Add a Festive Touch to Your Mantel With This Candy Cane Stocking


Get festive with your mantel with the Candy Cane Stocking counted cross stitch kit from Rainbow Gallery. Featuring a window scene of Jolly Santa adorning his Christmas tree with candy canes, this 16-count Aida cotton thread and needle kit comes complete with wool yarn for its hanger to complete its 22″ width by 4″ height finished size.

Hot Cocoa Pops

Hot cocoa pops make an easy and festive holiday treat! Plus they make great presents!

These pink strawberry milk and Pop Rocks bombs are packed full of surprises! Dipped into hot chocolate, they explode into tiny bursts of fun that bring an exciting blast of laughter!

To make pops, combine strawberry milk powder, Pop Rocks, and mini marshmallows in six plain pop molds before sealing them by resting one of the top halves on a warm plate until its edges begin to melt slightly, then affixing it to its counterpart and running your finger along its edges for good measure.

Christmas Centerpiece

Add an elegant and festive touch to your holiday tablescape with a Christmas centerpiece. For a simple display, center the arrangement around an eye-catching object like this brass reindeer statuette by Brad Ramsey Interiors. Complete the simple look with cobalt blue glass candlesticks and orange ball ornaments nestled among greenery for an eye-catching display.

Reclaim supplies from your pantry for an eye-catching monochromatic winter floral arrangement that’s simple to dress up for the holidays. Create this look using pale roses, ranunculus, and hydrangea with white-washed woodsy stems and magnolia, and holly leaves from the woods; complete this look by including some red votive holders for added cheeriness.

Craft store supplies make creating an apartment-friendly Christmas centerpiece easy, from decorative paper and stickers that allow you to quickly form snowflakes on clear hurricane candle holders to adding pine needles, tinsel, or any other decor element of choice.

Gift Wrapping

Spend hours searching stores both physically and online for that perfect present, and now it’s finally time to give it to someone special – only for your hard work to be compromised by subpar gift-wrapping techniques!

At the core of gift wrapping lies accurate measurement and cutting. Begin by rolling out your paper and positioning the gift in its center; for rectangular gifts, align its longer sides parallel with the end of your roll until they meet with its height – this way, they won’t come apart during wrapping!

Once your gift has been wrapped, use ribbon and gift tags to add the finishing touches. Make your bow more eye-catching using fabric like furoshiki (Japanese wrapping cloth), which not only looks stunning but is also eco-friendly! Don’t forget double-sided tape – it is your go-to tool for neat seams!

Candy Cane Wreath

This festive candy cane wreath makes an easy Christmas craft project and a festive accent to your home. While its size may not compare with more extravagant wreaths like Fraser fir or holly-shaped wreaths, this candy cane wreath can be placed anywhere within your house, including windows.

Create this craft using various materials, such as deco mesh and ribbon, changing up its appearance by switching the color scheme with blue or yellow hues. A rotary cutter makes this task much faster; scissors will do as well; just be sure that all red stripes line up smoothly for an aesthetically pleasing wreath when reaching the rounded neck of a candy cane at its base!

Dog Scarf

An eye-catching accessory, dog scarves make your pet appear more stylized, well-groomed, and loved. Additionally, adding some color to their outfit and standing out in photos makes a dog scarf stand out even further.

These slip-on reversible dog bandanas, handcrafted in Portugal from woven cotton and featuring two distinct patterns on either side, make an easy solution for all weather conditions and sizes of collars. Lightweight and one-size-fits-all designs ensure an easy experience when donning it over your pet’s collar.

This 100% cotton bandana is handcrafted into a triangle-tie shape to quickly wrap around your pet’s neck, with PS2 from every sale going directly towards helping support NHS in the UK. Breathable and easy to wash, these bandanas make great accessories for active dogs!

Melted Candy Cane Ornaments

Add a sweet touch to your holiday decor with this charming stocking hanger featuring classic candy cane stripes for cozy warmth on any mantel or shelf.

Create this easy DIY ornament using peppermints and cookie cutters for an exciting Christmas craft that kids will love doing. Perfect as part of classroom activity or Girl Scout meeting since this craft costs less than $20 to complete in around 20 minutes!

Just coat some of your cookie cutters with cooking spray, arrange peppermint candies in them (it’s okay if some pieces break off as you need), and bake for 7 to 10 minutes at 350 degrees. After they cool for several minutes, use a toothpick dipped in cooking oil to puncture a hole for ribbon attachment.

Candy Cane Gift Bows

This festive Christmas gift bow features an eye-catching red candy cane stripe pattern on each pre-tied curl. Proudly manufactured in the United States from 12 strands of ribbon measuring 30″ long in three widths and attached to peel-and-stick adhesive backing with a hang tab for easy placement, this pre-curled bow also comes with its own UPC, making them suitable for reselling purposes.

Add this holiday ribbon bow to a front door wreath around your house to show your Christmas spirit, or add it to gifts and goodie bags as an easy and festive way of showing friends, family, and co-workers your sweet tooth! Plus, it adds positive Christmas decor items.

Candy Cane Gift Jars

Create a creative gift jar idea using peppermint hot cocoa mix! Fill a 2-thirds full jar with the hot cocoa mix and layer mini marshmallows on top, leaving enough space at the top to add crushed candy canes before screwing on its lid. Remember to label with ingredients as well as an attractive tag; this allows children to practice measuring and counting skills!

The whole family can enjoy this craft project! First, coat the lid of your jar with Mod Podge before starting. Next, spray cotton balls with glue and sprinkle them with glitter; lightly shake off excess glitter before shaking or blowing it off to complete this activity! Do this while watching Christmas movies or listening to holiday music, and you have an engaging activity at hand that doubles as a gift-giving opportunity – each stocking features “To” and “From” embroidery for easy gift-giving.

Candy Cane Pillow

Spread holiday joy this season with a festive candy cane throw pillow sure to brighten any room or cozy reading nook! Boasting high-quality materials and an inviting candy cane design, this pillow will add holiday spirit and bring great comfort while remaining durable over time.

Beginner to Intermediate sewing projects have never been so rewarding! Draw a candy cane line on both panels of fabric, pin them together with right sides facing in, and stitch along this drawn line, leaving about a 5″ opening at the bottom. Trim away the excess fabric, then turn the right side out through the opening while filling the pillow with plenty of poly-fil. Start filling the curve firmly before moving on to the straight section before stitching the door closed.

Candy Cane Reindeer

These Candy Cane Reindeers are both fun craft projects and tasty treats! Perfect stocking stuffers or gifts for friends and family this holiday season.

Create this cute DIY with the whole family by gluing a giant candy cane heart to a sucker stick, adding small wiggly eyes, then simply wrapping it all in plastic and tying it with ribbon!

Stephanie from Swoodson offers this easy and festive holiday ornament. Attach two candy cane pieces, slightly overlapping with each other and angling their ends to match, then thread twine around their bases where you glued.

Dimensions offer this counted cross stitch kit featuring an adorable Santa adding candy canes to a Christmas tree on 16-count Aida fabric, complete with an alphabet for personalization. When completed, this 16×22″ masterpiece measures beautifully on any mantelpiece or table!