Bedside Gun Safe With Clock and Phone Charger


Bedside gun safes offer you easy access to your firearm in case of an emergency and can even be locked to prevent unintended use.

Consider purchasing a safe that features biometric scanners, digital keypads with customizable PIN codes, or RFID tags to prevent unauthorized entry from children or strangers. Some models also come equipped with pry-resistant hinges and locking bolts to safeguard their contents further.

Peace of Mind

No matter if it is for personal protection, home or business security, or simply to have something handy should an emergency arise, nothing compares to knowing you have quick and easy access to your firearm in case it becomes necessary. A bedside gun safe with a clock and phone charger offers discreet storage while also giving easy access to charge your phone and check the time, not to mention peace of mind knowing your gun is within reach when an emergency strikes! These safes are also convenient because of how easily accessible they are during an emergency.

One effective method of making sure that your handgun is always quickly accessible is with a biometric scanner. Not only are these quick and secure scanners, but their built-in fingerprint scanner stores up to 20 user fingerprints, so there will always be someone available in an emergency to open your safe. In addition, this model includes digital keypad backup support as well as an automatic opening with a compression strut for seamless and quiet access to your weapon.

If you’re concerned about losing track of your keys or code, this safe comes equipped with an alarm that can connect directly to an existing home security system. This alarm will notify you if there is an impact or access attempt; additionally, it sends notifications when it’s time for battery replacements and provides clear directions, so setting up your new gun safe will be simple.

This gun safe has the additional advantage of being DOJ-approved and having passed pry, drop, pick, and drop tests, giving you peace of mind that your gun will remain secure during storage. Mount it easily on either a wall or cabinet using its HD steel security cable tether; also included is an emergency backup battery and manual entry lock to make sure access remains uninterrupted in case power fails – you never lose access to your weapon!

Quick Access

When you need your gun quickly, the last thing you want to deal with is trying to remember your combination or code. With the DS2i’s easy biometric scanner that recognizes fingerprints or touches your smartphone’s screen, quick access is now at hand.

Its compact size makes it suitable for travel or hotel installations; further, an HD steel security cable makes installation simple. Furthermore, this makes for an effective home safe to keep handguns secure or even for concealed carry bags.

Patented RFID[2] technology offers quick and silent access, faster than keypads or biometrics. Four included RFID tags can be programmed to unlock this and any other Rapid Safe. The DS2i’s display panel and spring-assist drawer elegantly house the RFID reader, clock, and access code keypad, opening smoothly to accommodate full-sized pistols as well as valuables without any noise during opening or closing action.

The DS2i features an advanced secure locking system featuring an anti-impact latch design and anti-pry construction for maximum protection. Additionally, its sensors detect any attempts at tampering by entering multiple incorrect codes or fingerprints and can activate its sleep mode if tampered with. Furthermore, there’s also a top-mounted wireless charging pad and USB/USB-C accessory charging ports available for additional convenience.

BLUETOOTH 2.0 Built-in Bluetooth 2.0 makes managing your safety easy through your smartphone app, enabling you to customize front data, light, sound, and other settings, as well as view a history log of all events that take place within it. Furthermore, an alarm can even be activated should any attempt at theft take place.

The DS2i stands out from traditional handgun safes by featuring an advanced LED display capable of showing time, temperature, and humidity readings – making it the ultimate home safe. Plus, you can connect it to an existing alarm system!


While some may disagree, quick access to firearms is crucial for home security. A bedside gun safe that safeguards them from unauthorized access offers homeowners peace of mind and often incorporates biometric fingerprint scanners, digital keypads with PIN code entry capabilities, and radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology as a means of stopping unauthorized access. Furthermore, many models include battery backup options in case there’s power loss requiring quick emergency access.

Consider how much storage space and guns you will require before selecting your gun safe. Make sure it fits onto your nightstand comfortably, accommodating weapons as well as any additional items like spare magazines or valuables you want to store – and that it has enough room for your preferred method of unlocking the safe.

Guarantee the strength and durability of your gun by selecting one with solid steel construction. Steel helps thwart intrusion attempts by preventing prying other physical attacks, reinforced hinges, and robust locking bolts, which will protect firearms in case of attempted break-in attempts; some advanced safes may even have tamper-resistant mechanisms that prevent unauthorized users from opening it by force.

Vaultek’s DS2i Smart Station gun safe is an ideal choice for those searching for an elegant yet minimalist gun safe that resembles more of a clock than traditional handgun safes. It boasts high-grade finishes that are scratch-resistant and durable with matte black colors that don’t shout “gun safe!” It’s progressive formed 18 gauge construction makes this lock thicker than many standard handgun-safe locks on the market.

Anti-pry bars and an anti-impact latch design help secure your pistol against unauthorized access by preventing tools from reaching into the safe to access release mechanisms or reset buttons. Furthermore, this safe features an HD steel security cable for tethering in place and can detect tampering to activate sleep mode if tampered with – plus multiple colors to choose from, as well as compatibility with the Vaultek App for mobile management, remote access, and customization features.


At-the-ready access to your firearm can be crucial during an emergency, while keeping it protected from children or accidental access is equally essential. A bedside gun safe offers the ideal combination of quick accessibility and security, giving you peace of mind. However, not all bedside safes are created equal, so it’s essential that you carefully assess your needs and preferences prior to selecting a model that’s a suitable match.

Top-rated nightstand gun safes are designed to fit seamlessly into your home while offering discreet protection for firearms, accessories, and other valuables. Their modern upgrades provide complete peace of mind that your valuables remain protected.

One feature that distinguishes the best bedside safes from their competitors is their ability to be opened using multiple entry methods, giving you flexibility in your selection process and explicitly tailored to your situation and preferences. Some safes provide access via an RFID wristband, key fob, or decal, while others feature a keypad, biometric scanner, or fingerprint reader technology for fast and secure entry.

Bedside safes featuring backup batteries provide peace of mind in case there’s ever an interruption in power, especially if they store expensive items like jewelry or cash. This is particularly beneficial if they serve as your primary storage solution.

The top hidden gun safes are available in an array of sizes, styles, and features to meet almost every budget and storage need, from wall safes that remain discrete from view to furniture-style safes that blend into their surroundings seamlessly to biometric vaults offering secure yet discrete protection.