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This website provides job seekers with various free tools and advice, such as CV and resume templates, cover letter templates, and interview questions, as well as videos and tips for job search strategies.

LiveCareer’s resume and cover letter templates have been created explicitly with recruiters in mind, while their app can autofill online job applications to save time and effort.

Create a resume

LiveCareer’s resume builder provides an efficient, quick, and simple method for developing professional resumes quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. With hundreds of templates to select from and step-by-step writing assistance available to make the process simple, LiveCareer provides this service free for 14 days until it requires subscription fees to continue use.

LiveCareer’s resume templates are created explicitly with recruiters and hiring managers in mind, featuring relevant keywords for any job posting to help your resume pass an applicant tracking system (ATS) scan. ATS software filters out candidates from many companies today; LiveCareer provides a list of popular job search terms to assist with keyword selection for your resume; you can add additional words in your work experience section, as the program suggests industry-specific words related to your experience.

You can also use this tool to create a chronological, functional, or hybrid resume. Chronological resumes are ideal for people with several years of experience or recent college graduates, while functional resumes focus on your skills; functional resumes can help those with gaps in employment history find jobs faster. Lastly, use it to craft your professional summary, which provides a concise paragraph outlining your qualifications and experience.

LiveCareer makes it simple and efficient to craft an individualized cover letter tailored specifically to your resume. This website guides you through selecting a layout, inputting information about work experience and education history, suggesting keywords relevant to the position sought, saving your work at any time, and even producing PDF versions as part of an application package.

LiveCareer can assist with more than writing effective resumes and cover letters; we can also help you secure employment! Their job search app, LiveCareer Apply, automatically fills in your personal and employment history when filling out online job applications to speed up completion time – both Android and iPhone versions of LiveCareer Apply exist for this purpose.

Create a cover letter.

Cover letters are an essential element of job applications. They outline why you want the job and highlight your qualifications, making you stand out from your competition, expanding on previous experience, and strengthening resumes. At LiveCareer, we offer many professionally designed cover letter templates specifically developed with recruiters/hiring managers/ATS systems in mind to make your life easier when applying.

LiveCareer’s Cover Letter Builder makes writing a cover letter effortless. The tool pre-writes your cover letter using relevant keywords and phrases related to the position you are applying for; additionally, it offers examples of standard cover letter formats – perfect for prospecting cover letters, networking cover letters, career change cover letters, and relocation cover letters.

In your cover letter, the first paragraph should contain your name, contact information, and the recipient’s name. Secondly, explain why you’re interested in the position, highlight your most significant accomplishments, and reaffirm your interest in meeting with the interviewer(s). Finally, end it off with a call to action or request.

Your body paragraphs should consist of two to three paragraphs that outline your relevant skills and experiences without simply repeating what’s already in your resume. Instead, explain how these abilities led to specific success, such as increased sales or landing an important client. Use bullet points as needed for concise writing.

An effective closing statement should leave the reader excited to discover more about you without sounding boastful or boastful. Finish your letter with a call to action and formal sign-off to finish this section of your job search successfully. LiveCareer’s Cover Letter Builder makes creating such a cover letter simple!

Upload your resume to LinkedIn.

If you want your resume more easily accessible to potential employers, uploading it directly to LinkedIn may be the solution. With this method, your file can be added directly into the Featured section – generally reserved for slide decks, portfolio links, and articles you have written. Still, it can also be an ideal platform for uploading resume files that viewers can see and download directly. However, this may not be suitable if privacy concerns exist.

Share your resume with your network using LinkedIn’s “Start a Post” prompt on its feed. Click the large text field and type out an explanation for why you’re sharing it; additionally, add links back to your LinkedIn profile so employers can click through directly and access it.

Employers can access your resume easily via LinkedIn’s “Easy Apply” button on job postings, automatically sending it over when applying. To keep certain aspects of your contact info private, toggle off this in your profile settings.

When seeking out new employment, updating your resume regularly is vitally important. By doing this, you can highlight your recent accomplishments and skills, making you more attractive to employers. If you need help crafting an effective resume, there are numerous online resources to assist with creating one. These sites provide various templates and will walk you through each step of the process step-by-step. Once your resume is complete, it’s advisable to proofread it and ensure all necessary details have been included. Once done, print or email it directly to potential employers; alternatively, use LiveCareer Apply, which auto-fills online job applications to save time if you’re seeking employment quickly.

Search for jobs

LiveCareer, a premier career management company, offers access to resume and job application writing services and tools, enabling jobseekers to find the ideal positions. Their products can be found online and offer an unrivaled job-seeking experience compared to traditional services. Unlike these traditional services, LiveCareer provides more comprehensive product offerings like sample resumes and cover letters, advice/tips on writing an effective resume, interview preparation support services, and much more, all from one easily navigable platform! Their website is user-friendly too – which adds value.

LiveCareer was launched in 1999 and has helped over 10 million people find their ideal jobs worldwide. Their success can be attributed to an extensive database of job titles and locations, scientific-backed career tests, professional resume writers, free resume builders, and cover letter builders available through LiveCareer, plus free resume templates organized by industry or job title! LiveCareer also offers cover letter samples organized by industry or job title for further convenience.

LiveCareer app easily enables you to search all major job boards such as ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, and Monster. Use its autofill function, LiveCareer Apply, to save time by automatically filling out applications. Available both for iPhones and Android devices.

LiveCareer’s resume and cover letter builders are tailored to appeal to recruiters and hiring managers, including keywords that match job descriptions for an improved chance of getting hired. Their tools are easy to use and will set you apart from competitors.

Livecareer also provides Resume Check, which scans your resume for common mistakes and ensures it meets all employer criteria. This feature can be found on your account dashboard and is entirely free.

Several publications and companies have reviewed and awarded the app, including Sitejabber’s Customer Choice Award 2021 and HR Tech Outlook. The app’s mobile version is user-friendly, making searching for jobs by title or location simple until finding one that perfectly complements your skillset.