Do Your Homework Before Hiring Asphalt Contractors


Professional asphalt contractors provide excellent results when it comes to driveway repair or parking lot installation; you must do your research prior to making a hiring decision. The best guide to finding Washington asphalt paving.

Request references and inquire about their experience, warranty, and customer service before making your selection. Be wary of companies with numerous negative reviews – these may not provide what you’re expecting!


Reputable asphalt contractors will enjoy an excellent standing within your community. Seek recommendations from home improvement stores, real estate offices, or neighborhood associations to identify qualified professionals. Often, homeowners’ associations keep lists of licensed contractors who have worked within their neighborhood. Ask potential pros about their background, insurance coverage, and warranties before choosing one with both general liability and workers’ compensation insurance policies in place.

The reputation system provides an approximate measure of trust between you and the community and grants access to additional tools on the site. You can earn your reputation primarily by answering questions and posting helpful information in the community.


Asphalt contractors bring expertise, equipment, and environmental knowledge to any project they work on. They also understand local regulations and codes, allowing them to ensure projects adhere to standards and codes for efficiency and long-term savings. Furthermore, many reputable contractors provide warranties on their work to add further peace of mind for clients.

Experienced asphalt contractors possess the knowledge and abilities required to perform various jobs, such as repairing existing pavement, installing new pavement, and resurfacing driveways, parking lots, roads, and runways. They can evaluate each project’s scope before suggesting the most cost-effective solution while understanding which materials and techniques will ensure an even finish for an ideal finish.

Selecting the ideal contractor will help ensure that your asphalt surfaces last longer and remain in good condition, saving both time and money. When researching potential paving companies, ask for references or visit previous job sites where their work was displayed – any reputable asphalt contractors should gladly supply this information and should do so without hesitation.

Asphalt paving is an exciting industry with numerous career opportunities for those interested in it. Crew members lay and compact asphalt while producers mix liquids with aggregates to form pavement mix; truck drivers transport raw materials; and support staff provide administrative/management roles—these are all career possibilities in asphalt paving!

Asphalt paving may be labor intensive, but it remains one of the more secure careers within construction. There is always work that needs doing on roadways, and an experienced asphalt contractor can build a steady clientele base. There’s also potential for long-term employment: many choose to remain working in this industry even after retiring or switching careers.

Reputable asphalt contractors possess years of experience and will be able to offer you an accurate and detailed estimate for your project. They will be able to explain the process, answer any questions that arise, and create a realistic timeline. Plus, they have all of the equipment and tools necessary for them to complete it on schedule.


There are various asphalt warranties, and selecting the appropriate one can be challenging. Standard options include material and workmanship warranties and performance warranties designed to increase pavement quality while decreasing life cycle costs. Such guarantees can be used on traditional contracts, design-build projects, or added onto existing contracts. It’s essential that you understand how each works so you know what to expect before selecting your warranty type.

Most host countries impose material and workmanship warranties on asphalt projects, and the benefits are well documented. Highway agencies should, however, be wary of potential drawbacks to these warranties’ success; to make them effective, they must be carefully included into contract documents with an extensive contractor selection process and built using cutting-edge research and development.

When selecting an asphalt contractor to provide a warranty for your project, be sure that they have sufficient insurance. Also, research their history and inquire about their turnover rate to get an idea of how often owners change and how this might impact your warranty agreement.

An important consideration when purchasing an asphalt warranty is its coverage scope. Most warranties do not include repairs resulting from acts of nature or external factors, including heaving, settlement, and soil movement issues, as well as water damage, salt damage, rutting, and alkali-silica reaction issues, as these cannot be controlled by asphalt companies.

Finally, the warranty should make clear who is responsible for maintenance responsibilities within both contractor and agency roles. For example, contractors are generally held accountable for the construction of performance-based pavement (PPC), while agencies will perform routine maintenance activities during their warranty period. Furthermore, an arrangement should be in place, allowing joint decision-making regarding repair actions that may become necessary.

Customer Service

In the paving industry, customers are of the utmost importance, and providing high-quality work with excellent customer service is vital. Asphalt contractors who pay close attention to online reviews and collect feedback from their clients often perform better in the marketplace.

As delays can arise with all construction projects, choosing a contractor dedicated to quality and professionalism will help ensure your runs are on schedule and within their expected timeline. Furthermore, hiring one who carries sufficient insurance should provide some protection in case of property damage.

When shopping around for asphalt paving contractors, ask to see examples of their previous work. Crack filling, resurfacing, and other repair services should help demonstrate their craftsmanship and provide insight into their commitment to client satisfaction. You could also request references from past clients who can speak about their experiences working with that particular contractor and get more insight into his or her work ethic and dedication toward customer service.

Another crucial consideration for asphalt paving companies is crew size. An ideal crew should be small enough that every member can provide prompt and personalized service. Smaller crew sizes tend to result in faster and more thorough work, while larger crew sizes often lead to more expensive projects with inefficient workflows and subpar results.

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential asphalt contractors, request project quotes from each and compare their prices to select the most economical contractor. However, be wary of choosing solely on price; low prices could indicate poor materials or cutting corners. Therefore, it is advisable to request detailed quotes from each one of you that outline the scope, materials used, and labor costs before making your selection.

Consider whether or not an asphalt contractor offers a warranty for their work. A quality contractor should stand behind their work and address any issues after completion. They should also be able to provide you with a detailed policy pertaining to this aspect of their service.