How Real Estate Content Marketing Can Help Your Company Stand Out From the Crowd


Real estate firms specialize in selling properties; however, an effective content marketing strategy can make your company stand out from the competition. How to real estate marketing consulting.

Great content must be tailored specifically to the market in which it will be published. Generic or fluffy information won’t cut it! Here are a few strategies to get your content creative juices flowing:

1. Blog posts

Blog posts are the cornerstone of real estate content marketing. By sharing your expertise with an expansive audience while forging lasting relationships, they allow you to showcase what makes you unique and establish trust with potential new customers. A well-written article packed with pertinent details is vital for drawing in new business.

Real estate blogs can be valuable tools in increasing your rank on Google searches. Conducting keyword research to understand what people are searching for will increase the odds that readers will discover your articles.

Make sure that your blog content remains timely and informative by scheduling regular updates to keep readers engaged with what’s being posted.

2. Infographics

Infographics are practical real estate marketing tools because they present vital information in an easily understood way. Infographics use color coding, icons, graphs/charts, and bold typography styles to deliver complex ideas or statistics that would otherwise be difficult to grasp when written out in written form.

Slide shows are also an ideal way to explain complex processes, like home buying or selling, in an accessible format. They’re great at explaining mortgage rates or market performance – two aspects that could benefit anyone involved.

Real estate success requires content that resonates and generates leads for its target audience, or else it won’t resonate and generate leads. To do this, you must understand their pains, fears, worries, and dreams so you can provide relevant and timely advice – this approach will set you apart from competitors and establish you as an authority within your niche market.

3. Videos

Visuals are essential when it comes to real estate content creation. Imagine that a potential homebuyer discovers your content online and becomes inspired by it, only to be disappointed when they click to find more and realize there’s little relevant info readily available – this could turn them off instantly, meaning a potential client lost.

Neighborhood videos are an effective way for buyers to imagine life in an area they’re considering living in, as well as showcase local attractions, activities, restaurants, and amenities.

Intro videos are an effective way to showcase your expertise and experience. They can feature testimonials from past clients or have you discussing buying/selling tips; using BIGVU’s teleprompter ensures you stay on target whenever speaking on camera.

4. Social media posts

Content marketing for real estate requires providing localized and tailored information if it wants to resonate with audiences. After all, purchasing or selling a home is one of the most significant decisions their audience will ever make.

Social media posts are an excellent way to highlight new listings in your area or share tips about buying or selling real estate. Share video walkthroughs of newly listed homes or post multiple high-resolution photos along with an informative caption outlining its key features.

Hootsuite Ads makes creating paid social media ads simple: easily target audiences based on location, age, demographics, and interests–with comprehensive reports that show what’s working. Click here to get started and plan, batch, and schedule posts in advance using Hootsuite! Creating effective real estate content takes time and effort; use a Hootsuite content scheduling tool like this one for batch planning of posts in advance – saving yourself both time and effort when creating quality real estate posts!

5. Case studies

Real estate content should reflect this by being tailored specifically to you and your market.

Case studies, which depict a successful transaction performed by an agent/broker/property manager and display their expertise, are an integral component of real estate content marketing strategies. Case studies help build credibility while also providing social proof. They can even drive conversions.

Real estate content marketing strategies that are adequately executed can set your firm apart from competitors and drive sustainable organic website traffic while simultaneously positioning you and your company as a trusted source of information in your local market – people coming to you for advice about property investments, buying/selling homes or more. Content marketing includes written articles, infographics, and videos among its many forms of media content creation.

6. Podcasts

Podcasts provide an effective way for busy real estate agents to learn marketing tips on the go without interrupting other aspects of their business. Real estate agents can significantly benefit from listening during downtime without interrupting other elements.

The MLS Breakdown podcast provides newer agents with an inside view into their industry. Each show includes discussions regarding real estate MLS boards, industry trends, and tools available for marketing purposes.

The Massive Agent Podcast is an invaluable resource for real estate agents looking to grow their businesses. Dustin Brohm shares candid advice and is honest about the hard work involved with driving business growth. It is one of the best podcasts for both newcomers and experienced agents alike; each episode’s practical advice makes an appearance on this must-listen list!

7. Interviews

Finding a real estate agent or broker was once much more straightforward. Most often, individuals would get recommendations from friends or family or browse Yellow Pages or television advertisements.

People now have more choices than ever, making it increasingly challenging and stressful to select the ideal person or team to collaborate with. Therefore, your experience and expertise must stand out to ensure they’re chosen over those with less to offer.

Content marketing is an essential tool for real estate professionals looking to promote themselves, develop trust with potential clients, and drive more traffic to their websites and listings. Utilizing various formats of content, such as blogs or videos, can create engaging experiences that set you apart from your competition; such media could turn people into clients.

8. Letters to the editor

No matter whether you’re selling or searching for new properties, selecting a real estate agent is an important decision. Potential clients want to ensure they find someone who fits with their goals and who will help them accomplish what they’re after.

Client testimonials can be an effective way to showcase your expertise. They should be featured prominently in evergreen publications like Issuu profiles, Flipbooks, and catalogs that highlight them.

Your real estate marketing campaign’s content selection is vital in drawing in and converting new customers. Leveraging various types of media discussed here can strengthen your brand, expand your audience base, and boost ROI. Focus on content that resonates with your target demographic: for instance, offering local guides of restaurants may attract millennials.

9. Events

When someone wants to buy or sell their home, they require the services of a real estate agent. Since this decision involves such high stakes, they must find someone they feel confident choosing, so content marketing is an ideal way to demonstrate your expertise in real estate sales and purchases.

Virtual events, like webinars, can help reach potential customers or expand your sphere of influence. Furthermore, collaborating with other businesses to share resources and increase visibility within your local community could prove invaluable; you could create blogs/podcasts/share spring market prep tips amongst local business owners/share blog/podcast posts with local business owners/host community events to bring people together while building brand recognition – then promote these events via your social media channels!

10. Podcasts

Real estate agents spend much of their time traveling, so podcasts provide a valuable resource for learning and staying informed while on the road. Agents can listen to episodes while exercising, running errands, or getting ready in the morning.

Podcasts can be an efficient and cost-effective way to add content to your business without needing to write. Plus, search engines love podcasts – giving your brand additional traction in its industry!

The Tom Ferry Podcast is an invaluable source of advice from top real estate agents. This show’s focus is on team building and using systems to streamline prospecting and marketing activities.

Massive Agent offers an engaging and direct approach to expanding your business. Their scripts and techniques focus on catering to contemporary consumers, making this an advanced-level podcast but suitable for new agents as well. Plus, they cover topics like social media marketing, video production marketing, and much more!

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