Paw Patrol 5 in 1 Combo Bounce House


Jump, play, and slide with their favorite Paw Patrol characters in this fun bounce house! No task is too big or small for fire dog Marshall, police pup Chase, and fearless Skye to tackle!

This official PAW Patrol 6-in-1 Combo wet slide rental features a larger bouncing area, basketball hoop, inflated push-through tunnel with obstacle pop-ups, wall climbing capability, and “high platform” damp or dry slide for all your fun-seeking children to play on!

Jumping Area

Children will love spending hours hopping, skipping, and jumping with their favorite Paw Patrol characters inside this inflatable bounce house! Its large jumping area provides enough room for multiple children to have fun at once, while its tall mesh walls and safety netting ensure both kids and parents have a clear view of what’s happening inside at all times.

With its trademark paw emblem embellishments on both front vertical pillars, this Official Paw Patrol large bounce house will bring fun and excitement to any event! Children can join Ryder and his heroic rescue pups Marshall, Zuma, Chase, Skye, and Rocky as they help save the day! It features character art on both sides of its inflatable.

This bounce house combo includes both a basketball hoop and slide for hours of entertainment for kids. Steps leading from outside of the bounce house lead up to an outdoor dry fall, which can be used wet or dry depending on weather conditions.

Parents and spectators can keep an eye on what’s happening inside the inflatable’s bouncing area through its mesh windows while still allowing airflow and shade, making this inflatable an excellent addition for birthday parties, school fairs, and community events.

This Paw Patrol bounce house comes equipped with a blower and requires a standard 110V 20amp electrical outlet for operation. Ideal for children ages three and up, its safety features include an entrance step to ensure safe entry/exit, mesh windows to allow parents to monitor children at all times, and a covered top that reduces sun exposure.


For children who can’t get enough Paw Patrol, this PAW-sitively fun bouncy house will make for an exciting ride! Styled after Chase, the lead patrol pup, this inflatable features safety netting on all sides to keep children within the bouncing area, provide maximum ventilation when temperatures heat up, and provide parents with an uninterrupted view of what’s happening inside its vast jumping area – which provides them with opportunities for balance training, core development, and coordination skills development.

This bouncy house can accommodate six Adventure Bay legends at once! Decorated in blue, red, and yellow vinyl with Paw Patrol emblems on both front vertical pillars, your child can hop along with Ryder and his crew for an action-packed Adventure Bay rescue right in their backyard!

Your kids will love climbing and sliding on this deluxe bounce house with a slide. State-inspected and insured for added peace of mind, it comes equipped with basketball hoops for even more excitement, as well as an impressive wet/dry slide that promises thrills of excitement!

This bouncy castle combo unit is perfect for birthday parties, school events, and community gatherings of any kind. Easy setup, cleaning, and maintenance means you can focus on planning the details of your event while adding a wow factor and creating lasting memories with guests. Reserve this bounce house from Sky High Party Rentals now – cancellations up until 8 am the morning of your event can be accepted, and you will receive a rain check valid for one year should this occur!

Basketball Hoop

A bounce house can be one of the most thrilling and entertaining activities at any party or event, providing hours of amusement while creating memories to last a lifetime. Furthermore, its presence can set your event apart and have people talking for days, weeks, or even months afterward!

Bring Ryder and his Paw Patrol friends right into your backyard with this official PAW Patrol Bounce House! It features beautiful artwork of Marshall, Zuma, Chase, Rubble, and Skye pups, as well as ample room to accommodate up to six Adventure Bay legends at once, with safety netting around its entire perimeter to keep children safely inside it.

This inflatable bounce house will make a fantastic addition to any birthday party or event, delighting children of all ages. The spacious jumping area allows kids to bounce, climb, and slide safely, while its basketball hoop adds an element of fun. Plus, with all-sided netting around its perimeter, it provides adequate ventilation and visibility while monitoring activity within it – an added benefit that keeps parents up-to-date!

The PAW Patrol bounce house can be used both wet and dry depending on the season and location of your event, making it perfect for damp or dry events alike. Connect it to a water slide (an additional $50 water charge will apply) for an exciting splashing adventure. The antimicrobial coating keeps this wet/dry combo unit antibacterial protected and offers climbing walls, basketball hoops, obstacle courses, and high platform damp or dry slides for extra entertainment!

This Paw Patrol bounce house will surely delight all your young rescuers! The large bouncing area makes this an ideal playspace for multiple children to interact at once, while its basketball hoop and obstacle course add a level of enjoyment.

Safety Steps

Our Paw Patrol 5 1 combo bounce house features a large bouncing area, basketball hoop, slide, and waterslide that is sure to leave kids wanting more! Safe for all ages and confident to create memories that last a lifetime!

This bouncy castle comes complete with safety netting on all four sides to provide clear views and proper ventilation during use and features iconic paw emblem embellishments on both front vertical pillars of its structure. There’s enough room inside this bouncer for up to five Adventure Bay legends at once to jump, climb, and save the day with Ryder and his team of furry companions: Marshall, Zuma, Rubble, and Skye!

Kids of all ages will delight in playing on this officially licensed bouncy castle featuring their beloved Paw Patrol pups! Not only can this exciting toy help develop sensory motor skills and coordination as children climb, jump, and play within this fun playground, but it will also develop sensory motor skills and coordination as children climb, jump, and play within its interior space!

Safety- This refers to footwear or other sharp objects that could pose a hazard inside a bounce house, including shoes and footwear, as well as any food or drink items that might present a choking hazard for children entering with food and drinks in them. Furthermore, it’s best to plan an area separate from the bounce house where snacking may take place in order to minimize spillage and messiness.

Children should never run or play near the entrance or exit of a bouncy castle at any time; only enter and exit with adult supervision. Roughhousing or horseplay should not occur inside, nor climbing walls or nets. When rain occurs, using the castle poses serious safety risks for those inside, so keep water away from its area as this helps avoid slips and falls into its splash zone.

Netted Windows

Bring the excitement of PAW Patrol right to your backyard with this exciting inflatable bounce house designed to look like Chase, the adorable police pup! Fully inflating in only one minute to provide two children with a safe and spacious jumping area at once is fast, while tall mesh walls and safety netting provide maximum ventilation and allow a clear view while your kids play safely together.

The interior jumping area covers over 200 sq. ft of fun! Everyone can join Ryder, Marshall, Skye, Zuma, and Rubble on their rescue missions with plenty of room. Large netted vent windows help parents and spectators keep tabs on all the action, while an inflatable ramp at the entrance provides safe entry/exit access.

This awesome 7in1 combo provides an exciting jump area, basketball goal, climbing wall, and slide, perfect for birthday parties, school events, and community gatherings of any kind. The primary color theme fits right in with any party theme, while its ample interior space makes this suitable for use by children of any age group.

This colorful and vibrant bouncy castle is an essential addition to any child’s birthday party or event, featuring a dynamic design that stands out from traditional bounce houses. Crafted with high-quality and long-wearing materials for extended use, it comes equipped with stakes and ground anchors to secure it into place and was even certified by Illinois for safety – with its padded walls protecting children from impact injuries while the netted windows allowing parents to keep an eye on them at all times.