Why Eye Black Designs Are the Athletic Best


As you watch a sporting event, you’ll likely see athletes wearing eye black. This is because its dark hue and wax content absorb sunlight or stadium lighting glare to improve visibility for performance.

Eye black can make a visual statement in its own right, from single swipes to complex designs with added flair. High school and professional lacrosse players have various ways of applying their styles to this part of their game.


Eye black has long been an indispensable sports accessory for recreational and professional athletes, initially an eye shadow to reduce sun glare and is now an iconic part of sporting culture. While its practical benefits may include helping reduce light reflection for more precise viewing of ball-and-teammate interactions, its colors and designs also act as a form of expression on the field or court.

Each player has a distinctive approach to applying eye black at any high school or pro game. From classic crisscrossed lines to stars or other shapes underneath their eyes – every design choice depends on personal taste and sports regulations concerning what markings can be placed on players’ faces.

These options allow for more precise application and removal; many are made with non-toxic materials like beeswax that won’t stain skin or clothing.

Franklin Sports eye black features a convenient stick format that is just as quickly used as lip balm and contains natural ingredients like jojoba oil and shea butter that are gentle on the skin while free from toxic compounds or parabens – an ideal option for players with sensitive faces.


Eye black was developed with three goals: reducing glare, enhancing visibility, and building confidence. Professional athletes have used eye black for decades because it allows them to see the ball better under bright stadium lights or sun rays; this enables them to make smarter decisions on the field and stay in games longer while giving an added psychological edge by instilling toughness and determination for victory.

Various eye black styles are available today, from the classic smudge to a strip across each eyebrow. Medical-grade tape provides safe yet simple application; stickers of this tape offer fast application in sweaty conditions while remaining available in multiple colors with custom logos, making them suitable for sports teams, cheerleaders, and fans.

One option for custom eye black is camouflage patterns, making this an excellent way for players to express their individuality and show team spirit or support for an organization or cause. What’s even better? These stickers can easily be disposed of after every use!

Eye black stickers printed with messages can also effectively make an impactful statement, particularly during high school and college lacrosse games. Made from medical-grade tape for easy application and waterproof design – eye black stickers printed with messages are a great way to promote teams or causes while protecting from rainy conditions!


While eye black may seem like just another decorative accessory for your uniform, it serves multiple functions. Look black worn under the eyes helps decrease glare from sunlight or stadium lights while increasing contrast for better ball visibility and reduced eye fatigue. Furthermore, it serves as a form of war paint, symbolizing courage and pride and providing athletes with a way to honor loved ones or promote specific causes through this fashion accessory.

Eye black can be applied in several ways, from using it directly under the eyes to swiping across the forehead in one swipe or creating unique designs such as plus signs or crosses on one’s face. There are countless possibilities for applying eye black that allow individuals to express themselves creatively while creating personal looks.

Eye black is the cornerstone of sports culture, especially football and baseball, providing confidence and power. Additionally, classic eye-black designs allow teams to show their support by including logos within their eye-black plans to show team spirit.

Looking for a black eye? No matter the style you desire – whether a classic strip or something more intricate – online offers many different solutions that meet any need. Stick-on options allow for more accessible application than traditional grease paint, and many of these choices use natural organic materials that won’t cause skin irritations.


Glitter eye black is an easy and stylish way to show your team spirit on the field. Whether you prefer adding classic single swipe looks, simple lines, or zig-zag patterns – glitter eye black has many applications and comes in solid colors with no-mess glitter finishes that provide no mess after games are over! Plus, it offers solid colors as an alternative to messy facepaint that may prove hard to remove afterward!

This product is easy to use at its core, applying like a sticker. Available in black, red, or blue and with two pairs in each color option – perfect for showing team pride during any athletic event! These colors will complement any sports apparel to help stand out on the field – glitter eye black is also a fantastic way for fans, and we offer several NCAA and MLB styles!


Eye black has long been worn as part of an athlete’s uniform for style, function, and intimidation purposes. Although no evidence exists to back its use as an actual performance enhancer, some researchers have discovered it helps reduce glare and improve contrast – something especially crucial in sports such as baseball when being able to see your opponents, teammates, and the field itself is critical. Furthermore, many athletes swear by applying eye black before games to focus and prepare them for battle!

No matter the purpose, plenty of options are available to you regarding body art. Suppose you prefer traditional single-swipe designs that are quick and easy. In that case, there is also plenty of variety that includes more elaborate custom options or team logos to show team spirit.

Easton Pro eye black is one of the most influential and widely-used varieties available, providing outstanding anti-glare properties during performance. Constructed from non-toxic materials using beeswax as its base material, it’s gentle on the skin yet long-wearing and sweat-proof to stay in place during intense play or under lighting.

Franklin Sports USA Tri-Color Eye Black provides players with many color choices. This twist tube model comes in various USA colors and is protected with a protective sleeve to prevent it from getting damaged; application is quick, sweat-resistant, and waterproof, but unfortunately, it doesn’t offer as many color options or combat stadium lights effectively as Easton Pro does.