walk or when darkness has descended upon you. This feature can come in particularly handy after dark if your cat becomes lost during their wanderings!

Monitoring your pet’s activity through an app is an invaluable way of understanding their well-being. You’ll get an idea of the amount of exercise they are getting and their sleep schedule, which allows you to detect any changes in behavior that might signal illness early and take necessary steps for their well-being. Plus, customize it so it shows their photos,t reminders, or shares tracks with other users – you could even activate a buzzer feature to give your pet extra motivation to come home!

Activity Monitoring

Tractive is the world’s leading GPS tracker brand, and their latest product–the Cat Tracker LTE–offers an impressive range of features designed to meet felines who venture outside and explore. Adventure-proof and wearable under any collar without interfering with movement, this tracker is made for cats who dig freely!

Premium subscriptions offer you the ability to track your cat in real-time with Live Mode. This feature updates every two to three seconds, showing your cat’s location on the app map. Furthermore, Live Mode enables you to create power-saving zones and receive alerts whenever your cat enters or leaves them; plus, you can gain insights into their activity levels, playtime habits, rest periods, play dates with other cats in their community leaderboards, and more!

One of the more useful features is “Find Mode,” which uses Bluetooth technology to help you quickly locate your cat inside or outside. A visual display on the app shows colorful rings around their location to indicate when they’re getting close; additionally, the app offers the capability of quickly sending tracking links out so you can share their place with people without Tractive accounts.

Tractive’s Cat Tracker LTE connects seamlessly with WiFi networks and major cell phone carriers worldwide, such as AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. With a battery that lasts a whole week on a full charge, it makes an excellent option for remote areas without reliable coverage – though if that doesn’t help find your cat, this tracker can also act as a long-range flashlight that emits a loud noise.

Tractive was started by passionate cat lovers in 2022 as a labor of love, expanding worldwide through Guidepost Growth Equity with $35 million backing and employing approximately 150 people at its headquarters in Pasching, Austria.

365-Day Location History

The Tractive GPS Tracker features an innovative design and is simple to use. Small enough to attach comfortably to a cat collar without discomfort, its waterproof tracker also comes equipped with light and sound capabilities so that you can locate them more quickly in dark areas or forests if they wander off or become lost. This feature makes finding them much simpler if they wander off or become lost!

The tracker features an onboard GPS and can connect with WiFi and mobile networks in over 150 countries worldwide. It comes equipped with its own SIM card to ensure that your feline explorer never runs out of data or loses coverage, and its subscription plan covers any associated mobile fees without hidden charges or surprises.

Location updates every two to three seconds, making it one of the fastest GPS trackers on the market. Battery life lasts up to five days per charge, depending on actual usage and cellular signal strength, with family-sharing capability as an extra feature. Live tracking, virtual fence, and family sharing capabilities are among its many features, with virtual fence notifications sent when your pet leaves its designated area.

Tractive’s activity monitoring feature gives you the power to keep an eye on your cat’s daily routine and detect changes in behavior that could indicate stressors or health concerns so you can make decisions that support their well-being long term.

Tractive GPS offers another helpful feature by showing your pet’s route and distance traveled on a map, their trajectories over time, and favorite spots with a heat map of their activities. However, please be aware that these features require a premium subscription in order to access this data.

The Tractive GPS is an excellent choice for pet parents who wish to ensure the well-being of their adventurous cats while satisfying their natural urge for exploration. Reliable and user-friendly, its numerous valuable features set it apart from its competition.

Easy to Use

Tractive GPS stands apart from its counterparts by being intuitive and user-friendly, offering everything needed for monitoring kitty’s movements and activity – including battery power for Find Mode, light/noise function, virtual fence system user-friendliness, and an attached collar clip that easily slides on, over any standard cat collar for easy usage.

The Tractive GPS features an attractive and lightweight design, so your furry companion likely won’t even notice it’s there. Constructed from solid plastic that can withstand impact resistance, its IPX7 waterproof rating ensures it can withstand rainy days as well as other outdoor activities – even up to three feet of submersion, according to its company claims! Furthermore, its power button is hidden away within an inconspicuous recess, so pushing it becomes problematic. The entire device comes complete with plastic solid housing designed for long-lifecycle durability and long-term use.

An additional excellent feature is being able to track your pet in Augmented Reality View mode. This mode displays a real-world overlay showing the distance between your smartphone and tracker, making it much simpler for you to pinpoint their exact location. Furthermore, using its 365-Day Location History function, you can learn about their movements and habits; setting start and end dates allows for precise searches to find exactly when or where your cat was seen!

LIVE tracking mode gives real-time updates every two to three seconds on your phone screen, which is particularly helpful if your pet is lost and you’re concerned they have wandered too far from home. In addition, safe zones can be set so they stay within them, and an alert will notify you as soon as they leave or enter.

Premium subscriptions enable you to share the location of your pet with family members and friends across more than 150 countries while accessing activity statistics and detailed information from the Tractive app on iOS or Android devices; additional guides and FAQs can also be found online.

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