How I Became Chief of a Primitive Village


Primitive villages are places where villagers live together and typically share the same culture, language, and traditions, as well as a lifestyle that suits their needs.

Novelist Su Bai has fallen off a cliff and into another world: that of an isolated tribe! He uses modern society’s daily assistance systems and knowledge to lead them out of poverty to establish an advanced civilization!

2. He is taken to a primitive tribe

Numerous isolated tribes worldwide do not interact with anyone outside of their immediate area, choosing not to do so out of fear of disease or violence – these so-called primitive tribes tend to live in remote areas and prefer remaining uncontacted for various reasons.

Nanan Village lets you experience what life would be like in an ancient tribe. Cut wood for fire and fish on frozen lakes for food while domesticating six animals to hunt with bows! Even build your own home while exploring the wilderness together!

Su Bai is an action and isekai manga bound to keep readers spellbound. After falling off a cliff and being taken in by an indigenous tribe, our protagonist decides to use his knowledge of modern society to lead them out of poverty and help build them into an advanced civilization. His persistence knows no bounds – befriending an attractive animal ear girl while overseeing farmland management is among several examples of his impressive determination!

This manga’s world-building and art are stellar, while its characters and story are also impressively written and captivating. Unfortunately, however, some issues remain, such as the over-sexualization of female characters and the lack of nudity in its pages.

3. He is a writer

Novelist Su Bai enters anotherworldly primitive society and becomes ruler of an isolated tribe. Leveraging his daily assistance system and knowledge of modern society, Su Bai works hard at making his tribe flourish into a prosperous civilization – teaching members of his tribe how to read and understand etiquette while forging alliances with neighboring tribes to build an even better world for his tribe members.

This engaging manhua blends action and isekai genres into an exciting narrative about an MC’s use of modern technology to improve a struggling tribe, with an obligatory harem for good measure. The story celebrates courage over despair!

4. He becomes the chief of the tribe

The primitive people of the Amazon are notorious for their cruelty and lack of kindness, evidenced by some of the most brutal torture techniques ever used in history. What causes their cruelty, however? Is it because their environment influences them directly or something more? Probably, both factors play a part.

Amerindians often selected their leaders based on merit: for instance, the best hunter or warrior would become the leader of their hunting party or war party, respectively. A chief’s power, however, depended on cooperation from all members of his or her tribe – perhaps through popularity, kindness, or modesty or by giving generous gifts at feasts.

To make an impactful difference in the lives of Amazonian natives, modern society needs to understand their culture. Numerous studies and books have been published about their lifestyle that provide more information on this topic; these can help us gain greater insight into why people living there differ so drastically from ourselves.

I Became the Chief Of A Primitive Tribe is an engaging manhua with several unique elements. The storyline is engaging, while world-building is superb, and its protagonist uses his brainpower to lead his tribe – something many mangaka would take note of! While male characters are written well, some female ones tend to be generic trashy stereotypes oversexualized by other authors – this manhua should appeal especially to fans of action and isekai genres. I recommend it.

5. He will build his own country

Su Bai is plunged into another realm when he falls from a cliff and awakens as part of a primitive tribe society. Utilizing modern knowledge and daily assistance systems, Su Bai leads them out of poverty to transform them into an advanced civilization! By expanding his territory further, Su Bai will eventually build his own country!

This manhua contains many kingdom-building elements and makes an entertaining read. Although some female characters can be generic and sexualized at times, overall, the MC does a fantastic job writing about tribal culture – making this manhua an absolute must for fans of action and isekai genres!

Things Fall Apart by Nigerian author Chinua Achebe is set in an arid region of Africa where inhabitants belong to the Igbo tribe and interact with outsiders regularly, yet still maintain an immense sense of pride and dignity that often gets lost in modern society. Achebe’s novel celebrates individual determination against all odds through an unforgettable tale.