The Little Log House Company


For decades, The Little Log House Company has provided beautiful yet affordably custom-built homes to their clients. Their homes are constructed using high-quality materials that are both strong and stylish.

Borough officials had planned to develop a parking lot on the land where Joannah Skucek’s log house stood, but she fought against this plan and worked to prevent its demolition.


Log homes provide the ideal way to create an inviting retreat where you can unwind. Their rustic design appeals to nearly everyone. Plus, their eco-friendliness and wallet-friendliness make them an attractive choice for modern families. Additionally, durable construction makes assembling them effortless – an ideal combination!

No matter if you live in a big city or work from home, creating an inviting and comfortable environment is critical to being productive and content. Doing this will allow you to get more out of life!

One effective way of doing so is by adding an appealing porch. A porch provides the ideal place for enjoying time with family and friends while simultaneously serving as a perfect gathering space for neighborhood barbeques. A properly constructed patio will make your house even more appealing while adding its unique sense of charm and personality.

There is an array of designs for log homes available today, each boasting its unique characteristics. Some are ideal as vacation cabins, while others can serve as primary residences. Loft spaces and dormers provide added storage space, while others boast full bathrooms and kitchens.

When selecting a log home, be sure to consider its size in relation to its potential site. Smaller log homes tend to fit better in rural environments, while larger homes are better suited to urban locations. In addition, be mindful of weather conditions; for instance, if you live somewhere with snowfall conditions, a house with a sloping roof may better suit your needs than one with standard square pillars.

If you dream of living in a cozy log cabin, the Mahoning might be your dream home. At 400 square feet, this tiny log cabin is spacious and well-designed. Built on the principle that fewer walls equal more space, its design takes advantage of this maxim by combining the kitchen, living room, and bedroom into one open area; plus, its 20′ x 5′ covered porch offers breathtaking front views!


The design of a log home should be given careful thought, as its appearance should complement its surroundings and be energy efficient and comfortable for its inhabitants. Furthermore, its durability should allow it to withstand all elements that come its way and provide a cozy retreat from everyday stressors. A well-crafted log home will last many years while offering its inhabitants a comfortable place to unwind and unwind in comfort and style.

The Gibson-Grant Log House provides visitors with an unforgettable opportunity to step back in time and experience life on the Texas frontier. The Town of Flower Mound has taken great care to preserve this historic structure, which has been restored to its Phase 3 period form while maintaining substantial portions of original siding and paint layers.

This log cabin strikes an ideal balance between privacy and family communal space, offering a beautiful kitchen, dining area, and sitting room to host guests or spend quality time together as a family. Plus, its open floor plan gives easy access to nature – making this log cabin an excellent option for those with limited space!

The “Hermit’s Cottage” from the Little Log House Company features an incredible wood-burning stove, spacious bathroom, and plenty of natural lighting – providing the ideal place for unwinding and relaxation after an exhausting day. Perfect for lakeside retreats or mountain getaways alike – this charming log cabin will surely impress friends and neighbors.

Log homes have long been associated with the pioneer spirit of American settlement and expansion, providing some of the earliest housing. But today, they can also serve a multitude of other purposes, including vacation homes and weekend retreats. Many couples opt to build their dream log or timber frame home sooner rather than waiting until retirement age to make one – giving their children years of warmth in an Honest Abe Log Home while they grow.

Glenn Perrin is an independent dealer with Honest Abe Log Homes, with over two decades of experience in the building industry. As a general contractor, he can assist in designing the perfect log or timber frame home to fit into both your budget and lifestyle.


Log homes are stunning yet functional home designs that can be constructed using any variety of materials, from hand-peeled timbers to milled lumber. Many companies provide prefabricated log house packages ranging from trailer loads of logs cut and shaped to precise lengths to fully assembled cabins containing everything needed such as windows and doors, roof framing timbers/lumber, flooring/trim as well as teams available on-site to assist in assembly processes as required.

A typical log home is constructed using traditional construction techniques such as butt and pass or mortise and tenon joinery, where each log’s tenon connects securely with another’s mortise for a secure joint. This method of construction is popular for full-scribe log houses as it requires high levels of craftsmanship for tight fits between naturally shaped logs.

Chinking and daubing are also used, which involves filling any gaps between logs with small stones or sticks to seal them and prevent water from entering the walls; additionally, this adds rustic charm.

The Little Log House Company is committed to the preservation of log homes, offering several models like Gate Lodge for you to select. This 296-square-foot cabin comes complete with a wood shingled roof and rustic log floors for an authentic log home experience. Distinguished features of this model include its distinct entrance/balcony combination. Providing efficient space use as well as whimsical detailing.

Log homes provide an idyllic vacation retreat. Many consider them more energy-efficient and insect-resistant than traditional structures, but they require regular upkeep for best results.

Just like with sealing and staining the exterior of a log home, regular inspection is crucial to making sure it remains pest-free, and restaining the logs every few years will help preserve their beauty for decades to come. By following these tips, you will enjoy your log home for years.


Log homes offer the ideal outdoor living experience without compromising comfort while protecting the environment by using less fossil fuel. Unfortunately, though, building one can be an expensive process; fortunately, there are ways to make the process more affordable. First, you will need to purchase land; prices depend on the location but generally range from $3,200 to $4,000 per acre, depending on where your site is situated. Site preparation includes excavation and clearing costs before the building can commence. Once your site is prepared, you can begin construction!

Log cabins require regular upkeep in addition to materials costs. This may involve refinishing and staining to preserve their integrity as well as energy efficiency maintenance, as logs can help insulate heat during winter and keep cool air flowing during summer.

The Little Log House Company is a family-owned company that crafts log homes. Fairy tales and feature handmade details inspire their designs. Their most miniature model, the Gate Lodge, measures 296 square feet – perfect for single-person use and featuring gorgeous natural wood logs as well as a balcony that encourages you to spend more time outside!

This tiny home is an example of craftsmanship. Designed to be energy efficient with an open floor plan and energy savings features such as solar panels and heat recovery, the company also provides custom designs tailored specifically to individual needs and is an industry pioneer when it comes to the creation of ENERGY STAR log homes, which meet strict environmental standards.

If you are interested in purchasing a log cabin, contact the company to learn about their pricing. They should be able to provide an itemized list for components like foundation, roof, and septic system, as well as detailed construction cost estimates that can help determine whether purchasing such an investment fits into your budget.