Where to Find Vintage Crewnecks


Vintage crewnecks are available at a wide variety of retailers. These include Nordstrom, H&M, American Apparel, and more. You will want to look around and see what is out there before deciding where to purchase your new sweater.

American Apparel

American Apparel vintage crewnecks are one of the best options for those who prefer durable basics. They use ring-spun cotton and polyester, making them both comfortable and durable. There are many styles to choose from, including men’s and women’s shirts. These T-shirts are made with ethically sourced fabrics.

American Apparel has gone through several changes in the last few years. First, it had a tumultuous relationship with creditors, leading to eventual bankruptcy. After filing for bankruptcy, Gildan acquired the company for $88 million. While Gildan has a reputation for creating comfortable and timeless clothing, it did not revive the brand as an authentic American-made product.

In January 2020, American Apparel announced that it would move all its e-commerce operations to Amazon. The move was an essential step in the brand’s revival. But, instead, it only lasted nine months.


If you haven’t had the opportunity to delve into the H&M men’s collection, you are missing out. The H&M men’s range boasts several styles, including the classic sweatshirt, the hoodie, and the cardigan. While not everyone can afford to buy new, there are plenty of second-hand options to consider. Luckily, the quality is usually good, and the prices are more than reasonable.

The H&M men’s vintage collection may not have the same amount of oomph as the more expensive brand, but a little nosy-ing around will uncover a handful of hidden gems. From the H&M men’s vintage cardigan to the more affordable vintage t-shirts, you’ll be sure to find something worthwhile. The best part is that most of the clothes are still in their original packaging so that you can take home a memento of your adventures in fashion for less than the cost of a pint of beer.


If you’re a vintage clothing enthusiast, you’ll want to check out Nordstrom’s new partnership with Goodfair. This innovative partnership has brought together two companies that share a common vision to make secondhand clothing more accessible to shoppers.

The first step in the partnership is launching Nordstrom’s Sustainable Style category. This category will include more than 100 brands with eco-friendly materials, such as certified cotton and recycled metals. In addition, the products are accompanied by responsible packaging that emphasizes recycled and sustainable ingredients.

Every month, Good fair will drop a new collection of vintage pieces. These items will range in price from $40 to $80. They’re sold in themed bundles, so customers don’t know which parts are in each. During the last round, the collection sold out in just 24 hours.