Saori From Snail Shell’s Sand House is Coming to Life As an Action Figure!


Saori from Snail Shell’s original Sand House has come to life as an action figure! She usually acts responsibly by cleaning up after Shikura (Sold Separately), though her temper can sometimes flare. Saori comes equipped with three interchangeable facial expressions, long ponytails, over a dozen flame base parts constructed of translucent material, and eight hand types, as well as fireball effect parts to complete her package.

Product Description

Opinionated Saori from the Sand House series usually keeps her temper under control by cleaning up after her sister Shikura (sold separately), but occasionally loses it and explodes into action! This 1/12 scale figure features an articulated body for all kinds of cute and action-packed poses with blast effect parts to make fiery explosions look incredible. Additionally, three interchangeable faces – including two with moveable eyes to further express expression – three interchangeable hands types (including eight hand types and an explosion effect part), as well as three interchangeable faces to achieve her fiery eruptions! Combine her with Shikura for even more exhilarating displays! Estimated Release Date: 3rd Quarter of 2020

Made in China.

Product Details

Snail Shell presents this 1/12 scale action figure of Saori from the original House of Sand! She comes with three interchangeable face types and two with movable eyes – making her highly expressive! Additionally, this figurine includes a magic wand resembling spear-point spearpoints made of translucent material, eight interchangeable hands for various poses, as well as an illuminated fireball effect part that glows under black light! Combine her with her sister Shikura (sold separately) to add to more engaging fighting scenes!

16cm tall and complete with accessories. Window boxed. Preorders will be shipped from our warehouse in Tokyo; estimated release date: 3rd Quarter of 2022; ships worldwide – second payment required prior to shipping via email invoice.

Product Images

Saori from the original series “Sand House” is now a fully articulated action figure! She comes sculpted in 1/12 scale and fully articulated for endless poses! Additionally, this figure comes equipped with multiple accessories, such as three interchangeable faces (two of which have movable eyes!), an impressive two-handed spear-like magic wand (that looks more like two spears!), nine interchangeable hands, fireball effect parts that glow under black light illumination and base parts to create an unforgettable diorama! Combine her sister Shikura (sold separately) for even greater fun battle action! Order today and add something funky and vibrant to your collection!

Product images are for illustrative purposes only; final products may vary significantly from those depicted here; for more details regarding this release date, 3rd Quarter of 2020.

Product Reviews

Saori from the original Sand House series is back as a high-pose action figure! She usually remains calm and responsible, cleaning up after Shikura when they fight – though when tempers flare between her sisters, she can quickly become unpredictable! This highly poseable action figure features three interchangeable faces (two with moveable eyes), long ponytails, over a dozen firebase parts for her body, and eight different hand types to give battle scenes an extra intense edge; plus, it comes complete with its diorama base for extra fun!

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