Abacus FX Pro is a Forex Trading Scam


Regardless of the fact that Abacus FX Pro is a well-respected company, there are some aspects of this particular service that should not be trusted. The first thing to consider is that it does not adhere to a strict regulatory regime in the United States. This is a major issue, especially given the fact that there are a number of other companies that offer similar services.

Abacus FX Pro is a scam

Traders should be wary of Abacus FX Pro, which is a Forex trading scam. The broker offers illegitimate bonuses and withdrawal terms and swindles traders out of their hard-earned money. The broker even has a website that resembles the websites of reputable brokers. While there are legitimate firms out there, scam brokers are always lurking in the shadows.

The Abacus FX Pro website does not mention the company’s license, indicating that it is not regulated. Scam brokers usually request large amounts of money for minimum deposits. A legitimate broker will only ask for a small amount. There are even several reputable forex trading firms that can be trusted.

The Broker Complaint Registry can help traders get their money back. The website also includes a tool that can help traders find out whether a broker is legitimate.

It offers a good range of tools and third-party solutions

Among the major Forex brokers, FX Pro offers a wide range of tools and third-party solutions that can help you better trade currencies. The broker offers a full range of trade reporting, market execution, multi-asset traders, trading robots, and other tools. It also provides competitive trading costs, deep liquidity, and an extensive portfolio of MT4 and cTrader trading platforms. In addition to the tools it offers, FXPro also has a strong commitment to transparency and a commitment to eliminating conflicts of interest between the broker and the client.

FxPro also offers a client portal that includes an integrated economic calendar and sentiment data for different symbols. The client portal also offers a summary of gainers and losers for each trading session. FX Pro also provides monthly slippage statistics. Its website also lists the leverage available, which varies based on the asset and the size of the lot.