MBA Trading Group Inc


MBA Trading boasts of offering a 15% monthly return on your investments – this may not seem like much, but it’s substantial in financial trading, such as Forex.

Please avoid investing with them due to their unregulated practices and Ponzi scheme nature – it will soon collapse! Please refrain from investing with them.

Guaranteed and Risk-Free Investments

MBA Trading and Capital Investment Limited is a company that specializes in Forex trading and investment services. They offer beginner lessons and investment plans with guaranteed 15% monthly returns that aim to generate high-return investments for their clients.

The company claims to be regulated by various regulatory bodies, but this is false. They do not provide an investment service and are operating an illegal Ponzi scheme that will likely collapse and take all your money with it. If you deposit money with them now, you could quickly lose everything!

This company has been around for some time and operates out of 16253 E Gale Ave, City of Industry, CA, United States. They offer various products, including cosmetics and perfumes, eyebrow pencils, and nail polishes – free shipping is provided when purchasing more than $45 worth of online products.

Shane Anderson, Jason Grigg, and Paul Trelor have extensive experience as traders and educators. Over time they have taught many individuals to trade online, creating success stories among members who they taught how to sell online themselves. Unfortunately, however, some individuals have accused this business of operating as a pyramid scheme; former member Michael Sloggett appeared on 60 Minutes as evidence against this business, resulting in his arrest for participation.

15% Monthly Returns

MBA Trading offers 15% monthly returns, which may not seem impressive, but this figure represents significant returns in Forex and other financial trading. If your average bank offered such returns, it would make headlines across Wall Street magazines – an obvious red flag as no legitimate company could guarantee such results.

MBA Trading’s claim of regulation by various regulatory bodies should also raise red flags; legitimate investment services must be licensed in every country where they offer their services; this isn’t the case with MBA Trading, making them a Ponzi scheme and illegal by using new deposits to pay out older profits – meaning eventually all your funds will vanish into thin air!

MBA Trading requires an absurdly high minimum deposit of 1000 USD compared to most legit brokers, who need only $100 or less upfront promises. If you are searching for somewhere to invest your funds, look elsewhere; those at MBA trading are not professional traders and only care about getting hold of your cash – avoid this company at all costs.

No Regulated Company

Mba Trading Group has been a wholesale clothing, footwear, and cosmetics supplier in the City of Industry, CA, since 2008. MBA was established in 2008. Competitors to Mba include West Coast Trading, Via Trading, H & J Liquidators, And Closeouts Wholesale Product, as well as ImportGenius, which allows users to view customs activity, track imports/exports of competitors as well as enforce exclusivity agreements instantly – free and instantaneously! Join ImportGenius now for instantaneous viewing of these import/export activities and much more information on Mba! Join ImportGenius now for free and instant access! Join today & take full advantage of all its benefits! Join ImportGenius now to stay abroad!

Mba Trading Group Inc specializes in apparel & footwear sales.

Ponzi Scheme

Though Nigerians have been exposed to these schemes through numerous government campaigns and media platforms that aim to inform them, gullible people still fall prey to fraudsters operating Ponzi schemes. Promises of high returns draw in susceptible people – something commonly employed by fraudulent operators to draw unsuspecting people into investing their hard-earned money with them. Some promoters even use religious garb to lure unsuspecting investors in. One such company was MBA Trading and Capital Investment Limited, run by Maxwell Odum, who also leveraged religious garb as another strategy in convincing gullible Nigerians into investing with him and his company – something similar happened with MA Trading and Capital Investment Limited, run by Maxwell Odum who later went bankrupt after failing investors got involved with MA Trading and Capital Investment Limited when investing with Maxwell Odum himself being scammed out.

The company presented itself as an established Forex Training and Investment firm promising a 15% monthly return to investors and was even certified by various financial bodies as “regulated.” However, these claims were false; no form of investing can offer 100% risk-free returns; even Forex has risks that can make or break you instantly.

MBA also boasts of having a “private Discord group for paid members,” where members share tips and trade secrets. This should raise red flags since most reputable trading communities do not feature private groups for paying customers.

Many negative comments have been posted about the company on Reddit and other social media channels. Before deciding to join any company, you must read up on reviews by other traders; if there are many negative reviews, it would be best not to enter.

Scammer Maxwell Odum has been arrested and is being held pending the outcome of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission investigation. Several investors have written petitions to both organizations demanding their capital funds are returned, expressing anger over any delays and accusing critical members of the company’s board of fraud, including Maxwell Odum, who they allege belongs to an influential church with many followers that have bestowed awards on him by its founder.