FirstService Residential Review


FirstService Residential is the leading provider of property management, project management, and energy management services in New York City. The company’s goal is to provide value-added services to its clients. They have an impressive reputation for delivering exceptional customer service.

50 violations filed with the BBB

FirstService Residential is the HOA for my neighborhood. In my experience, they’ve been a bit of a shill, and they’re not the best at servicing their members. They have promised some extensive time amenities, but they haven’t kept up. This is a surprise because I’ve been in my house for almost three years.

FirstService has a fancy website, but it’s not well maintained, and they don’t provide any service to the residents of their neighborhood. For instance, they promised the area would have a pool on a specific date, and they failed to deliver. Moreover, the management company has a rather unfriendly collection policy. A few weeks ago, they sent me a letter that said my payment was due. If I don’t pay by August, my house will be foreclosed.

Free maintenance fees

A homeowner talked with an assistant at FirstService Residential regarding the fee payment. The owner was told that she could not request a fee waiver until her assessment was current.

She stated that she had not received a notice of violation in three months. The assistant advised her that she would need to submit a written request to the Board of Directors for a waiver.

When she submitted a request, the board of directors approved it. This allowed the homeowner to avoid paying the fees. However, she was still notified that she would be subject to a late payment.

After receiving the first notice, the owner called the company’s customer care line. The agent advised her to call back in 30 days to discuss the situation.

Crooked management company

If you live in a condominium community with FirstService Residential as your property manager, you must be aware of their terrible practices. They are incompetent and don’t care about the quality of service or their customers. As a result, you have to find a new management company to oversee your community or risk the loss of your community’s security.

FirstService Residential’s manager, Randi Fisher, calls residents nuisances. When you request to have work done, she refuses to provide you with any documentation. She has approved sloppy contractor work and ignores simple maintenance requests. The company has also failed to respond to several homeowners’ complaints properly.

The company has already lost thousands of community owners’ dollars. In addition, it added, it has pissed off the county, real estate agents, local lawyers, and the board of directors.