Is LiveCareer Fake Or Real?


LiveCareer was established in 2004 as an international career platform offering resume-building tools, job posting services, and other career services. Over time, its services have earned several industry awards, including one from Sitejabber for Customer Choice Award.

LiveCareer’s resume builder is easy to use and prompts information entry. Additionally, you can upload an existing resume and receive professional assistance from one of their writers.

It offers a 14-day trial.

Users looking to test out LiveCareer Resume Builder have 14 days free to try it out and can create and print their resumes for free during that period. However, if they fail to cancel before it ends at which point a monthly fee will be applied automatically. This information is clearly stated throughout the signup process.

Resume Builder was designed to assist jobseekers in quickly beginning their job search. With multiple templates and formats to select from and tools to customize its look and feel (including an online photo editor), Resume Builder ensures your resume can be seen by an applicant tracking system (ATS) as soon as it hits job boards.

The service also allows users to write cover letters, compile a list of references, and offer interview questions and answers. Furthermore, mobile access provides instantaneous access to its resources, allowing easy usage and real-time changes while traveling.

Utilizing this service provides another advantage, with its impartial reviews of companies helping you decide which ones are the most suitable for you. Furthermore, this can assist in finding jobs that suit your personality and skill set and creating professional networks, which may lead to even more job opportunities.

LiveCareer was established in 2004 in San Francisco, California, and currently employs 70 people with annual revenues estimated at approximately $7.8 Million. Although they may seem newer on the scene, their long history speaks volumes for their trustworthiness.

LiveCareer has received many customer reviews and two Sitejabber customer choice awards, boasting features like job boards, career tips, an interview prep center, and over 1000 resume samples to assist users when writing their own. In addition, it boasts mobile application capability. It creates professional resumes and cover letters using its free trial service – an excellent way to test whether LiveCareer suits you!

It offers a monthly subscription.

The website offers a 14-day trial period and will continue charging your credit card automatically every month after that unless you cancel. Before subscribing, it is essential to read and comprehend all terms. Some users have reported being unaware of recurring payments before signing up; others allege being charged for services they did not utilize.

LiveCareer is a career services company offering resources for job seekers and employers. Their resume builder offers multiple templates from which users can select to customize the layout and content to meet their needs, with an intuitive user interface featuring an interactive tutorial for guidance. You can even connect your LinkedIn account, which will display on your CV! In addition to its resume-building tools, LiveCareer provides salary calculators and interview tips.

LiveCareer provides more than just a free CV creator; it also offers an intuitive mobile app for job searching. The interface is user-friendly and includes features to assist your job hunt, such as searching jobs by title and location and recommended jobs from LiveCareer’s database – you can even apply with just one tap!

LiveCareer provides another advantage with its cover letter builder. Designed to craft professional yet engaging cover letters that help set candidates apart from the competition, its purpose is to highlight your unique skills and experiences and help answer common interview questions.

LiveCareer is a global leader in recruitment, recognized with multiple awards. It ranks among MightyRecruiter’s top 20 candidate attraction platforms and received two Sitejabber customer choice awards; its team includes certified career professionals and industry experts.

It offers a free trial.

Do You Need Help with Your Resume or Job Search? LiveCareer Offers Free Trial Services If you want to enhance your resume or job search, the free LiveCareer trial provides an ideal way to discover whether this online career platform will assist. It includes tools like an ATS-friendly resume builder, salary calculator, job ad writer and company directory, and mobile access to utilize the platform when out and about. It even boasts its app!

LiveCareer provides users with an easy-to-use website and offers numerous templates designed to cover various fields of employment. In addition to offering users various formats for their resumes, LiveCareer also enables them to customize the color palette and fonts – as well as tips and prompts that assist them with completing documents on time. Its fees and subscription rates can also be easily found.

Note that free trials typically last only two weeks, and your account will automatically renew every four weeks unless you cancel it. Unfortunately, many customers are charged months or even years after their free period ends due to companies failing to notify customers they will be billed after this point – some even continue charging customers’ credit cards until cancellation occurs!

DoNotPay can help prevent this by serving as your virtual credit card and blocking access to sites after their free trials. Furthermore, DoNotPay’s subscription cancellation service makes canceling subscriptions effortless!

Although this service is free to use, it does have some drawbacks that could hinder job seekers. One is that no feature allows job seekers to add their photos directly onto the resume, which may be problematic for some job hunters. Furthermore, length and format options are limited, and using its ATS-friendly features can be cumbersome and challenging; finally, the website also uses frequent pop-up ads, which could become annoying over time.

It offers a free cover letter.

As part of any job application, including a cover letter is essential. An impressive cover letter will distinguish you from competitors and increase your odds of an interview. Live careers’ free cover letter builder is an excellent tool for getting you started – its user-friendly interface offers helpful prompts that guide users through this process.

Cover letters are one-page documents designed to introduce your resume and showcase your qualifications, explain why you’re an ideal match for the position, and address employer concerns about your professional experience. LiveCareer provides an effective cover letter builder which helps job seekers craft professional and engaging documents to secure interviews.

The Cover Letter Builder allows you to enter your details, select a template and answer questions to create a tailored document that can be downloaded as JPEG, PNG, PDF, or DOC and sent directly to an employer. Furthermore, it’s possible to modify your template or change information if necessary; additionally, the builder provides suggestions for each section and automatically generates its counterpart on your resume.

Writing an effective cover letter requires being concise and direct. Your goal should be to persuade the reader that you are the perfect candidate for their role, so avoid filling your cover letter with unnecessary words. Instead, please focus on the key strengths that make you an asset to their team.

LiveCareer’s resume experts can not only assist in writing your cover letter, but they can also create a compelling application package and offer one-on-one coaching to ensure you land the job of your dreams.

LiveCareer stands apart from traditional resume writing services by offering an integrated range of career tools that cover any situation. Their comprehensive library includes everything you need to succeed in today’s competitive job market – including tips on writing an ideal resume and cover letter. In addition, LiveCareer boasts exceptional customer service and provides a money-back guarantee should you not be satisfied with your purchase.