Fashion Fidgets – A New Type of Fidget Toy


Fidget toys can be found everywhere, from fidget spinners and poppers, squishies, monkey noodles, and chewable necklaces – providing stress relief and sensory input that helps calm individuals with ADHD, autism, or other challenges.

Fashion fidgets are dolls designed specifically as fidget toys! Children can click, pop, twist, and pull on them to reveal fun fidget features!

Series 1

Fashion fidgets are collectible dolls designed to offer both stress relief and concentration-inducing benefits of traditional fidget toys and imaginative play through imagination-sparking traditional dolls. The first series features 18 dolls; children won’t know which one they have until they open the box!

Each doll in the collection offers various fidget elements – some soft and squishy while others hard and firmer, such as buttons or spinning gears and rubbery hair – which children can control by pulling, pressing, twisting, and popping; they can even trade their Fashion Fidgets with friends to expand their collections!

Kids can use their new dolls to put on a fashion show for their friends. They can attach heart-shaped clips that attach their dolls directly to backpacks, purse straps, belt loops, or clothing items to add a pop of color and style. Kids may even add one or more dolls to their clothing for a splash of color and flair!

These dolls provide hours of entertainment, keeping children busy for hours. Kids can bring them everywhere they go thanks to each beauty equipped with its keychain that clips onto bags or backpacks – whether at school, on field trips, or simply hanging out with friends – so their fashion fidgets stay with them wherever they are. An excellent addition to any child’s toy collection and especially popular among young girls who love fidgeting!

Series 2

Fidget toys have recently made headlines. From fidget spinners and cubes to fashion dolls that double as fidget toys, these gadgets can help reduce stress and improve focus in some children. While some types have long been on the market, new styles are constantly emerging on shelves – Aldi recently offered up an advent calendar featuring fashion dolls designed to double as fidget toys!

Fashion Fidgets offer a fun mix of collectible dolls and fidget toys in one package; each doll contains at least three fidget features that click, pop, twist, or stretch for hours of playback fun! There are 18 unique dolls to collect – you won’t know which ones until you open the box! A collector’s guide is also included with every pack so that your collection stays in check as it grows.

Each Fashion Fidget doll offers unique fidget features and cute accessories like hair clips, bracelets, rings, and necklaces. Additionally, each Fashion Fidget doll has a heart-shaped clip to attach the fidget directly onto bookbag straps or purse straps, so it’s always with you wherever life may lead you!

Kids can trade dolls with friends or use them as props in imaginative play while adding Pets (such as #OOTD Ozzie, Sassy Sparkle, and Cutie Curlz ) to their collections for more significant story potential. Some Pets feature pop-out skirts or purses, allowing kids to switch them out as part of a storyline quickly.

Fashion Fidgets’ second series boasts 12 more dolls, such as Orange Olivia, White Willa, and Charcoal Charlie. Each doll has removable skirts decorated with silicone bubbles that children can pop. Furthermore, kids can swap out accessories to create personalized looks.

Series 3

Fashion Fidgets’ third series adds adorable pets for kids to collect and trade! Kids can manage and deal with these charming characters like unicorns like Fancy Flora with her clickable horn and kittens like Dressy Doodle with head spinners like Dressy Doodle. There are also new styles of fidget hair, including pop tube ponytails and extra stretchy monkey noodle pigtails! Collect or trade until you find all your favorites; don’t forget about Ultra Rares!

Fashion Fidgets combine the stress-relief benefits of fidget toys with sensory play while adding imaginative pretend margin through dolls. Each Fashion Fidget doll contains at least three fidget features; some even boast four! Unbox to find which fidget doll you have – she may pop, twist, pull, or spin! With 18 dolls to collect, you’ll never know which one until you open your box!

Fashion Fidgets are for every fashionable kid ages five and up who wants a collectible fidget skirt with a heart clip to attach to bookbags, purse straps, and belt loops. Trade with friends to add new dolls to your collection; trading and swapping are always welcomed as part of the fun. Each Fashion Fidget has its keychain attachment so they can stay with you everywhere you go – this makes Fashion Fidgets suitable for every situation and adventurer!


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Mermaids have various fidget features, such as spinning gears on their sides and legs, clickable cheeks, and spinnable head bows that spin. Plus, they come with keychains to easily attach themselves to backpacks! For a dose of cuteness and fidget action, the Fashion Fidgets Pets series adds cute critters such as unicorns with clickable horns or kitties with head spinners for your collection.

Fashion Fidgets combine stress relief from fidget toys with imaginative play from dolls. Each Fashion Fidget features three fidget features, and it is impossible to tell which one will come out until opening your box! They also come with a collector’s guide to keep track of your collection. Each doll boasts its look – some even come with unique mermaid tails!


Fashionistas take great delight in dressing their pets to match their attire. The Fashion Fidgets Pets series boasts exciting and fidgety features like popper hair, spinning skirts, clickable cheeks, and more! Each fashion fidget pet comes equipped with its keychain so kids can carry it wherever they go; trading with friends and family members allows their collection to expand further, or attaching it to bags, backpacks, or other accessories can still increase its size.

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